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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2015

How GoodData Continues to Develop the Path to Access Big Data Insights

“It takes a few things to be a successful entrepreneur- Vision, passion, dedication, teamwork and consistency. Echoing these principles, GoodData’s Founder, Roman Stanek set out on a journey in 2007 and has given competitors in the business intelligence domain a run for their money.”

Today, companies use data to show their productivity, revenue growth and customer satisfaction levels. In the age of mobility and cloud technologies, every company must have simple and fast access to big data as well as the most updated technologies to analyze it. When a CEO of a startup says, “We can make data available to everyone.” it means that CEO believes his or her company has the potential to leverage data as a competitive differentiator and stand out from the crowd.

Roman was born in a country where entrepreneurship was not encouraged, and at times, not even allowed. Despite these challenges, he has been successful in his mission to deliver incredible new tech.

As an entrepreneur, Roman has had the opportunity to develop cutting edge technologies. When he observed other companies, he realized that there will always be a need for analytics and he started working on the best solution to fulfill that need. He realized that the future of analytics resided in the cloud and since then, has successfully moved over half a million users to GoodData’s end-to-end cloud analytics platform.

Though there are other companies that analyze big data in the cloud and deliver it on different devices. However, GoodData is unique because it has the ability to work at scale, which means it can help not only small and medium businesses, but also large global enterprises, all through its cloud analytics platform. GoodData helps companies organize, analyze and explore their data by giving users the ability to ask in-depth questions and reach core insights to drive their business.

GoodData’s positioning focuses on its core value of customer centricity. Data analytics or cloud-based companies are typically focused on planning, infrastructure and so on. GoodData is different because its success is reliant on its customers’ success and satisfaction. GoodData’s model requires that its customers benefit from the insights they find in the platform. While business intelligence vendors that sell on-premises solutions earn the bulk of their funds up front with the purchase and services, GoodData supports clients as they go, and because the solution is in the cloud, implementation is even faster, averaging between one and three months.

GoodData is focused on sectors such as media agencies, retail, eCommerce, healthcare, finance, media, technology, and travel. It innovates quickly and supports industry leaders in media, for example, that need access to a lot of data. The growth of digital data continues to propel GoodData’s growth. As the move to digital channels continues to be a powerful strategy for growth in nearly every sector, GoodData capitalizes on this by ensuring that the platform can enable companies to leverage all their data from every online data sources in one end-to-end platform.

Products for the Enterpris
On top of GoodData’s focus on customer success, the company also focuses on fast-paced innovation, releasing new platform capabilities on a monthly basis. Due to the company’s structure, it can innovate quickly and has the ability to listen to customer needs and then meet them so that the customers are enabled to reach the insights they need from their data. The platform is configured so that users can determine specific ROI for their activities, come up with fast and accurate solutions and analyze the data correctly, all in a secure environment.

Lessons learned
Roman believes that GoodData’s biggest asset is its team, comprised of experienced people who have held key positions in large companies such as Cisco, VMWare, SAP and others. In fact, Roman has built the team to ensure customers get the support they need to solve critical problems. The GoodData team works directly with CIOs, CMOs, and CEOs to tackle various challenges, and the experience GoodData brings from its growth in the last 7 years, enables these customer relationships to continue to expand. It is Roman’s mission to create a company that connects to all users and scales across entire companies. GoodData has the maturity and experience with developing useful dashboards to help customers navigate the tremendous challenges associated with determining what questions to ask, what insights to look for and how to successfully leverage data to create new data streams thatcan be modified.

GoodData’s goal is to help companies analyze their data successfully. The most recent product update-Analytical Designer-enables users to access, analyze and share their insights. The platform guides users to insights by leveraging its own collective intelligence. Roman believes every person and every company can benefit from data-driven insights. We also believe in this future. GoodData will be the company that enables all people to leverage all their data in the cloud and reach business-changing insights.

Executive thoughts
“I remember when I launched my first product in 1999, I was leading company called Netbeans. I was invited by Apple to speak in their first worldwide conference about my product and I was so young at that time! This is precisely what happens when you’re a founder. You go out, show your creativity and discussyour innovations. At the time, few people used Macintosh, myself included. WhenI went on stage, I was asked whether I had any problems using Mac? I said that the only problem I hadwas that I had never used a Macbefore in my life. So, I used the Macfor the first time in front of thousandsof people. Today, I use a Mac. That is something: when you start a company, you always get into these interesting places where you do something for the first time, whether it is using a Mac for the first time or developing a new industry, you are doing something with a tremendous audinece.” –Roman Stanek, Founder

“At GoodData, our customers’ success is our success. Our motive is not to sell a vast quantity of software to our customers, but to see our customers grow and develop their businesses, with analytics as a key component.”