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Improve Your Cloud, Web & Mobile Application Revenue, Performance, Consumer Experience, Security with: Instart Logic


At Instart Logic, every day is about how the company can help people leverage artificial intelligence to increase conversion, transform consumer experience, improve SEO rankings, keep customers safe, and deliver 10% - 30% faster cloud, web, and mobile application performance.

What company doesn’t want to deliver applications that are faster, look better, are safer and generate higher conversion and revenue?

Its digital experience platform provides a completely new way to delight customers, improving engagement, conversions, and revenue. Instart Logic’s intelligent architecture uses artificial intelligence to automatically optimize your applications, without coding, taking into account the behavior of the apps coupled with the devices, browsers, and networks the customers are using.

The company’s new breed of technology enables its customers to deliver rapid, beautiful and secure cloud, web and mobile application experiences.

Products Overview: Deliver a Faster, Safer, More Profitable Digital Experience

Revolutionize the performance, consumer experience, and security of cloud, web and mobile applications.

Instart Logic’s cloud-based digital experience platform will help improve performance, consumer experience and security of cloud, web, and mobile applications - resulting in better customer satisfaction, improved conversion, and higher revenue.

E-commerce companies will enjoy 5-8% higher revenue after deploying its platform. Digital advertisers will see 3-15% higher revenue. Cloud, web, and mobile applications for the global enterprise will run 20% to 50% faster, look better, and be safer.

Instart Logic’s platform combines artificial intelligence, application and device awareness, mobile-first architecture and open APIs with a broad suite of automated capabilities for:

  • Cloud, Web and Mobile Application Performance Optimization
  • Mobile Network Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • Digital Advertising Recovery
  • Marketing and Personalization Recovery
  • Web Application Firewall
  • DDOS Protection
  • Bot Management
  • Next-Generation CDN

Technology Overview

The Platform for Making the Next Generation of Online Business Applications Fast, Secure, and Easy

The explosion of web-enabled devices, the predominance of wireless networks as the “last mile” connection to the Internet and the surging growth in application sophistication have created new challenges that content delivery networks were simply never designed to handle. A new architectural approach to application delivery is the only way to achieve sustainable performance improvements and to combat new security threats.

Instart Logic’s platform provides with total control of the entire delivery path. Its solution combines the patented Nanovisor, machine learning for performance and security with a new breed of CDN for the best possible website experience. It is designed for DevOps and mobile-first applications.

Why Instart Logic?

Everything Instart Logic does, helps leading global brands to deliver faster, better, and safer consumer experiences that drive higher revenue and greater profit from digital initiatives.

The company’s global, cloud-based platform connects your cloud, web, and mobile applications with consumer devices and then automatically and dramatically improves your performance, consumer experience, and security.

So, Why Instart Logic? After deploying its cloud-based digital experience platform:

  • Businesses selling online typically achieve a 5-8% increase in online revenue
  • Companies with digital advertising-based business models realize 3-15% higher ad revenue
  • Global enterprises will see 10-30% faster cloud, web, and mobile application performance
  • Native mobile apps enjoy up to 40% faster network performance
  • Companies will deliver better-looking images and will improve search engine optimization (SEO) rankings
  • IT organizations benefit from the company’s guaranteed service level agreements for performance and availability and substantially lower TCO

Instart Logic is cloud-based and requires no hardware or software to install, maintain or deploy. Its platform is deployed in top-tier datacenters around the world. The company process more than 12 billion transactions per day serving more than 100 million consumers in every region of the world, with 100 percent system-wide availability over the last four years.


“Instart Logic has made our switch to Responsive Web Design much easier. They have improved our time-to-first-byte and our page load times. And they provide excellent technical support. The platform is stable and fast. We’re happy we made the move to Instart Logic.”

- Iain Section, CIO of

“Akamai understands networks and serving assets, but Instart Logic really understands web applications and how to deliver them intelligently to provide for the best user experience. This awareness allows Instart Logic to build technology that makes every player’s experience with Kongregate fast and frustration-free.”

- Kongregate

Greet the Chief!

Sumit Dhawan, CEO: Sumit is a seasoned executive with a proven track-record of establishing market leadership positions. Sumit has led multiple $1B+ enterprise software and SaaS businesses with responsibilities in managing P&L and all functions of the business from R&D to sales. With expertise in creating new market categories; Sumit brings a proven leadership approach that results in top-performing teams.

Prior to joining Instart Logic, Sumit served as the general manager of the end-user computing business at VMware. Prior to VMware, Sumit served at Citrix, where he held a number of executive roles – across engineering, product development, marketing, corporate development, and general management – and was a key contributor to Citrix’s growth from a private company to the publicly-traded, multinational business that it is today.

Sumit holds an MBA from the University of Florida – Warrington College of Business, an MS in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota, and a BS in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology. 

“Our Mission Is to Help Leading Global Brands Deliver a Faster, Safer and More Profitable Digital Experience.”