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10 Fastest Software Companies 2015

IndiSoft LLC’s: RxOffice platforms for a custom – made software

indisoft-sanjeev-dahiwadkar-ceoSince its inception in the year 2005,Columbia, Md.-basedIndisofthas grown rapidly becoming one of the leading Software Development Companies,specializing in software consulting, complex software design, development, testing and deployment.IndiSoft provides technology to clients such as Navigant, Crown Titles, Radian and Omnia and many more.

Developing collaborative technology solutions for the financial service industrythrough various portals, IndiSoft’sRxOffice® platform (patent pending) enables disparate parties to communicate and transact online in real-time. The transparent customized workflow technology improves the efficiency of business processes and offers audit, compliance and quality control capabilities to accelerate decision making and support business excellence. For the fifth consecutive year, the company was named to the Inc. 500|5000 listing of thefastest growing private companies in the U.S. and was selected as one of the Top 50 Service Providers by Mortgage Technology magazine in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

Brief insight on the CEO
Sanjeev Dahiwadkar is the president and CEO of IndiSoft LLC. He is responsible for the company’s overall strategic planning and direction as well as overseeing its business operations. Dahiwadkar, a true entrepreneur and an expert in the design and delivery of cost-effective, high-performance information technology infrastructures and applications to address complex business problems, has a proven track record in the large default servicing banks, small business e-commerce solutions and work flow efficiencies in several business verticals. Additionally, he has developed three patent-pending products, including the company’s flagship, product, RxOffice®, a workflow, document and case management solution that enables companies to run their day-to-day operation more efficiently and economically.

Framework of CDC (continuous discharge certificate)
IndiSoft’s creation of RxOffice Premium software has been able to collect client information and is easily navigable. This software has made it easy for client contact and follow-up as it is simple to send information directly from RX Office and has made creating and submitting reports, easily accessible and user friendly. Some of the products offered by Indisoft are:
1. RxOffice® Compliance
2. RxOffice® MortgageRx
3. RxOffice® Vendor Management portal
4. RxOffice®EMR
5. WipeOut

Differentiating factors of Customer Service by Indisoft:
Since its first product launch in 2009, Indisoft has priced their products reasonably to cater to the several kinds of organizations. The two main differentiating factors of the company are the stellar levels of customer service and configurability. The company takes a special interest in helping customers reach any specific goal with a determined path and its flexibility in technology allows meeting customers’ needs easily.

IndiSoft’s RxOffice platform features several modules to improve workflow and communications with all parties involved in the mortgage lending process from the potential borrower to servicers. Because of the technology is completely online, companies do not have to be concerned with the over use of paper.

IndiSoft’s future plans
IndiSoft prides itself in providing innovative applications to drastically improve processes in the financial, medical and legal industries. Some of the specific enhancements on the horizon include:
1. Expanding Wipeout capabilities to not only include all Windows OS’s, including servers and Android as it currently does,
Indisoft are also developing the same capabilities for Apple products, including MAC OS and iPhones.
2. Enhancing the RxOffice® Vendor Management portal, which can be used with any business vertical, to provide mobile access allowing users to monitor vendors and allowing vendors to provide updates when required.
3. Ensuring RxOffice® Compliance is update with all regulatory agencies, including CFPB, FDIC, etc.