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Insights, Solutions, and Tools to Plan, Manage and Schedule Your Business Smarter: Remsoft

thesiliconreview-andrea-feunekes-ceo-remsoft-2018At Remsoft, we use our technology and expertise to improve the condition and productivity of the world’s land-based assets: forests, roads, farms, energy resources and more. We help organizations develop business and environmental sustainability by assisting them in making decisions about how to acquire, manage, maintain and sell their assets.

Together with our clients, we have helped change the narrative around sustainable land management. Our work has created the recognition in the industry that it is not only possible to manage for competing objectives, but that it should be standard practice to do so. 25 years in, we’re proud to have that as one of Remsoft’s most important legacies.

Deep Dive into Remsoft Solutions

Remsoft’s software solutions use data analytics to generate precise operational plans and schedules along with long-term strategies that help businesses improve performance and productivity. Our solutions mitigate the uncertainty inherent in complex operations and give executive and managerial teams the ability to confidently plan for today and tomorrow. Built by a world-class team of experts, Remsoft solutions deliver results and reduce risks for your business through effective planning.

Land Management: You always want to be able to see the forest through the trees. Remsoft helps companies efficiently acquire, manage and invest in all types of biological assets.

Asset Management: With meticulous planning and attention to detail, you should always be able to properly take care of your infrastructure and hard assets without harming your bottom line.

Production Planning: Remsoft helps your company look ahead to the future by cutting costs and establishing supply chain systems that won’t buckle under time or production pressure.

Operational Decision Support: Long-term planning is crucial, but businesses operate in real time. Remsoft partners with clients to examine and refine their workflow philosophies, scheduling practices, and goal execution.


For almost three decades, Remsoft has been the industry leader in land-use planning and asset management solutions, helping you uncover value and gain insight into how your land assets are being used and how they could be used. We work with your team to better understand your business and the complex atmosphere you operate within, and by leveraging your data and applying decades of industry experience and advanced analytics, we offer a variety of planning and scheduling solutions to fit your needs.

Forestry: Across the industry, forestry companies, governments, TIMOs, consultants and land appraisers use Remsoft to master the complexities that dominate today’s business environment.

Utilities: Remsoft helps utilities companies build defensible budgets, reduce risk, improve reliability, and efficiently deploy resources to increase operations visibility and stakeholder satisfaction.

Infrastructure: Remsoft leads efforts to collaborate across departmental and agency silos to build workable plans and schedules that are measurable and rendered with mathematical certainty.

Remsoft Technology

Remsoft’s solutions are based on two advanced platforms for optimized planning and decision support: the Remsoft Rise Platform for the cloud, and the Woodstock Modeling Platform for the desktop. Together they provide the foundation for all of our planning solutions, which are then carried forward and applied to each tailored client strategy.

Remsoft Rise Platform:

Remsoft Rise is a cloud-based, multi-user, multi-tenant platform. Since its introduction, Rise’s business intelligence software, advanced spatial analytics, and high-performance computing have made it a powerful optimization tool. Remsoft Rise is a unified platform that improves the informed decision-making capacity of any business that uses it.

End-To-End Optimized Planning – In the Cloud:

Remsoft’s next-generation technology platform offers clients access to optimized planning, modeling, GIS, analytics, and decision support solutions that have deep scenario analysis capabilities – all in the cloud. This means that as your company’s needs change, grow or mature, your solution can evolve as well.

Rise provides a toolkit that can be used to solve your most complex planning challenges, regardless of the time frame involved. From strategic to tactical to operational to real-time data streaming, this flexible infrastructure allows Remsoft to produce an array of cloud-native solutions. It’s part of our core commitment to our clients: to deliver unique, innovative, and creative solutions.

Remsoft Woodstock Platform:

The Woodstock Modeling Platform is a fully integrated spatial planning and optimization technology framework composed of Modeling and Analytics platforms. Refined and innovated over nearly three decades, it handles every facet of planning, optimizing, and managing assets.

Founding Duo

Andrea Feunekes, Co-Founder, CEO: Andrea has been instrumental in building Remsoft into a world leader in the field of sustainable resource management and asset lifecycle optimization. Her expertise lies in data-driven, sustainable planning and helping businesses to better manage their land assets while ensuring their economic and environmental sustainability by bringing business intelligence to the planning and optimization of assets.

Under her leadership, Andrea has grown Remsoft from a start-up to one of the world’s leading providers of advanced analytics, modeling, and spatial planning technology.  Through Andrea’s leadership, Remsoft currently serves over 150 clients on six continents, with Remsoft clients collectively managing over half a billion acres of land using the Remsoft software.

Andrea holds the ICD.D designation from the Institute of Corporate Directors; a Bachelor degree in Geography (BA) and Outdoor Recreation (HBOR) from Lakehead University, Post-Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education (Geography) from McGill University and a Master of Science (Forestry) from the University of New Brunswick.

Ugo Feunekes, Co-Founder, CTO: As Remsoft’s CTO and Co-Founder, Ugo Feunekes is the chief architect of Remsoft’s suite of software. He leads Remsoft’s research and development program and overall product development and provides direction for the company’s Training, Service, and Maintenance programs. Under Ugo’s direction, the Remsoft’s Woodstock Modeling Suite has become the most widely-used software application for resource management in public and private sector organizations around the world.

Ugo is an experienced trainer and modeler and has a depth of knowledge and experience in the realm of fire behavior, forest management, and asset lifecycle optimization. He holds Bachelors of Science (Forestry) from Lakehead University; a Bachelor’s of Mathematics and Computer Science from McGill University; and a Master of Science (Forestry) from the University of New Brunswick.

For over a quarter of a century, Remsoft has been working with clients around the globe to offer optimized planning and scheduling solutions for forestry and other land-based and infrastructure assets.