30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2016

Interactive Intelligence: Transforming the Way Organizations Engage the World


Pioneering companies are realizing the implications of tapping into a digital ecosystem. They believe that the capacity to connect with and engage people and things in fundamentally new ways will drive tremendous impact. This is our mission, and we call it ‘transformative customer engagement.” – Dr. Donald E. Brown, Interactive Intelligence Founder and CEO

A global leader of cloud services for customer engagement, communications and collaboration, Interactive
Intelligence helps businesses worldwide improve service, increase productivity and reduce costs.

Founded in 1994 and today backed by 100-plus patent applications and more than 6,000 global customer deployments, Interactive Intelligence has grown from a start-up, to one of the leading publicly traded global software companies. It currently employs more than 2,000 people, with revenues exceeding $390 million.

Since inception, the company has built its reputation on innovation. After anticipating the evolving needs of contact centers with its first on-premises all-in-one customer engagement software suite launched in 1997, the company again anticipated market changes – this time related to the cloud. In 2009, Interactive launched a cloud solution to meet the rapidly growing need of contact centers that wanted to move to the cloud for capex cost savings, while maintaining security and customization capabilities. This single-tenant cloud solution, CaaS, continues to be sold to high-end customers with particularly complex requirements through multi-year agreements.

Interactive’s latest cloud offering, PureCloud℠, takes a different approach. This innovative cloud platform was designed as a set of stateless, independently load-balanced microservices running atop Amazon Web Services. PureCloud℠ has a comprehensive feature-set capable of delivering successful business outcomes for organizations of all types and sizes. Selling PureCloud℠ will encourage the use of monthly contracts that enable organizations to quickly and easily license, configure and expand their implementations over time.

Awards & Recognitions Galore!
For creating a positive workplace, Interactive Intelligence has been recognized by Mashable as one of the Seven Best Tech Companies to Work for in the U.S.; by Glassdoor as one of the Best Places to Work in the U.S.; by Indiana Chamber of Commerce as a Best Place to Work in Indiana; by O.C. Tanner as a Top 10 Coolest Companies to Work for in Indianapolis; and by United Way of Central Indiana as a Company that Cares.

Of note, Interactive Intelligence is the only vendor to be positioned by Gartner as a leader in both its Magic Quadrant for Contact Center Infrastructure (on-premises software), and its Magic Quadrant for Contact Center as a Service, North America (cloud). The company has also been named a Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year; CRM Magazine’s Service Leader Winner; a Network World Fave Raves company; a leader among Software Magazine’s Global Top 500 Software and Services Companies; and a market leader in Ovum’s Decision Matrix: Selecting a Multichannel Cloud Contact Center Solution report.

Delivering Innovative Technology That Can Transform Businesses

The Interactive Intelligence PureCloud℠ platform’s
competitive advantages include remote survivability, secure integration, lightning-fast deployment, simple and flexible subscription terms, enterprise-grade security, and the widest range of functionality found in the communications industry today.

PureCloud℠ platform services include the following:

PureCloud Engage℠ is a complete omnichannel customer engagement cloud service designed to help contact centers accelerate business impact, deliver consistent outcomes and innovate the customer and agent experience. Benefits include unparalleled reliability, scalability, security and simplicity, along with a comprehensive set of services running on a single platform that finally breaks down the silo between business users and contact center agents – and even between enterprises and their partners and customers.

PureCloud Communicate℠ is a communications and collaboration cloud service designed to fully support today’s modern, connected workforce. Benefits include unparalleled reliability, scalability, security and simplicity, along with a comprehensive set of business communications features.

PureCloud Collaborate℠ is a collaboration cloud service designed to increase employee productivity. Features include searchable employee profile information, instant messaging, multi-user chat rooms, multi-party video conferencing, desktop sharing and integrated content management.

Customer Base
Interactive’s customers range from small to large companies and span all verticals, including financial services, insurance, government, healthcare, utilities, retail and manufacturing. The company has many brand-name customers representing a wide cross-section of verticals, including Capital One, CarMax, DIRECTV, Dollar General, Hewlett Packard, Humana, Kohl’s, Lockheed Martin, Monsanto, Northwestern Mutual, Owens Corning, Pfizer, UNUM, Walgreens, and many more.

Industry Analyst Testimonials
“I believe that cloud services such as PureCloud Engage℠ are the future because they address key company objectives: more manageable costs; less demand for in-house, highly skilled IT resources; faster deployment; quicker delivery of business benefits; and the ability to innovate in customer engagement.” -Ventana Research, Sept. 30, 2015

“Few, if any contact center market leaders are willing to build a completely new cloud platform, and a completely new set of applications to deliver a truly superior customer experience. But Interactive Intelligence has done just that with its PureCloud℠ platform. By combining the unique advantages of microservice architecture running on AWS, with rich omnichannel customer engagement, communications and collaboration services, the company has seriously raised the bar for competitors.” – Ovum, February 2016

The Road Ahead
The information age makes becoming a digital organization increasingly necessary. Organizations of all types are beginning to see that these connections are not just limited to their customers, partners, employees, citizens and members. They also have the potential to tie themselves into a global network of
businesses, individuals, and things from every industry and every
corner of the world.

Interactive Intelligence believes that the capacity to connect with and engage people and things in fundamentally new ways will drive tremendous impact for every type of organization.

Knowing the CEO

Donald E. Brown, M.D., Chairman of the Board, CEO and President
Dr. Brown co-founded his third software company, Interactive Intelligence, in October 1994 and has served as Chief Executive Officer since April 1995 and President since inception. Dr. Brown also serves as Chairman of the Board, a position he has held since July 1998. Dr. Brown has been a Director since inception. In March 1988, Dr. Brown
co-founded Software Artistry, Inc., a developer of customer support software that became a public company in March 1995 and was subsequently acquired by IBM Corporation in January 1998. At Software Artistry, Dr. Brown served as Chief Executive Officer and Director from inception through September 1994.

Dr. Brown’s first software company was acquired by Electronic Data Systems, Inc. in September 1987.
Dr. Brown graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine in 1985. He also holds two additional degrees from Indiana University, an M.S. in computer science and a B.S. in physics. Dr. Brown is currently completing an M.S. in biotechnology at Johns Hopkins University. He is the father of eight children and an avid pilot and rock climber.