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Top 20 Big Data Companies 2015

Investing heavily in emerging technologies: SMS Marketing Services

Competition in every business makes it essential to choose the right audience. What is more crucial, is the critical choice making with respect to choosing the right channel and make the right offers at the right time and place. With emerging Big Data Technology in the recent years, SMS Marketing Services Inc., has come up with data solutions of highly segmented marketing databases that help clients refine searches to obtain consumers who engage with their brand. Founded in 2012, the company brought together, three industry leading companies – Specialist Marketing Services, Spectra Products and Spectra Data and today has nationwide operations, with strong focus on Retail, Banking, Insurance, and Publishing. The Full Service Marketing firm helps clients retain, grow, acquire customers and gain insight through the use of Big Data, Multi channels (Digital, Postal, and Telephone).

The SMS Approach
The company leverages data-driven strategies to innovate, compete, and capture value from deep and up-to-real-time information. It’s CustomerConnect360 File, built through proprietary methodologies using response, transactional and survey data, offers the richest data available in the industry today. Combining postal, email, landline and mobile telephone elements, SMS has the power to elevate data-driven, multi-channel marketing results to new heights. “You can rest easy knowing that your marketing efforts are hitting higher-value prospects and in turn producing a higher ROI”, says the SMS team. The company that specializes in Life Event Trigger Data such as its Weekly New Mover File of 200,000-400,000 new consumers each and every week, also has a Big Data team which helps clients identify specific program objectives and works with them to formulate creative marketing solutions. The company offers data -driven marketing solutions that enables organizations to grow their business and discover new markets of opportunity. Finally, the team analyzes the results and refines the goals, lists, and selects for the client’s next campaign.

What next
Embracing the challenges faced by the ever changing ways of engaging consumers, SMS has worked with leading brands, agencies, brokers and Fortune 500 companies such as Geico, JC Penny and Lowes, to name a few. The company believes that its operations a full Service firm, with multiple channel operations in the Big Data and Life Event Data domains, are what differentiates it from fellow competitors in the domain.

With a focus on the Mobil and Digital sectors, the company has matched up to satisfy the needs and expectations of Customers, many of whom have been clients for well over 20 years.

Knowing the Key Executives
Dave Thornbury: CEO
The CEO oversees the development, execution and marketplace strategy of Data Operations, Online and Mobile Marketing and SMS’s Data-Driven, Multi-Channel Marketing Services. His strategic approach coupled with innovative solutions has produced meaningful results and unprecedented ROI for many notable global brands. For over three decades, Dave has executed campaigns across a wide range of industries in the direct marketing arena and has been a feature author in many of the industry publications, as well as a featured speaker at many of the industry trade shows.

Lon Mandel: President
The President of SMS is responsible for general management, corporate strategy and development and oversees the company to ensure quality service is provided to clients and is moving in the direction of growth into new and different markets. His extensive experience spans list management, brokerage and the list fulfillment arena. Lon was honored as List Leader of the Year in 2011 by the DMA for his outstanding contributions to the list and data industry.

Bruce Sherman: CTO
The Chief Technology Officer has over 30 years of experience in technology infrastructure development, data architecture, and target marketing, specializing in data hygiene and database management. Through his confident leadership, constant focus on process improvement and uncompromising commitment to quality, he strives to ensure all deliverables exceed client expectations 100 percent of the time.

Nora Bush: CFO
The Chief Financial Officer brings more than three decades of financial and operational experience to her role. She has acquired substantial knowledge of the direct marketing business and has successfully served the financial needs of corporations such as SpeciaLISTS Ltd and Dependable Lists. In 2006, she was selected winner of the “President’s Circle” Award by ClientLogic.