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‘It’s more than a job for you; it’s more than a loan to us’: GSF Mortgage Corporation

thesiliconreview-chad-jampedro-president-gsf-mortgage-corporation-2017We believe that this is not only the formula for success - it is the formula for excellence.

For the vast majority of people, it’s impossible to buy a home without a mortgage. Getting hundreds of thousands of dollars together to put down as one lump sum is a privilege reserved for very few. As it stands, can take a lot for future homebuyers to scrape together a down payment - the rest has to be borrowed from a bank or mortgage lender.

Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing or moving up the property ladder, there is a home loan suitable for you. In 1995, founders Phil Siebert and Jim Guzanick launched GSF Mortgage Corporation in Wisconsin and Illinois. It wasn’t long before the small mortgage brokerage garnered a reputation for its low rates, fair lending practices and remarkable customer service.

GSF Mortgage is dedicated to the prosperity of its customers. It is committed to demonstrating the utmost integrity - both professionally and personally - while providing top quality service. The company focuses on securing the best possible outcome for those who place their trust in them for their mortgage needs. It was the company’s loyalty to customers that led the company in 2001 to transform its business model from a brokerage into a full-service, direct mortgage lender. Soon, the company expanded outside of the Midwest, into multiple states across the country.

Under the company’s current president, Chad Jampedro, GSF Mortgage continues to expand, yet remains dedicated to consumer education, process transparency and the ability to offer customers a wide selection of mortgage products.

Surviving in the Current Market

Mortgage lenders have multiple, well developed and highly competitive channels to reach consumers that are most likely to be in search of mortgage financing. The channels include referrals from trusted sources such as Realtors, friends, family, former experiences with a loan officer or mortgage lenders, online searches or outbound consumer direct solicitations. There is an active market for the purchase of leads obtained by aggregators using search capture techniques and reselling the leads to consumer direct staffs of multiple lenders. GSF avoids the purchase of leads and has developed the core competency to generate its own more targeted leads.

Lenders define themselves based upon promises of faster service, best rate, trusted financial advisors or any combination thereof. GSF defines itself as a trusted lender for first-time homebuyers. Most consumers use the internet at some time during the process to compare rates and terms; however, most consumers ultimately prefer conferring with a lender in-person to answer their questions. For most consumers, a home purchase or a refinance is a unique experience and one of the largest financial transactions of their lives.

“We pride ourselves on consistency and integrity.”

Reputable – GSF Mortgage Corp.

GSF Mortgage competes by differentiating itself to each of its constituencies; (1) consumers, (2) loan originators and (3) employees who manufacture the loans and make it as seamless as possible for the first two constituencies.

Consumers: GSF has historically positioned itself as a premier regional lender to first-time homebuyers. The company differentiates itself by tailoring its training, marketing material and borrower educational tools to the first-time homebuyer. In more recent years, most consumers have learned to shop and compare online and respond to social media connections.

Loan Originators: GSF actively recruits and maintains relationships with experienced loan originators. To attracted experienced loan originators, the company highlights the fact that it is large enough to have access to all of the government agencies which allows them to compete with the major industry competitors and small enough to care about every loan, every day. The syndicate promotes its family style management with minimal layers of supervisors between the loan originator and the president. It also promotes its long and financially stable history of profitable results and having weathered the credit crisis with no legacy issues.

Corporate Staff: GSF promotes a flexible, safe and enjoyable work environment to attract top talent. The company promotes from within whenever possible and allows employees to work away from the office where job descriptions allow. Accountability and trust are big factors for employees who succeed at GSF. The company stands for teamwork and support of each other to further the interests of its consumer.

Exclusive products of GSF Mortgage

Finance First Pre-Approval Program allows a consumer to obtain an official, fully underwritten credit and income approval before they go shopping for their perfect home. It also gives a consumer a leg up if they are competing for an accepted offer. If a consumer signs a contract within 30 days of being approved through the Finance First Pre-Approval program, GSF Mortgage will pay for their appraisal.

The Serve & Support Benefit Program provides an exclusive benefit for nurses, teachers, firefighters, EMTs, law enforcement, flight crew and veterans as a way of saying thank you for serving our communities every day.

GSF100* is designed to transform renters in to homeowners. We understand that saving for a down payment while paying a historically high rent expense is a major roadblock on a consumer’s path to homeownership. GSF has a solution. GSF 100* – the company’s exclusive no down payment low interest rate program that you won’t find at any other mortgage lender.

Lightning Home Loan is the most efficient mortgage process designed for those whose time is limited and quality service is a must. GSF streamlines communication by utilizing its specially designed app for your smartphone.

“We guarantee our efficiency. In fact, we are committed to closing your loan in 15 days from receipt of appraisal or we will make your first mortgage payment.”

An Interview with Chad Jampedro, President

Could you explain the backdrop of the company?

We recognize that the dream of owning a home is a personal and emotional one. We are here to give our consumers sound advice and guidance during the mortgage journey. GSF Mortgage is a Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Direct Lender as well as a Ginnie Mae Issuer. What this means to you is that we have direct access to every government-backed mortgage product on the market. GSF also offers jumbo, reverse mortgage, rehab loans, construction loans, second mortgages and state bond and grant programs.

We proudly offer our services in 32 states and continue to expand our footprint. We pride ourselves on consistency and integrity and we have been successfully lending for more than 23 years with the average tenure of a GSF employee being more than 10 years.

What industry hurdles have you overcome?

Maintaining regulatory compliance efficiently and cost effectively.

GSF retains an experienced compliance staff, in-house counsel, compliance software and periodic outside vendor reviews of compliance measurement. The company also incorporates the promotion and measurement of industry education by our staff through software applications.

The impact of managing the increased cost of compliance in a highly competitive and narrowing profit margin environment.

GSF employs reporting software to measure margin leakage at all stages of the loan manufacturing process. Exception approval protocols are in place for timely operations. Overall exceptions are reviewed monthly.

Through employment and training of highly experienced underwriting staff, GSF maintains high credit standards. Delinquency is measured monthly and reviewed by senior management. Poor credit standards result in expenses that decrease profit margins. Common errors are identified and corrected timely.

An Illustration of customer delight!

“GSF Mortgage had a considerably lower rate than the lenders we were originally working with. The phrase “If it looks too good to be true, it probably is” kept coming to our mind. But in this case it was TRUE!! The rate was so low we kept thinking there must be some catch. But there was no catch. Lowest rate and great service. Really, what more would you want?”

“I had a great experience with this lender when I recently purchased my first home. They responded to my questions promptly and patiently, gave me an accurate idea of what my expenses would be, and were a pleasure to work.”

“GSF pulled through for my loan when I didn’t think any lenders could do it. The team did an amazing job at being sufficient and professional during my whole loan transactions. I would definitely recommend Brian to my friends and family members. I can’t thank you enough for all your help!!”

“Before settling on a loan with our credit union, we decided to do some loan shopping to compare and use as leverage to get a better rate. We received a very low rate from GSF that no one would match. In fact, people doubted the legitimacy of the rate. We will definitely sing your praise to anyone looking for a home loan.”

Your decision matter to us...

When you choose GSF Mortgage for your home loan, you can be confident that you are working with a company with integrity and sound mortgage market expertise. If you are looking for a mortgage lender, or are considering purchasing or refinancing a home, contact GSF today.

thesiliconreview-gsf-mortgage-corporation-cover-page-2017About President Chad Jampedro

“In order to enjoy long-term success, one must invest in the development of the people who operate the business and serve its clients. It’s the safest and most important investment a firm can make.”

President Chad Jampedro is an accomplished mortgage banking and real estate industry executive with more than 16 years of production and leadership experience at GSF Mortgage Corporation. He began his mortgage career in 2001 at GSF Mortgage as a top producing sales associate, then quickly moved on to marketing, eventually securing several leadership roles in the business. From 2005 to 2011, he served as GSF’s Managing Vice President. He was then named Chief Operating Officer where he was responsible for the direct marketing, production and secondary marketing departments for the Company. He is a graduate of Washington & Jefferson College. The married father of two resides in Pewaukee, Wisconsin.


“We demonstrate this spirit through two campaigns: #OWNTHELOAN awards and DO THE UNNECESSARY recognition. This embodies the role each of us play in making our company the best in class and our employees the best in the industry.”