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SILICON100 2017

Leading Native Ad Technology for Mobile Games and Apps: NativeX

thesiliconreview-yuan-charles-xi-ceo-nativex-2017NativeX was founded by twin brothers Rob and Ryan Weber from Minneapolis, Minnesota, and quickly established itself as an internationally recognized Top 10 Company for Quality User Acquisition and Effective Monetization. In February 2016, Mobvista, Asia’s largest mobile advertising company, acquired NativeX, which expanded the distribution of native ad technology throughout the world for an even greater international presence.

Mobvista’s leading global demand is now offered to NativeX’s monetization partners along with its strong global supply, especially in APAC, to advertising partners.

Integration Options

NATIVEX FULL SDK: The NativeX Full Featured SDK is an easy and flexible all-in-one solution for publishers to monetize their apps through rich media in-app advertisements. Developers download the SDK, and implement NativeX folders into the code of iOS, Android, or Unity applications which enable the ad technology to serve and track ads.

Placements can be turned on or off and all ad units and reward options can be changed in the company’s web-based portal. They are then pushed to go live in the app instantly via server side updates, giving the freedom to create, test, and optimize on the fly without resubmitting the app. The NativeX SDK is recommended for the most complete and flexible solution for successful monetization and return of investment.


  • Ad placement can deliver single or multiple offers including Lightning Play™ Video, Interstitial, Offer Walls and other rich media ad formats.
  • High Performing Ad Units (Video, Interstitial, Offer Wall)
  • Single or Multi-Offer
  • Rewarded and Non-Rewarded placements
  • Supports customized native design of ad units to increase engagement
  • Balance and adjust monetization strategy 24/7 via Web Browser without needing to re-submit app to Store.

MEDIATION OPTIONS: NativeX is currently available for mediation from Fyber and MoPub. Ad mediation is technology that sends ad requests to multiple ad networks to fill their ad slots. First, publishers rank ad networks in order of preference. Second, the mediation platform tries the top ad network. If the top ad network can’t fill the ad request, the mediation platform tries the next preferred ad network until it fills the request. For each ad request, the mediation platform chooses the ad network that best matches the publisher’s priorities.

Recommend for publishers who use Fyber or MoPub Mediation who want to take advantage of the advanced intelligence technology, international reach, native customization and proven monetization results NativeX provides.

Features: NativeX provides simple mediation integration, exceptional user experience, and successful monetization with:

  • Global Demand Sales
  • eCPM Optimization
  • Custom Design

MOBILE WEB OFFER WALL: NativeX initiates a GET request that directs user to a mobile web offer wall. This solution is primarily used by mobile web apps.  It allows a simple one-call implementation without requiring the development of a custom offer display.


  • This is a multiple offer ad unit (Offer Wall for Downloads)
  • Rewarded and Non-Rewarded placements
  • Supports native and mobile web apps

REAL TIME OFFER API: APIs are sets of requirements that govern how one application can talk to another.  Developers use the NativeX API to pull ad offers from a feed into the in-app display they have created. API Offer Feed is best for developers who have their own unique ad unit needs and want full control over how their offers are displayed


  • Single or Multi-Offer
  • Rewarded and Non-Rewarded placements
  • Supports native and mobile web apps

STATIC OFFER (AFFILIATE) API: Developers use the NativeX Static Offer API to pull offer details from our affiliate program (every 15 minutes) to reduce the manual operations of maintaining affiliate ad placements. Primarily used by developers and affiliates who cannot support a real-time API feed.


  • Single or Multiple offers (Video, Icon, Graphic Assets)
  • Rewarded and Non-Rewarded placements
  • Supports native and mobile web apps

AFFILIATE LINKS: NativeX initiates a GET request that allows a publisher/ affiliate to use just one URL for the NativeX offers, rather than go through the full integration process. Primarily used by developers and affiliates who cannot support an API/ SDK integration.


  • Single or Multiple offers (Video, Icon, Graphic Assets)
  • Rewarded and Non-Rewarded placements
  • Supports native and mobile web apps

VAST VIDEO FEED: The Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) is a universal specification developed by the IAB for serving video ads.  NativeX delivers a video offer solution that complies with VAST v2.0 specifications. The VAST solution is best for developers to feed offers into their existing VAST-compliant video players.


  • Single Offer: One video delivered at a time
  • Rewarded and Non-Rewarded placements
  • Supports native and mobile web apps

Clientele Manifestoes

“We are proud to partner with NativeX who provided everything we need with a single SDK solution, immersive native ads and Lightning Play™ video technology.” ~ Iain Riches, Square Enix – Lara Croft: Relic Run

 “Our ad revenue increased by 52% when we added video ads to the mix and this isn’t just about revenue, it’s about loyal fans and making sure that ads are relevant and interesting to players.” ~ Ben Vu, CEO, SkyVu

“Since, we began focusing on maximizing our CPMs; we’ve seen that NativeX video ads are outperforming other top video networks by 36% or more….We have been very pleased with both the breadth of ad units from NativeX as well as the sustained strong performance.” ~ Sridhar Muppidi, CEO, YesGnome

Meet the CEO

Yuan (Charles) Xi

“Our holistic approach means that our default ad units as well as our fully custom designs use a range of native principles that deliver results.”

“We make it easy for developers to monetize their apps to maximize profit and to build their audience through effective user acquisition.”