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Leading Professional Coaching and Training Organization: 2b Limitless


2b Limitless is a multi-award winning professional coaching and training organization focused on strengths, engagement, performance, and transformation. It is focused on c-suite executives, senior leaders, entrepreneurial leaders, and high-performance teams.  With offices in Dubai, Phuket, and Brisbane, its core business is built around executive coaching programs and its 2BYB International Goal-Setting Events. 2b Limitless also delivers targeted training and workshops around strengths, goals, strategy, purpose, vision and values, and extraordinary success.

Born for a Purpose

The pace of change in business is staggering. Leaders are faced with an unprecedented number of real-time decisions that have far-reaching ramifications for clients, employees, and shareholders. Having real clarity of purpose, objectives, goals, and the rituals and behaviors that will deliver performance that will lead to a meaningful impact are critical components of the modern leaders’ toolbox. As business continues to become more and more complex, a leader’s ability to simplify and identify the true priorities, take agile action, and make a meaningful impact is the key. That is where the company comes in and helps leaders to develop a roadmap and the tools that they need to deliver excellence in performance.

Service Offerings

Coaching:Its award-winning team of coaches loves to work with high-performers and in high-performance cultures. As a result,its bespoke personal and corporate coaching programs are designed to develop the best version of the executive, his team or his business. It focuses on the core principles of strengths, engagement,and performance to deliver outstanding results and develop the knowledge, skills, tools,andbehaviors of world-class performers.

Training:Its training and facilitation philosophy is based on connecting and aligning organizations and teams with their strategies, purpose, vision, values,and goals. Through its powerful and inspiring programs,2b Limitless helps individuals, teams, and organizations to leverage strengths and increase engagement and performance. It aims to build a culture of trust and vision with its clients, facilitating the path towards growth and success. Organizations consistently come back and work with the company because of its proven ability to produce tangible and measurable results.

2byb:2b Limitless delivers bespoke and inspirational development programs in breathtaking locations that focus on amazing life experiences, challenging boundaries, and comfort zones, building enduring relationships and creating the space for each and everybody involved to ‘2B Your Best’. It works with its clients to set the important goals that will create a trulymeaningful and impactful change.

Clientele Testimonials

“To have someone open your eyes to the impact of putting a clear focus and direction on your future is life changing. To apply that to your family is joyful. To apply it to your business is common sense.”

  • Billy Harkin, Managing Director, Megarme

“Mick and I have had a truly memorable journey together since 2012 with an extremely positive outcome.”

  • Timothy Ross, Architect, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“Mick can truly change your life and your business. We are coming off 5 consecutive years of triple-digit revenue growth and Mick has been one of the biggest influences on that.”

  • Dean Cheesley, Founding CEO, Egolf Megastore

“Our team would not have experienced the success that it has achieved without our partnership with 2B Limitless.”

  • Simon Copleston, General Counsel & Board Secretary, ADCB

Meet the Leader

Mick Todd, Founder,and Director of Coaching and Training: Mick is the leader and founder of 2b Limitless. For the past 15 years, he has tirelessly made it his mission to help individuals to succeed, to improve their quality of life and help define and achieve their goals. Mick has worked with a vast array of amazing individuals and high profile regional and global organizations to help them employ proven tools and techniques to unlock their potential and empower them to define their true purpose. The rituals of sustainable success are his focus. With his support, encouragement,and guidance, his clients have expanded their self-awareness and leveraged their innate gifts and talents quickly, effectively and sustainably. Mick works extensively in the Middle East, Europe and Asia giving individuals, leaders,andorganizations the tools they need to achieve clarity, direction,and success.

“We will help you design the journey and support you as you take the steps toward your personal, professional and organizational goals.”