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SR 10 Fastest Growing IoT companies 2015

M2M Spectrum Networks: A Leader in providing Complete Solutions for Machine-Machine Communications

“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The IoT is about to change it all over again!” – Brendan O’Brien

Ever since the Internet of Things (IoT) gained ground in the US, there has been a lot of interest in wireless M2M or machine-to-machine communications companies in the country. An M2M company that has its own network and provides complete solutions to solve business problems will definitely be a game changer.

M2M Spectrum Networks (M2M SN) is the first dedicated, national and full-service, wireless machine-to-machine (M2M) communications company in the US, bringing together its own network, device connectors and applications to solve business problems and improve lives. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, the company differentiates itself from its competitors by being the only full-service, one-stop-shop, operating its own network, with its own device connectors and best-in-class applications; dedicated solely to machine-to-machine communications solutions for the IoT.

The company was founded in 2013 when Barclay Knapp, one of the co-founders, saw the need for a less expensive wireless network tailored just for machine and device communications, and that if such a network existed, the number of connectible devices and applications would soar. While investigating the technology, he met Carole Downs who was then leading a company that specialized in uncovering unique opportunitiesin radio spectrum in the after math of the FCC’s rebanding efforts below 1GHz. They combined their efforts to form M2M Spectrum Networks, with Carole bringing the access to licensed spectrum and Barclay bringing the network technology and operating experience.

M2M SN specializes in connecting devices that for whatever reason cannot employ “near field” connectivity solutions such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or RFID, nor require 4G/LTE-type instantaneous bandwidth for transmission. It believes this Low-Power, Wide-Area marketplace will grow tremendously over the next dozen years or so and has begun a leadership role at the LoRa Alliance to accelerate technical development and standardization in this area.

The company was named as the 2015 Connected Award winner by the Connected World Magazine.

Product Offerings
As a full service provider, M2M SN not only provides best-in-class “standard” M2M solutions such as vending, tracking, monitoring and control; but also custom tailors its network collectors, device connectors, and applications in ways which are bringing whole new categories of M2M solutions to life.

The end to end solutions include the following:

Plug-and-Play M2M
Connectors: The cost effective connectors can be used for acquiring and transmitting data. They are very easy to connect and can be controlled and monitored via M2M Applications.

Nationwide M2M network using FCC-licensed radio spectrum: It is the first dedicated, low cost network exclusively for M2M networks.

Industry Specific M2M
Applications: Applications developed by M2M Spectrum Networks and its partners are designed to take control of important assets with either industry-specific or custom-tailored solutions, creating new efficiencies and productivity, which in turn maximize operational profitability.

The company operates across all typical M2M / IoT sectors. It generally has clients in mid-size and larger entities within each sector.

The Road Ahead
M2M SN’s mission is to help a company accelerate growth, increase efficiencies, lower costs, and streamline operations, so that the business could run better than ever before. Keeping this in mind, the company’s future focus areas will be in rapid applications development and accelerating the time to market its products and solutions.

Knowing the Key Executives
Barclay Knapp, CEO and Co-Founder
Barclay has been a telecommunications industry executive for 30 years. Prior to founding M2M SN, he has served as the Chairman and CEO of ProCapital Group, LLC, a management advisory group focused on developing high-growth companies, Co-founder and President of Cellular Communications, Inc. (Cellular One) in 1983, the first cellular company in the U.S. to go public, Co-founder and CEO of NTL, Inc. (now Virgin Media Inc.), what is now the largest cable and broadband provider in the UK. In 1998, The Financial Times named him “Telecommunications Executive of the Year.” Barclay earned a BA in Mathematics from The Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He is currently a Senior Fellow in the Center for Financial Economics at The Johns Hopkins University.

Carole Downs, Chairman and Co-Founder
Carole became a licensed Real Estate Broker in Arizona in 1974 and brokered her own real estate company, First Award Real Estate, for more than 20 years. Her career in wireless began in October of 2007 when she co-founded and served as CEO of an Arizona company that specializes in the acquisition and development of FCC spectrum licenses. In 2012, due to her accomplishments in the wireless industry, Ms. Downs was elected by the National Association of Professional Women as the “Professional Woman of the Year” for her outstanding leadership and commitment within her profession.

“We offer complete solutions for the Internet of Things”.