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Majority Strategies: A Leader in the Political Advertising Industry


Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL, USA, Majority Strategies is a full-service influence marketing firm specializing in direct mail and targeted mobile advertising that delivers our clients’ message in a highly-engaging, cost-effective manner.”

Incorporated in 1996, Majority Strategies set out to change the political advertising landscape, shifting toward bright, vibrant and strong images and humor to cut through the clutter of the mailbox and mobile screen. The company creates each piece of direct mail and mobile ad with two basic ideas in mind: one, the recipient doesn’t want to pay attention to the ad, and two, the right creative will make it so they have to. Coupled with precise data targeting and 1st party proprietary data, Majority Strategies does that by using a unique brand of creativity honed over two decades of experience.
Majority Strategies is now widely regarded as the premier influence marketing firm in the country. In the past two decades, Majority Strategies has created countless targeted mobile ads and over 2 billion pieces of mail for more than 2,500 campaigns and clients in all 50 states seeking every office imaginable – from the Courthouse to the White House.

The Premier Direct Mail and Mobile Firm
Majority Strategies is a mobile-first tech company with the world’s first vertically integrated mobile ad platform that allows clients to deliver faster bid responses, verified ad delivery, and higher engagement rates – all for lower costs. Majority Strategies offers superior targeting, in-house creative development, extensive and premium app inventory options and detailed reporting of successful deliveries to humans, not bots. “We can ensure where ads appear, provide a full suite of custom creative, including video creation, and offer superior targeting through custom list-based targeting, geofencing and geofarming,” says Brett Buerck, CEO.

Amazing Feats!

  •  Majority Strategies has been proven to generate more click-throughs than anyone else on mobile and successfully delivers 2.5 times as many ads for the same dollar spend.
  •  After constructing a one-mile wide geofence for a startup menswear store’s pop-up shop in San Francisco, CA, Majority Strategies delivered nearly 3 million impressions that resulted in a 672% increase in sales for the company.
  •  Working with former Speaker John Boehner during the 2014 primary election, Majority Strategies’ targeted mobile advertising resulted in a 408% improvement in favorable opinion amongst the target audience as well as a 14.66% increase in turnout and 1.2% increase in percentage of the vote in targeted versus non-targeted precincts.

Big Clients
The company’s big clients include 3 Republican presidential nominees, 6 current governors, 12 sitting U.S. senators, and more than 25 members of Congress. Majority Strategies has worked with the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and Republican state party Victory committees in more than 35 states. It has also worked with trade and professional associations like the National Association of Realtors and Associated Builders and Contractors, National Rifle Association, American College of Radiology, as well as corporations like Wal-Mart and Bank One.

Future Outlook
Today, the company is a leader in the political advertising industry, focused on campaigns and elections. Majority Strategies is taking its proven model in this industry and extending focus into policy, influence marketing and brand advertising.

We bring two decades of experience to the world of DIGITAL, helping your campaign reach voters on their smartphones, laptops, computers, and tablets.

Knowing the Masters

Brett Buerck, CEO
An Ohio native and graduate of The Ohio State University, Brett was involved in the inner workings of Buckeye State politics for nearly fifteen years, including serving as Communications Director for the Ohio Republican Party, Press Secretary for former Governor Bob Taft, and a general consultant to numerous local, legislative, and statewide campaigns. Prior to becoming a member of the Majority Strategies team, Brett served as Chief of Staff to the Ohio House of Representatives for four years, helping guide the Republican Caucus to 62 seats out of 99 – its largest majority in fifty years.

Randy Kammerdiener, President
Before joining Majority Strategies in 2005, Randy served six years as the Republican National Committee’s Southeast Regional Political Director – coordinating political activities between the RNC, state parties, county parties, and dozens of top-tier campaigns in more than a dozen states. During the 2004 cycle, Randy worked closely with the Bush-Cheney Campaign, focusing his efforts on direct mail, telephone, and grassroots GOTV programs in the battleground states of Missouri, West Virginia, and Florida. Randy previously served as Executive Director of the Republican Party of Kentucky and has also run for office, serving two terms as City Councilman in Jefferson City, Missouri.