SR 20 Fastest Growing Big Data Companies 2016

Making its way to the Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search: Sinequa

Recognized as a leader in the recently released Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search, Sinequa founded in 2002, found a place for itself in the “Leaders” quadrant from its position amongst the “Visionaries” in the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search and The Forrester Wave”. With acclaimed technical innovation and customer relations over the years, the company has demonstrated its expertise by handling impressive and agile use cases, and a significant international expansion with a strong U.S. market focus.

Today’s ever-expanding enterprises face the herculean task of handling large volumes of data. Big Data, including the multiple, disparate repositories of both structured and unstructured data, has created mountains of untapped business information and value. Organizations pay to store it and protect it, but lack the advanced technology to truly mine it so that it can deliver the actionable insights that provide true business value. This is where Sinequa steps in to enable enterprises to derive more value from their high volume silos of data and generate profitable ROIs from the massive volumes of data they store.

Founded with a notion to deliver a Unified Information Access platform for textual and database data, Sinequa is one of the globlly recognized leaders who carved a niche for themselves in the Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Search and The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Search and Knowledge Discovery Solutions, Q3 2015. The company provides a real-time Big Data Search & Analytics platform for Fortune Global 2000 companies and government agencies.

Did You Know??

  • As a leader who integrates machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, and offers content analytics, semantic analysis in 21 languages, Sinequa’s advanced machine learning and cognitive computing technologies are fundamentally changing the way that information is located, discovered and utilized by consumers, knowledge workers and data scientists. And with over 150 smart connectors, the company provides the broadest out-of-the-box connectivity to the most widespread structured and unstructured data sources on the market.
  • Worldwide, millions of users across soem of the largest and most information-intensive organizations, including Airbus, Biogen, Credit Agricole, Mercer, Siemens and UCB rely on Sinequa to put business-critical information at the fingertips of their employees, today.
  • In recent years, CEO, Alexandre has taken Sinequa to new heights with his vision and skills. He joined Sinequa as Product Architect and co-director of the company with Jean Ferré in 2004 and spearheaded and implemented throughout the product strategy. Since then, he has been a driving force behind Sinequa’s success.

Customized Solutions for one and all
“Sinequa puts powerful [Natural Language Processing] to work in surprising scenarios. Sinequa is more tightly focused on advanced NLP than nearly any other vendor. Sinequa’s strategy of developing new data connectors according to customer need allows it to support enterprises with uniquely complex or ever-evolving enterprise data scenarios.”, said the recent Forrester report report on the market, the Forrester Wave™: Big Data Search and Knowledge Discovery Solutions.

Today, Sinequa offers one of the most unique and powerful enterprise search and big data analytics platforms on the market. For business users, Sinequa makes it easy and secure to access relevant information with unrivalled relevance even in the most complex environments. This enables real-time answers, lower project costs and higher ROI. For IT users on the other hand, Sinequa is fast to deploy, with easy integration without touching existing production infrastructure. It also uniquely minimizes the use of computing resources and enables rapid development of Search Based Applications (SBAs) to quickly meet evolving business needs.

The unique features that set its Big Data Search & Analytic Platform apart include:

  • Support for more than 150 connectors – out of the box – for rapid data integration. This is the broadest off-the-shelf connectivity in the industry which accelerates implementation projects of customers by an order of magnitude and lets user organizations concentrate on extracting value from their data.
  • Delivers natural language processing (NLP) with linguistic and semantics analysis of text in21 major languages
  • Offers real-time access to relevant and up-to-date information via a semantically enriched index, intelligent incremental indexing and high performance architecture
  • Supports data on premises or in the cloud and in hybrid installations

Throughout 2016, Sinequa will continue to integrate leading-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms within the Spark environment, thus offering cognitive computing capabilities in addition to content analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP). “We plan to continue its expansion of family of connectors across Big Data/Hadoop and Cloud Environments”, added CEO, Alxander.

Why Sinequa
Over the years, Sinequa has delivered the Big Data Search & Analytics Platform to speed vital information discovery of its clinical trial file share for various clients. Using the Sinequa Platform, a multinational biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, UCB is able to more effectively find data sets that will help expedite responding to questions arising in the lifecycle of drug development, in order to serve the patients’ demand for new drug therapies.

Here is what Oliver Thoennessen, Senior Manager Global IT Drug Development, UCB had to say about the Sinequa experience. “SAS data sets comprise as much as 70% of our clinical development file content. No other company we evaluated couldhandle SAS data sets like Sinequa,” said Todd Culverwell, Director, Trial Master File and Clinical Repositories, UCB. “We can simply search for a key phrase and be directed right away to a row in a SAS data set. We can also use any number of 900 SAS clinical dataset variables and ask for results within a value range for each of these variables. In some cases what once took weeks, can be easily be produced within a day or two.” He further added that, “Sinequa is simply great technology! We immediately saw its benefit watching it perform something we didn’t know was possible. It makes an exponential difference for our organization. We were also impressed with the number of smart connectors available out-of-the-box and Sinequa’s unique ability to develop new ones”.

On the other hand, Nick Brown, innovation & technology architect of AstraZeneca, who sought Sinequa’s assistance in building a powerful next-generation search platform that is simple and intuitive enough for its R&D scientists to use easily and be alerted to new information anywhere, anytime said that, “After considering the top 20 enterprise search platforms, Sinequa provided the best solution to quickly search through all of our data to see who is working on which projects organization-wide, gathering information that will power the next generation of our business intelligence”.

“Sinequa is fundamentally changing the way that information is located, discovered and utilized by consumers, knowledge workers and data scientists.”