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Making the business of medicine better: Savi Group


Located in Southern California SAVI Group is a preferred business partner of the Orange County Medical Association in California. The ISO/IEC 27001:2005 certified and HIPAA compliant company was founded in 2004 to meet the challenges of everyday rising cost in the healthcare sector, lower collection and also to reduce the huge amount of paper work that needs to be done for medical insurance companies.
With the combination of technology and the team’s extensive experience, SAVI is now able to curb several problems and provide management solutions that result in greater productivity, higher efficiency and huge increase in collection.

The SAVI Group is into facilitating a dearth of medical billing services to support the healthcare sector and practitioners to be abreast and up-to-date with latest technologies, easily manage all medical records and documentation to support increased audit needs. It also helps in financial viability. Savi ensures that the fees and investments required are less than the increased revenue generated for medical practice when their solutions are implemented. While the doctors take care of their patients, SAVI takes care of their practices.

Their goal is to enable a medical practice to collect a higher percentage of its medical billing at a faster rate!

From paper to electronic health records
Accuracy, speed, and unmatched client servicing are some of the reasons why SAVI has become a leader in practice management, medical billing and medical collecting solutions. Through combined technology, lower collections, increased requirements for medical records needed by insurance companies and its extensive experience, SAVI has created medical practice management solutions which result in higher efficiency, greater productivity and increased collections.

The Savi Group offers a complete array of services to help physicians manage their medical practice businesses, increase productivity and profitability. This includes EHR selection and front office support services that are HIPAA compliant.

It starts with a customized medical billing system, designed to quickly and accurately gather patient data, increase reimbursement through better medical records coding, and speed up the collection process through a comprehensive, electronic insurance, Medicare and Medical submission and collection process. From front office to back office, credentialing to preparing for Electronic Medical Records (EMR), SAVI offers the services one need and also helps in decreasing operational time and cost.

SAVI Services

Key Executives

Veena Mahendru – President & Chief Executive Officer
Veena Mahendru co-founded SAVI Group in 2004, to meet the healthcare industry’s challenges of rising costs and lower collections. Their electronic systems are geared to reducing the paperwork needed to meet local, state, and federal requirements – and get paid! In addition to her US-based operations, SAVI leverages the skills of 125 tech workers in their Indian offices, outside Delhi.

Anilam Singh – Chief Operating Officer
Anilam Singh has a strong background in the “business” of billing having started with her husband’s back office more than 30 years ago. She brings the same level of personalization and dedication to delivering outstanding financial results for our customers.

Rajiv Puri – Member of the Corporate Board
Rajiv brings his considerable knowledge of financial turnarounds and building strong thriving companies to provide financial and operational oversight.

Deepak Gandhi – Offshore Delivery Management
Deepak has worked in the healthcare back-office from the ground up having started his career with transcription. He understands the detailed processes and brings his considerable knowledge and expertise in continuously refining and improving SAVI’s processes to drive better outcomes for our clients.