10 Fastest Growing ERP Companies 2016

Marg Compusoft: Instigating revolution with all new Marg ERP9+ software for MSME segment.

thesiliconreview-marg-cover-erp-image“Success only driven by People, Process and Planning.”

“The key focus market for MARG ERP 9+  has always been the most versatile segment of MSME, Retailers, Distributors and Manufacturers who have immense business potential in  India but are still under-serve”

“When your team members and your customer start loving your product more than you, then only you become successful brand ”, says Thakur Anup Singh, Chairman & Managing Director of Marg Compusoft Pvt Ltd.

To keep pace with a fast-changing work scenario and provide real-time insights, an ERP application is a must for every industry. As today, digitization of any business is reality and SMEs are seriously looking at ERP solutions to provide that extra edge in the competitive business environment. Now, MSME segment also need to think radically to survive as there is need of best-fit trade or Industry specific ERP solution as a tool to improve their business functions and inventory & accounting process to automate and integrate on to one single platform to get a 360 degree view of business, anytime from anywhere. Organization size is an important factor because some ERP solutions in the market are either simply too large and complex for a SME or SMEs do not have the financial budget and skilled resources to invest in the traditional ERP offering.

Realizing this very need of the businesses, Marg Compusoft has instigated Marg ERP 9+ software for MSME segment. They have been struggling and chasing for a while to provide one stop and best fit software solution as per the need of every industry and they have been able to convert some of these promises to reality. And have been successful in building excellent practice of helping MSME segment to make decision easy using the right and Single Suit Software Solution to manage the inventory & accounting process of every industry and to make their business intelligent.

MARG is the pioneer in the segment of more advanced inventory & accounting software which can address the challenges of the industry. MARG has maintained its leadership position among the most preferred technology partner for Indian Industry for last two decades. Since its inception in 1992, Marg Compusoft Pvt Ltd has a user base of over 6 lacs with 2500+ professionals working from 370+ offices spread PAN India and doing business globally in around 20+ countries. Founded by the fantastic trio of technocrats Thakur Anup Singh (Chairman & Managing Director, Mahender Singh (Co-founder & Managing Director-Technical) and Sudhir Singh (Co-founder & Managing Director-Sales & Marketing), the company today has flourished into a global technology solution provider. MARG is fuelled by the passion towards software development and technology invention. Along with the company’s technology solution, a major branch of the family tree is Human Association for Smiling India (HASI) an NGO, formed in Delhi, India, in 2014. As a company and as individuals, the company takes great pride in contributing to the communities. MARG also care about the environment and is proud of it many ways. Headquartered in Delhi, India, MARG has always remained firm to its roots and offered value to the customer. Their products and solutions have been able to deliver results for every level of business from retailers to corporate. For this potential, MARG Compusoft is positioned as the most trustworthy Software technology Solution Provider of every industry.

thesiliconreview-erp-febAll about Marg’s Flagship Software ‘ERP9+’

People at MARG have been realizing the limitations of the industry and constantly paying their effort for a better platform. Considering the need of the Market, MARG is regularly doing innovation in ERP and developing a digital platform for MSME so that they can compete with the large companies and corporate for the growth of their business. With their eventual goal to become a Trusted Solution Provider for every business for last two decades, they have launched their advanced, full-fledged and more flexible Business Management software and trade or industry specific Software solution known as “Marg ERP9+”.

From Simple book-keeping, accounting, billing to balance sheet and inventory management packages to full-fledged and more flexible, the Marg ERP 9+ caters to the needs of growing business to manage their entire business cycle because it has taken a lead in the market evolution, as its services are affordable and fit for dynamic Indian market. It is secure and incorporates and configured to match a large amount of industry specific business functionalities which will ensure less customization or sometime no customization (except reports) to make the package suitable to client business operations, accounting & inventory needs.

MARG ERP 9+ is created with a broader vision to make the much matured ERP platform accessible and extremely affordable to the growing SME segment which will ensure a quick return on investment. With this unified view of business, any organization can drive innovation across the value chain, improve efficiency and productivity, increase profitability and achieve full potential of their business, control complete operational and accounting , increase inventory optimization. Tremendous amount of Accounting and Inventory Management transactions pressure reduce which resulted to cost saving.

Trusted Solution For Every Bussiness

Marg’s unique product offerings

Marg Compusoft provides the specialized software solution to most versatile segment of MSME and small entrepreneurs at the top of its priority list who have immense potential but are still under-served. Their software product is not just for any specific sector or industry as they believe in assisting all type of business whether it is related to MSME, Trade, Manufacturing, Retail, FMCG or more.

At MARG, they believe that their software solutions do not intent to replace any human resource but it is more to make business processes efficient and deliver ROI. The point they focus is in reducing the efforts of human resource to make the accounting and book keeping cost effective and simple.

Recently, MARG has also initiated the Skill Development and enhancement project with the reputed Govt. Organizations for the educational growth of youth and the country as well.

Their products have received “Best Software Award” for consecutively over multiple years. MARG is also recognized as the ‘Fastest Growing Inventory & Accounting software Award in India by Economic Times’ under the “Best Tech Brand 2015”. Recent studies to identify the best accounting software have placed MARG among the top 4 software in India.

Knowing the Thought Leaders

Thakur Anup Singh (CMD, Marg Compusoft Pvt. Ltd.)Thakur Anup Singh has redefined the expensive IT solutions into a cost effective level where micro, small and medium business houses / traders can take the advantage of the technology to maintain their inventories and accounting. Focusing on helping customers identify and extract value from their business by software implementation. He is a leading thinker in developing transformational strategies for companies using industry frameworks and reducing the time of the market to implement new ideas.

“You should never assume that adopting ERP applications will magically provide value; it is essential to link business objectives to your ERP startegy to ensure value is realized.”

 Sudhir Singh (Co-founder & Managing Director, Sales & Marketing)- An entrepreneur at heart with a love for technology with Sales & Marketing, Sudhir Singh brings 18+ years of diverse business experience spanning multiple industries and functions. He uniquely blends Sales & Marketing, Business Analysis, Strategy, Targeted Objectives and ROI with IT solutions. A true marketer, Sudhir Singh since his early days has diligently pursued his dream of simplifying the lives of Indian businessmen. He has pushed against all odds to create a definitive place for software product in this service oriented age and laid the foundation of a software channel in the country. As a performance-driven professional, he carries excellent experience in driving revenue growth while providing visionary leadership with a solid track record in securing relationship with channel partners, sales & marketing force and target customer segment.

“MARG sets a technology environment and process where not just customers gain, but also the partners, vendors and the employees. Thus this is a Win –Win proposition” Said Sudhir Singh, Managing Director-Sales & Marketing

Mahender Singh (Co-founder & Managing Director, Technical)- A Professional software programmer, Mahender Singh carries a 20+ years of experience as the lead for Pharmaceuticals Business Management and Marg team. Technically strong & service savvy professional with extensive cross functional experience of over a decade he is responsible for the development and implementation of Marg software for Fortune 500 Business Houses. He has worked with many large organizations to help them transform their business by evaluating business strategy, innovation effectiveness and the implementation of shared service business models, identifying new technology based business opportunities that provide significant ROI and business value.

“MARG provides high quality IT solutions and services with the vision to make technology available and affordable to all. With our aid the small businesses have seen a massive growth. The products we offer are peerless in all accords. We have helped a lot of business entrepreneurs in their issues because we mainly focus on the need of customer to provide best fit solution platform to them. said Mahender Singh, Managing Director-Technical

Being different in the domain

The company differentiates themselves from others by providing a platform, which is so adaptive and customizable that hardly there is any competition that can meet these features. They have developed their solution keeping in mind the wide variety of requirements of every customer which is still unrivalled. They mainly focus on Software product quality and service delivery mechanism which is need of the market.

Challenges in their way to success

In reality there is no dearth of challenges that the current market bring but being a solution provider, people at MARG make sure that they know these challenges ahead of others and turn them into opportunity to deliver better and improved product.  They constantly research, innovate and improvise.

Today the Indian marketplace is buzzing with the growth in e-commerce or e-retailing. With large multinationals to home grown e-commerce start ups there are so much opportunity to grab and so huge market. With this new age wave came the new challenges of complex business models. MARG has taken another lead in this emerging sector. The growing complexities of accounting norms, taxations and inventory management have put a big challenge in front of the businesses to manage their accounting cost effectively.

They offer customized solution for each business. The most striking feature of MARG is its user friendliness. Even a person from non-accounting background can easily operate it without facing many issues. Their software is so thorough that it can be customize on the client’s site to match their business requirements. With their flexible and powerful solution that integrates itself with the supply chain the entire operation and accounting becomes centralized.  By which the organizations get multipronged benefit.

What their clients say about them

“The interactive reporting from MARG analytical dashboard or  Reporting feature provides employees and accountants with the capability to drill down to granular details in just a few clicks. Today, the time-consuming accounting & inventory reporting process has been completely eliminated, making accounting & finance team highly productive and even more valuable to our company. My whole company’s process and working is become faster and quick after implementation of MARG.”- Anil Malhotra – Proprietor- Pharma Care Enterprises 

“Today, as an Accountant I am not just a operator, I need to move out of technology and help business.  It is really amazing Business Intelligence software because now we are working not just like accountant but the accounting analytical expert of our company and due to this very scalable solution we could better control our accounting and inventory management process and we could centralized our whole company’s process with this single software”. -Vijay Prakash- Managing Director – Bestochem India Ltd

We had a look at the best automation tool to manage our inventory & accounting, stocking and Supply chain management and found that MARG was adequate for our needs; it offered a simple yet a very powerful interface to our internal processes to manage through inbuilt system of MARG Software. From Business satisfaction and data accuracy prospective, I would say we are very much confident and comfortable after deploying MARG. Self Service, Fast and accurate decision making is something which we have achieved because it resulted in a huge cost benefit for us. In our current environment, I would say that I was able to reduce size of my accountants and MIS team to 50%.”- Dinesh Aggarwal- Proprietor Medicine Agency

“Marg software is easy to migrate with our past software. Our team and users have been proactively thanked because it is user friendly which made their job easier.”- Lokesh Jain- MProp. – New medicine Chamber

Plan for the days ahead

A vision driven organization, Marg Compusoft have always put improvement and innovation to create new benchmarks.  With this driving philosophy MARG as software is also evolving continuously and is upgrading itself to face the future challenges. The current developments of the Andriod and Mac version, is the testimony to the commitment to offer MARG on every platforms and made the software accessible to all.

The organization is also evolving in line with the solutions they provide. Being at a transitional phase, they wish to position themselves as a state of the art consulting & technology organization which can transform any business and provide the means to achieve its maximum potential and enjoy the benefits of advanced technology.

A lasting Legacy for which they want to be remembered

Where everyone just wants to earn more and more profit, we want to be remembered as the firm which took a stance for the small companies to achieve their full potential. Our low cost and high performance based services have helped a lot of small business entrepreneurs to set the roots of their business even deeper. We gave them the access to cost effective affordable software which is ready to pave a way for their success.

“We at ‘MARG’ think that every business whether it is small or large, deserves equal and precise opportunity to grow. That’s why it offers technology which can be afforded by all.