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Meet the Digital Ocean: Liquid Robotics


‘Liquid Robotics is building the Digital Ocean to enable economic growth, increase security, and ensure the sustainability of the planet.’

Liquid Robotics is founded by Gary Gysin (CEO); its HQ is located in Sunnyvale, California, Silicon Valley.

Ocean is a great frontier it covers earth’s largest surface and also a biggest source for job and food, since there is an increasing sea battle it made a necessary for nations to protect water and resource.

Liquid Robotics was all started in 2003 with an idea to safeguard environment, ‘Liquid Robotics’ invented new technology called ‘Wave Glider’ it is an unmanned ocean robot, which is capable of collecting information  and communicating ocean data in real-time through unpredictable conditions for up to one year. It connects subsea data and communicates it to satellites and land, by creating an ocean network.

The Wave Glider is designed to capture power and information about ocean, with the latest advancements in energy harvesting and propulsion, combined with a payload and sensor architecture, the Wave Glider is a persistent mobile data-gathering platform.

Digital Ocean is taking a new shape around globe

‘Liquid Robotics’ – it began with an interest in whale songs and a passion for building unusual things, It all started with Joe Rizzi who investigated on how to record Humpback whale sounds, thus the journey starts by enlisting the Hine family to help in developing an “unmoored, station-keeping data buoy”. From fish tank to the ocean.

The 1st Wave Glider begins sea testing and completes 1st nine day navigation at Hawaii’s Big Island in 82 days completing 2500 nautical miles. Later two Wave Gliders finish journey from Hawaii to San Diego, with the early customer adoption including U.S. oceanographic institutions, and the later the U.S. Navy BP deploys Wave Gliders to monitor water quality for Deepwater Horizon.

NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory deploys Wave Gliders to collect water temperature data in the Beaufort Sea Launch of Pacific Crossing (PacX), and then it continues its unprecedented journey of ocean robots across the Pacific. Liquid Robotics starts Liquid Robotics Oil & Gas, by sharing an agreement with Schlumberger, in no time this joint venture leads to build the World Economic Forum.

Hawaii is considered to be the hub for Wave Glider, there the ocean testing and regional operations will be held, and as well it is considered as birthplace for Wave Glider. Wave Glider swam 2,808 nautical miles of (5200 km) to the Big Island of Hawaii after being successfully completed a 4-month patrol mission on the Pitcairn Island Marine Sanctuary, apart from that Wave Gliders amass over 1,100,000 nautical miles at sea and collected 131M+ ocean measurements.

Liquid Robotics joins the Defense, Space & Security division with Boeing Company by further making the company’ strongly autonomous  systems, In short time it Signed an agreement with scientific Cooperative Research & Development  (CRADA) NOAA Boeing and as well  multiyear agreement to advance maritime defense solutions.

Awards and Accolades

Company is proud to have received accolades to be recognized as the Wave Glider a game-changing platform.

Liquid Robotics’ won the inaugural prize for “sustainable innovations that strive to create or enhance business practices, industries or technologies that contribute to the long-term health.” Edison Gold Medal Award for Innovation in Power Generation and Utilization. PacX Wave Glider, Benjamin, arrived in Australia and set the Guinness Record for longest journey by an autonomous, he swam 7,939-nautical mile (14,703-km) through cyclones, shark attacks, and the perils of the seas collecting and communicating ocean data. later Liquid Robotics was named by Fast Company as one of the “The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Robotics.” This eventually led Liquid Robotics to be the ‘winner of The Economists’ in first World Ocean Innovation Challenge.

Unstoppable ‘Liquid Robotics’

The Wave Glider offers an additional propulsion system using stored solar energy. The additional directional thrust increases mobility and precision and helps to navigate challenging ocean conditions, this is possible only by using the best Software which is the heart of Wave Glider.

Company‘s sole purpose is to Manage Software which enables unique data collection capabilities, multi-mission operations from a single console, and the flexibility to adapt vehicle missions to changing needs. This gives partners and customers distinct capabilities and supports the development of new solutions and integration with other third-party systems.

Meet the wit

Gary Gysin is President and CEO of Liquid Robotics, he is The Economist and was recognized by World Economic Forum for pioneering technology that is fundamentally changing the way the world accesses, collects, and monitors ocean data through the innovative use of ocean robots. Gary holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Gary has delivered worldwide revenue growth and established market leadership for innovative technology, renewable energy, and cloud computing companies in four years. As Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales for Silver Spring Networks, he led the transformation of how utility companies and cities measure, monitor, and manage energy usage by leveraging IP networking technologies to build Smart Grids. Prior to Silver Spring Networks, Gary was President/CEO of Asempra Technologies and has served in a number of executive positions at companies such as McData Corporation, Volera, PGSoft, Crosswise Corporation, WorldTalk and Touch Communications.

Gary serves as a Council Member on the Oceans and National Security Initiative for the Consortium for Ocean Leadership, member of Alliance of CEOs, Board of Directors for the World Ocean Council and as a Commissioner for the Global Information Infrastructure Policy Organization (GIIC).

“We work with industry-leading sensor and communications partners to integrate and validate cutting edge solutions for our customers.”