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50 Best Companies to Work For 2016

Meet the most preferred partner and the leaders in transforming businesses with cloud based Customer Experiences Solutions: CRMIT Solutions

silicon-review-vinod-reddy-crmit-solutions“CRMIT Solutions unique mantra enables them to focus on outcome based solutions and extend you the power to step into the hearts and minds of your customers.”

Meet CRMIT Solutions, a leader in transforming businesses with cloud based Customer Experience (CX) solutions on sales, service, marketing & social cloud. Since their evolution in 2003, the company has been engaged in 500+ Customer Experience engagements including mobility, visualization and analytics solutions involving customer data engagement and enrichment. With over 200+ certified CRM consultants across 25+ countries, CRMIT Solutions include a range of CRM++ applications for accelerated deployments including various migration & integration utilities. The company makes their presence felt in different countries such as Australia, India, US, UK.

After their success and growth in SaaS business, CRMIT faced the challenge of maximizing solution adoption as rapidly as possible, while ensuring their customers are successful along the customer journey. The CRMIT leadership has established a Center of Excellence around Customer Experience Solutions equipped with best in class practices, fast track Go-Live program along with innovative mobile and visualization products & solutions to mitigate these challenges. CRMIT Solutions future endeavors lies in focus on Mobility, Visualization & Customer Experience.

CRMIT’s customers worldwide have witnessed reduced risks, rapid implementation, cost control and improved predictability. Following the mantra ‘Customer Success’, CRMIT has achieved close to 100% customer satisfaction which differentiates it, in the current marketplace.

Serving gigantic client base
Carving a niche for self, CRMIT’s solutions are designed to offer the power to step into the hearts and minds of customers, including field sales automation, quote management, enterprise mobility and visualization. Over the years, they have developed around 30+ solutions that are being offered to customers, primarily focusing on mobility and visualization.

CRMIT’s most cherished achievement includes the largest cloud CX deployments in Asia-Pacific.

Enabling patrons to attain heights
No matter what the circumstance, CRMIT Solutions always stand by their mantra “Customer Success Partner”. Their unique mantra enables them to focus on outcome based solutions and hence enabling their customers to be successful and delightful. Not many service providers can vouch for the success of their customers – which effectively transforms CRMIT as a trusted advisory to their respective customers.

Offering an employee friendly work culture
“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” – Vince Lombardi

Transforming CRMIT Solutions into a workplace to be, their focus remains on transforming employees into customer ambassadors. Be it technical or work life balance, they are happy to help customers !

CRMIT Solutions provides the opportunity to work in a creative environment by providing ample scope for dedicated and committed employees.

Every individual is a valued employee of CRMIT; they encourage employees to exchange their questions, suggestions, and complaints for attention. They make sure to offer careful consideration to each in their effort to improve operations. CRMIT Solutions accomplishes this with a robust HRM team, processes and a working environment where employees have fun as they work. Let’s have a look at the factors that retain their employees:

Professional Growth
They provide the platform for employees to work on leading technologies. Employees in the role of “Customer Success Manager” have direct responsibility and authority to work with customers on continuous basis. They encourage every employee to grow into a Customer Success Manager.

Life-Work balance
They seek to harmonise individual needs with corporate needs through flexi-timings, work-from-home, special leaves, leaves without pay and overtime benefits.

Motivating Recognition programs
CRMIT recognizes and rewards extraordinary performances by individuals and teams in support of the Company’s goals and values. The ‘Star of the Month’, ‘Team of the Month’, ‘Mega Star of the Quarter’ and ‘Spot Awards’ encourage and motivate high performance.

Health and Safety
Apart from providing medical benefits for employees and their dependents, the Company conducts periodical healthcare programs like general health checkup, eye tests and dental checkup at office premises.

Personal Growth
Every 1 in 10 employees has been with the Company for 10years and longer. A third of their employees have been with the Company for 5 years and more. These employees comprise the informal groups ‘Club 5’ and ‘Club 10’, meant to inspire others to commit for longer terms with their Company.

Knowing the Master Mind

Vinod Reddy, Founder & CEO- Vinod founded CRMIT Solutions in 2003, and till today he very well continues to drive CRMIT’s business and technological strategies. He brings in a vast experience from his technical and management positions in the past including those from American Airlines, Broad Vision and Sabre Holdings. He has been instrumental in growing CRMIT Solutions from a startup to one of the pioneers in SaaS based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution providers.

“We boast the highest Net Promoter Score of 89 against a market average of 77, where customers are very likely to recommend their partners.”

Exclusive Services Offered

Mobility –


  • Field Sales Automation
  • Mobile CRM
  • Price Quote Management
  • Analytics and Dashboards

Visualization –


  • Dynamic Designs
  • Visual templates
  • Actionable Dashboards

DATA Utilization Services –


  • Data Utilization
  • Data Enrichment
  • Campaign Management

“With over 200+ certified CRM consultants across 25+ countries, we include a range of CRM++ applications for accelerated deployments including various rapid implementation & migration utilities.”