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MLG Blockchain Consulting Speeds Up the Understanding of the Blockchain and Its Potential Opportunities for Businesses


Blockchain technology is undoubtedly one of the most ingenious inventions of this era. With blockchain, users can now create entries into a public record of data, and a community of users can control how this record can be modified and updated. Blockchain technology may become the future of online finance; an immutable digital registry for economic transactions across borders. This technology can also be programmed to hold not just financial transactions but in the not so distant future, photos, videos or virtually anything of value.

Blockchain, with origins in the 90s, became more known recently with the rise of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Built by its pseudonymous creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s value has grown exponentially in the last few years but the true possibilities lie not only within cryptocurrencies, but the underlying blockchain technology.

MLG Blockchain Consulting

Founded in 2016 by Michael Gord, MLG Blockchain Consulting is a result of expertise gathered through the many projects that Michael has worked with over the last few years. From his founding of several blockchain-focused clubs at McGill University, and then later through his work with Bitcoin Canada and the Blockchain Education Network, Michael’s expertise in the area is well established.

MLG Blockchain has organized a number of global events that introduced thousands of people around the globe to the idea of cryptocurrency and to the disruptive potential of blockchain technology. These efforts have included Bitcoin Airdrops, Blockchain Education Month, Blockchain Madness, Blockchain Gauntlet, and BitCrawls. Michael’s connections to the global “cryptokid” network (young adults interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies), combined with his efforts in cutting edge blockchain development, have helped him gain a well deserved reputation.

MLG is an abbreviation for “Major League Growth”; MLG’s aim is to become the premier organization to help businesses enter the blockchain “major leagues”, through their global network of strategic partners and organizations. MLG Blockchain Consulting has become an organization that can help talented university students and young professionals who want to work in the blockchain industry be introduced to companies hungry for talent.

Headquartered in Toronto and Montreal, MLG has a distributed team across North America, Europe, and Asia. Today, MLG Blockchain Consulting is one of the global leaders in blockchain development and consulting, focusing on building best-of-breed next-generation applications.

The Success of AirdropX

Recently this year, MLG Blockchain Consulting co-launched a brand-new community development solution called AirdropX, enabling token projects to create globally distributed and actively engaged communities of enthusiasts. After several trial runs, the success of AirdropX was proven to be a widely successful method of developing a vibrant community, overshadowing the wildest expectations of the company.

AirdropX witnessed a remarkable amount of organic growth with mostly word-of-mouth marketing, reaching more than 10,000 users in the very first week of its launch. With surging demand, MLG

Blockchain Consulting is onto something special, building additional features and planning to spin out a new company from AirdropX, which will be announced in the Q2 of 2018.

The Growth Story

Big or small, there is always a story of mishap behind every successful venture and Michael Gord has one too. In Michael’s first year in the blockchain industry, he lost 15 Bitcoins after mislaying his crypto-wallet’s private key - a lesson now worth around $150,000 at today’s Bitcoin price. It was then that he learned how truly immutable blockchain technology was, and how necessary proper security measures are for both personal and organizational usage.

With demand for blockchain projects skyrocketing, MLG Blockchain Consulting is now receiving well over fifty requests each week for it’s array of services. The firm is in a great position within the industry, holding the objective to become the largest blockchain consulting company in the world with cutting-edge case studies in the multiple industries.

“Every time a client asks for something new, we get excited to find a solution and build new case studies that have never been done before in this burgeoning industry. Innovation drives us to expand into multiple fields, so as to remain the thought leaders in the space.”

As a young global leader in the field, MLG is growing every day. The blockchain consulting firm has built a culture of intrapreneurship with a “get-it-done” mentality. The entire team at MLG knows that they can run with projects and that they do not need oversight along the way. Partnerships represent the main driver of consistent growth, so the company is always open to building new connections to help grow the global blockchain ecosystem.

Currently, MLG has 15 full-time core team members, but there are over 50 in the extended team, all globally distributed. From Holland to Canada, to the United States to India to Vietnam, the MLG team is global and the team members represent many different cultures and nationalities.

What Comes Next

To build the foundation of the 21st-century economy and to work on the basis of a fundamentally different technology paradigm, MLG Blockchain Consulting aims to become the Goldman Sachs of the blockchain industry. As long as MLG continues to grow with the same direction and speed it has so far, the young blockchain firm is well on its way to making this a reality.

Howdy, Chief!

Michael Gord is the Founder and CEO of  MLG Blockchain Consulting. Michael holds a degree in Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Information Systems from the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, where he founded the McGill Cryptocurrency Club and co-founded the McGill Students Fintech Association.

Michael continued to establish Bitcoin Canada while in university to scale the operations the clubs had established across Canada and then joined forces with the College Cryptocurrency Network which Michael helped to rebrand to the Blockchain Education Network to begin operations across the world. After graduating, Michael made the first donation of Bitcoin to the McGill Alumni Association and then founded MLG Blockchain Consulting to focus his energies on digital currency and blockchain full time.

"When we take on a client, we try to become an integral part of the team. Every client we have worked with from start to finish has ended up referring us more business because we work hard to become a part of the family."