20 Fastest Growing Security Companies

Mocana’s defense mechanism to protect IoT and mobile apps

We all want our things to be secured and protected from being stolen or invaded from. So what is it that we secure mainly? Jewelry, house, car, money and other important asset; we get these things insured to the best of our ability. This is what we individuals do. Now what about big companies, IT houses and Corporate? What do they have to secure and protect? They have Data, huge databases, devices and software that needs to be defended from third party interventions and cyber theft. Data is an asset for any kind of business and that is what on which the business runs. So to secure their data from being stolen or forged they seek the help of security companies, who with their advanced and strong security solutions dispatch their service to companies who are in dire need of security.

Mocana, like any other security company deploys enterprise data and securely protects the same and millions of smart devices that comprise the internet of things. Its enterprise mobile app security platform is an award winning app which it easy to deliver business-critical mobile apps, with a high-quality end user experience, simple to use and strong security for both external and internal users.

Founded in 2004 with headquarters at San Francisco Mocana is a privately held ensemble that deals mainly with IoT security, Enterprise mobile security and App wrapping. It has been recognized as the pioneer in technology by the world economic forum and its mobile app security technologies have been licensed by organizations to operate in all continents except Antarctica.

Mocana’s Milestones

• Mocana’s customers include Fortune 50 enterprises, government agencies and the world’s leading smart device manufacturers.
• 100,000,000 people today use Mocana-secure devices. 5 out of 7 Android makers have Mocana backup.
• Mocana’s Cyrptographic engines were tested by top 13 governments designated testing labs NIST and NSA only to get awarded FIPS certification by them; a great achievement that any security company would aspire for.
• “2012 Cool Company” award from Gartner, a nod as one of the “Top 100 Privately Held Technology Companies in the World” from Red Herring and Frost & Sullivan’s “Technology Innovation of the Year” award.

• Apperian is the leading mobile application management
• CA Technologies
• Innovapptive Inc.
• ITSource
• Kyocera
• Neohapsis
• Samsung KNOX
• Splunk
• Unisys Stealth
• VeliQ

Mocana’s security platform has two ends-
Security of Things: The DNA of Mocana runs deep in providing the best security in the most strenuous environments that require fast speed and small footprint without compromising the level of security. Mocana’s security code is proprietary, US-coded, and GPL-free which reduce vulnerability risk while helping marketers promote their products as secure and compliant to various industry requirements. Many early customers from industries that handle the utmost sensitive data like the healthcare, federal, and industrial equipment manufacturers are still the loyal customers of Mocana years later. With over a decade of experience in the field of embedded security, the Mocana Security of Things Platform addresses many issues that the industry is facing today from the Internet of Things.

Security of Apps: With the massive adoption of mobile apps, enterprises scrambled to secure the information that is accessed within and shared via these apps. Mocana’s mobile app protection offers a triangulated approach to enable enterprise mobility – security, usability and visibility, along with scalability when enterprises move beyond pilot deployments. Mocana delivers Security that ensures advanced protection of corporate data without compromising usability of the apps. Mocana’s Atlas Platform also provides deep insight and Visibility into the mobile app traffic so that enterprises can enforce dynamic app security policies based on usage patterns and rapidly iterate the app and ensure rich user experience.


• Mocana extends partnership with Apperian to drive adoption and use of secure connected with Enterprise mobile apps
• The company will feature Enterprise Mobility Platform plus Security Solutions for the internet of things at RSA 2015