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30 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year 2016

Mphasis Unleashes the Next in ‘Digital Transformation’


Mphasis enables chosen customers to meet the demands of an evolving market place. Mphasis fuels this by combining superior human capital with cutting edge solutions in hyper-specialized areas. 

With a domain-led portfolio of Applications, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Infrastructure services and Consulting solutions, Mphasis has been helping leading names in the industry that include large and mid-size commercial and universal banks and insurance organizations such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, attain new heights. And today, its global footprint includes both mature markets such as Americas, Europe and Australia which cater to BPO, Apps and ITO services.

In fact, talking about how clients benefit from the company’s services, Trish Arksey, Head of Transaction Services Technology at The Royal Bank of Scotland plc said, “The constant emergence of new technologies, greater customer expectations, and strong competition mean we constantly need to fine tune the way we do business. We were looking for a service provider with deep roots in the banking industry to help us manage and transform our applications portfolio and in turn help us serve our customers better. Mphasis was our ideal choice, to build a strong technology foundation for our future growth and we are delighted to partner with Mphasis.”

Establishing a brand value for itself in the market
With more than 30 offices in 19 countries with delivery centers in India, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Japan, North America and Europe, Mphasis has an in-depth focus on select countries offering geo-specific services in chosen verticals.

Today, the company is focused on transforming itself to become a global company with more focus on the industry verticals it serves and has put to effect four strategic acquisitions – AIGSS (AIG’s IT captive in India), Fortify (a company focused on Infrastructure services and platforms), Wyde Corporation (an IP lead software vendor serving the Global Insurance Industry), and most recently Digital Risk (the largest independent provider of Risk, Compliance and Transaction Management solutions for US residential mortgages), based in the US. A move viewed in the market as innovative and with foresight, the company’s focus on business outcomes rather than mere services is sure to win it more accolades in the near future.

More than just a tagline, Mphasis’ motto of “Unleash the Next” has been a mantra they live by. Symbolizing the change within Mphasis and the value that they seek to bring to their clients, Mphasis strives to deliver value that is infused with innovation and incisive focus. Their mantra in everything that they do is being “an inch wide and mile deep”.

Over the years, Mphasis has left an indelible impression in the IT solutions domain with their extensive global presence and innovative solutions. By focusing on delivering quality solutions across verticals that meet the challenging requirements of customers, Mphasis has grown from strength to strength. Their integrated solutions offering are aimed at creating value for customers, helping them in improving their business processes with minimum hassles and capital outlays. The perfect blend of technical excellence, business performance monitoring, business intelligence and customer experience management is what endears them to clients.

Meet the Policy Maker

Ganesh Ayyar
A distinguished leader in the IT services industry, Ganesh has been heading Mphasis as the CEO and Executive Director since January 2009. He is the first Indian technology leader to be appointed to the advisory board of Knowledge@Wharton. Ganesh Ayyar’s foreword, “Getting ready for Digital Transformation” was written for an eBook titled “Becoming Digital – Strategies for Business and Personal Transformation”. Recently, Ganesh was also elected as a Non-Executive Director to the board of Vigyanlabs. He has been instrumental in leading Mphasis to the billion dollar revenue club. Mphasis was recognized by Outlook Money as the “Best Value Creator” among Large Caps that year.

A firm believer of contributing to the society, he has patronized several Corporate Social Responsibility causes especially the employment of people with disabilities at the Mphasis workplace, earning the company several awards for its inclusion policy.

Ayyar has won several accolades for his visionary initiatives in the past such as “THOUGHT LEADER” by Stars of the Industry, the Viewer’s Choice Award at the 10th CNBC Asia Business Leader Awards 2011, NDTV Profit Business Leadership Awards 2010 in the category of Diversity and Inclusion and the “India Talent management” award at the CNBC TV18 India Business Leader Awards in 2011.

In conversation with the CEO

Q. How has your brand delivered value to customers, enterprise or otherwise?
Our tag line is “Unleash the Next”. It symbolizes change within Mphasis and the value that we want to bring to our clients. We are continuously redefining the space of IT services and Business Process together. Bringing value in the space of Digital, GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance), we challenge ourselves to innovatively blend Next Gen Infrastructure, Application and Business Process services contributing to our customer’s success. As a smaller player in the industry, we have relied on the beauty of smallness, we will never want to have the “big mindset” and treat our customers as a digit. Flexibility, intensity and customer success will always remain core to our existence.

Q. Who can benefit from your Offerings? Tell us something about your key inventions?
Established as a future-ready R&D hub, our research and innovation lab Nextlabs collaborates with technology partners, academia, start-ups, and stakeholders across the world towards crafting solutions to the needs of our clients.

HyperGraf, the first cloud-based solution from Mphasis’ Nextlabs, is an Omni-channel Digital 360° solution that is comprehensive, feature-rich business intelligence and analytics solution. A Big Data correlation engine that generates actionable insights by bridging the gap between enterprise data and external and third party data such as social media, credit scores, open data and other multi-media datasets, its custom features and algorithms can be built on top of this based on unique scenarios.

InfraGraf, another solution from the Nextlabs stable, is an intelligent infrastructure automation platform that optimizes enterprise technology infrastructure investments. A Big Data complex event processing engine, it enables enterprises to innovate and make strategic decisions regarding their technology infrastructure through actionable insights by correlation and causation analysis structured and unstructured data.

NextAngles, a corporate backed startup (cart-up) by Mphasis is a US based early stage venture which has created a platform to address the compliance needs of a financial institution. NextAngles is leading the way to Smart Compliance—a new breed of disruptive solutions for regulatory risk and compliance.

The solution we are building incorporates cognitive models and smart data that empower intelligent system behaviors. Our smart compliance approach reduces the risk, burden, cost, and stress of compliance substantially, harnesses data streams to automate fulfillment of multiple regulatory requirements, and scales to meet enterprise-class business and regulatory challenges.

NextAngles will reduce compliance stress, burden & cost by 30-70%

  • NextAngles empowers all constituencies of a compliance ecosystem: compliance officers, regulators, auditors and business teams to transform how compliance is done today.
  • Improves the consistency, timeliness, and completeness of compliance results.
  • With the increasing complexity of the regulatory landscape, operational and cost pressures bear down on compliance management and hiring more experts does not translate into a sustainable solution.
  • NextAngles offers smart compliance capabilities that will address the most demanding financial regulatory needs by mitigating risk, empowering all individuals involved and transforming the experience of compliance.

NextAngles – A solution for Knowledge Workers

  • An Artificial Intelligence based system that knows, learns, automates and communicates new regulations and changes in regulations that can be encoded rapidly.
  • NextAngles automates the lower end of Knowledge Work, thereby making the professionals far more productive.
  • The system helps create an audit trail. The system knows which regulation is applicable to which Line of Business and finds violations, if any.

We were changing as a company. We began to fully exemplify our new company tagline: “Unleash the Next.” Our goal is to build a culture of experimentation, with customers co-creating products and services, all accomplished within a radical compression of the cycle time. Meanwhile, we are dismantling well-entrenched structural and communication models, upending deep-rooted hierarchical mindsets, and revisiting learning models. Top management’s role is changing, too, to reflect the new culture. This is no longer the “physical” transformations of yore, but a “chemical” one that affects the very DNA of a company.

“In the age of digital disruption, duality is one of the toughest things to practice in any organization, it requires a very different leadership rhythm. Leaders will need to embark on a journey of self-transformation to change the way they think, the way they do business. Leaders globally trained in the analog world now have to steer not that large ship, but unleash hundreds of innovative canoes in digital waters. There is not a choice anymore – companies need to reinvent themselves and we as business and technology executives are responsible for navigating our enterprise in the digital revolution.”