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OPAQ: Enterprise-Grade Security for Midsize Enterprises from the Cloud


For decades, companies have bolted security products onto their network. This has resulted in massive complexity and costs, and is overstressing the network and the ability for companies to keep ahead of rapidly evolving security threats and compliance requirements. This is draining time, budget, and resources. These challenges are magnified for service providers, who are helping companies manage and secure their networks. Today’s legacy approach to network and security is just not designed to handle how business gets done.

OPAQ has revolutionized the way security is delivered – from the cloud. It has purpose-built the OPAQ Cloud for performance and security by baking security into the network, not bolting it on. The OPAQ Cloud enables partners to deliver Fortune 100-grade security-as-a-service to midsize enterprises on a fully encrypted SD-WAN optimized for speed and performance. With OPAQ, service providers are equipped with a simplified ability to centrally monitor security performance and compliance maturity, generate reports, manage security infrastructure, and enforce policies – all through a single interface. This empowers OPAQ partners to instantly grow revenue and margins, eliminate complexity and costs, and establish a competitive advantage that helps them attract and retain customers.

Products that align with different midsize enterprise needs

  • Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS) - Now more than ever, advanced firewall capabilities are needed by organizations in order to withstand the increasingly sophisticated assault on their networks. This is particularly true for midsize enterprises, which lack budget, security personnel, and other resources to effectively manage their risk. Buying, testing, integrating, and managing next-gen firewalls are just too complex and expensive. OPAQ’s Firewall-as-a-Service utilizes backend automation and orchestration to provide advanced Next-Generation Firewall capabilities powered by Palo Alto Networks — delivered from the OPAQ Cloud in the most simplified, cost-effective, and flexible way.
  • Endpoint Protection - Endpoint inventory, protection, detection, and response typically requires multiple, complex security products and manual coordination or integration — leaving many companies with insufficient risk mitigation where it matters most. OPAQ Endpoint Protection from the OPAQ Cloud provides hardware and software asset inventory, software-defined network segmentation, and instant quarantine capabilities — which increases visibility and reduces attack surface and response time.
  • Web Application Firewall - Websites, web applications and web servers contain sensitive data that is the target of cyber-attacks. As you adopt an increasing number of websites, applications, and APIs on multiple cloud environments, you need a solution that improves visibility and centralizes control without jeopardizing performance, and meets PCI compliance requirements. OPAQ Web Application Firewall provides WAF security powered by Cloudflare from the OPAQ Cloud that protects against web application security flaws and common vulnerabilities, including SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), cross-site forgery, zero-day attacks and more. Advanced DDoS protection is also included, which is essential as the volume and intensity of such attacks continue to rise.
  • Cloud SIEM - Collecting, organizing and using security data to manage cyber risk is challenging. Security data is distributed throughout the company and likely in multiple clouds. OPAQ Cloud SIEM simplifies your ability to collect, analyze, and manage security data, and automates the collection of data into insightful, actionable information. Data is continuously analyzed and converted into contextualized reports that you can immediately use to manage operational and compliance business risk.

Technology: Configure, deploy, manage and report from a single pane of glass

  • Dashboard - The OPAQ 360 Portal provides a summary dashboard view of what’s happening on your network and allows you to dive into granular detail with one click to investigate.
  • Simplified Setup and Configuration - Configuring your environment has never been easier – it only takes minutes to set up the following. And making configuration changes, setting up new sites can all be done with a few clicks of the mouse.
  • Agent View - From the OPAQ 360 Portal, you have comprehensive visibility into hosts on your internal network to be able to manage assets, segment and limit access for select hosts and host groups, and isolate and quarantine infected hosts.
  • Reporting - Through the OPAQ 360 Portal, you have clear visibility and insight into the health of security operations and the ability to generate reports with meaningful business context that speak to technical and non-technical decision makers.

Meet the man behind OPAQ

Glenn C. Hazard, Chairman & CEO

A seasoned executive with more than 30 years of security and technology industry experience, Glenn brings to OPAQ a notable record, having served as CEO at both venture-funded and publicly held companies. Glenn leads OPAQ’s vision and business, focusing on accelerating company growth by capitalizing on its unique service offering and strong customer base.

Prior to joining OPAQ, Glenn was CEO of Xceedium, a privileged access management product company which he led through a successful acquisition by CA Technologies in 2015. As a managing partner at Zero-G, Inc., Glenn led a venture-management firm that invested in and governed early-stage technology companies. Before that, he served as chairman and CEO of NetSec, a leading managed security service provider (MSSP) that was acquired by MCI/Verizon. He also has served as chairman and CEO of FTP Software, Inc., a public company and leading provider of Internet network technology and connectivity software. Earlier in his career, Glenn was the senior vice president and chief information officer at Legent Corporation, a provider of systems management software and solutions. He also spent 17 years with AT&T Corporation, serving in a variety of executive-level sales, marketing, and general management roles.

“OPAQ has redefined the way security is delivered – from the cloud. We’ve made enterprise-grade security-as-a-service accessible and affordable for midsize enterprises in ways never before possible.”