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Operationalize Your Data Lake and Accelerate Business Insights: Zaloni

thesiliconreview-ben-sharma-ceo-zaloni-18Unified Data Lake Management, Governance, and Self-Service

A leader in big data for more than a decade, Zaloni’s expertise is deep, spans multiple industries, and has proven invaluable to customers at many of the world’s top companies. Zaloni simplifies big data for transformative business insights. Zaloni works with pioneering enterprises to modernize their data architecture and operationalize their data lakes to incorporate data into everyday business practices.

The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) provides total control throughout the data pipeline from ingestion to analytics, with comprehensive data management, governance, and self-service data catalog capabilities for IT and business users.

Zaloni Data Platform

To accelerate time to insight and value, you need a single, unified platform that automates data management, cataloging, governance and self-service to produce a scalable, actionable data lake. The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) is a comprehensive, integrated solution that operationalizes data processes along the entire pipeline from the data source to the data consumer.

The platform is distribution agnostic and ready where you are: the cloud, on-premises, multi-cloud or hybrid. Supporting your business goals and digital transformation strategies, Zaloni’s platform enables an enterprise-wide DataOps approach, aligning data stakeholders and balancing governance with self-service data access and preparation to improve collaboration, reduce time to insight, and incorporate data into everyday business practices.

  • An integrated platform for everyone who touches the data
  • Automation of repeatable management tasks and processes
  • Ability to centrally manage all enterprise data sources regardless of location: On-premises, cloud, multi-cloud, or hybrid
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership across infrastructure, data, and labor

Scale: Accelerate time and effort to build the data lake by 75%.

Speed: Reduce time to insight from weeks to minutes.

Value: Enjoy a 650% return on investment vs. build your own.

Data Master Extension for the Zaloni Data Platform

Leverage Machine Learning for Agile Data Mastering in the Data Lake. Creating “golden” or master records from multiple data sources helps organizations achieve a single version of the truth, as well as an enriched view of the customer or product data for applications such as intelligent pricing, personalized marketing, smart alerts, customized recommendations, and more.

Data Master is an extension to the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) that provides a practical, unique solution for the customer or product 360° initiatives at the scale of big data, enabling agile data mastering in the data lake.

  • Uses a Spark-based machine learning approach for matching and linking records based on supervised learning techniques
  • Matches all types of data
  • Provides an IT and business interface
  • Leverages live data to train the matching models
  • Uses Spark architecture to scale based on data and cluster size

Zaloni Data Master Extension leverages the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) for data ingestion, metadata, data quality, governance, scalability and user interface. The platform provides workflow and orchestration to automate operational data pipelines for creating master records.

Zaloni’s total, the integrated package provides a clear advantage and faster time to value over more limited deduplication open source or point products that lack data preparation capabilities such as joins and data profiling. Also, implementing master data management natively in the data lake enables organizations to leverage the scale-out technologies of the Hadoop ecosystem.

In addition, Zaloni Data Master Extension uses APIs to allow for seamless access to customer master records (CMR) and/or product master records (PMR) systems for master record lookups and other downstream applications.

ZDP Data Catalog Plus

Self-service data promises to be a game changer for today’s data-driven company. It provides analysts, SME’s and data scientists with easy access to prepare and analyze data. Self-service access to the data catalog also reduces the burden on IT, boosts productivity and increases competitive advantage.

But the reality is that while the promise is great, there are risks as well. The fractured big data ecosystem limits productivity and increases IT workload. Worse yet, it can reduce the level of rigor and governance required to trust the end result.

Zaloni’s Catalog Plus turns the promise of self-service access into a reality. Catalog Plus is part of the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) and provides an enterprise data catalog to bridge the gap between IT & business.

  • Discover & Ingest: Discover, catalog and ingest data from sources across the enterprise
  • Prepare & Manage: Enrich and prepare data for analytics or to operationalize workflows
  • Deliver & Share: Create workspaces and provision data

“We chose Zaloni because they specialize in big data technologies and implementations and were able to put the right tools together to address our specific use cases.”

- DIRK JUNGNICKEL, SVP, Business Analytics, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (du)

Greet the Chieftain

Ben Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder: Ben is a passionate technologist, thought leader and author in big data, analytics and enterprise infrastructure solutions. Having previously worked in technology leadership at NetApp, Fujitsu, and others, Ben’s expertise covers a wide array of technologies including Hadoop, HBase, databases, virtualization, and storage.

“Zaloni provides the platform, services, and solutions you need to create production-grade data lakes that accelerate your business insight.”