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50 Best Companies to Work For 2016

Optimizing Product Development & making IT affordable: JVS Group

“We not only make great products, we build solutions”

In 2002, JVS started it’s operation with a vision to provide cost effective IT software products to healthcare industry. In 14 years from 2002 to 2016, it’s been challenging journey, as in 2002 there was no matured market in Healthcare IT. Being a 100% product based company made it more difficult for them to grow fast as they were walking a lonely path. But JVS team worked hard to develop the market over these years. After establishing itself in Healthcare Domain, JVS recently ventured into mobile e-commerce segment for future growth and diversification.

With 14 years of experience in IT product industry, JVS offerings have set high standards for competitors in Healthcare domain. The growth of IT industry in future is directly linked with smartphones. The core driver of this growth is going to be patient centric healthcare applications and JVS is well equipped to take the lead with already having 1 Million Patients registered on SoftClinic EHR. The newly launched Quick eSelling mobile ecommerce platform by JVS has potential to disrupt the ecommerce market and will establish JVS as a key player in E-Commerce segment. At JVS, they always look forward to use latest technology. Couple of years back they shifted their business model to online business and with the help of technology, they were able to expand business in 32 countries without opening a single office there. That’s the power of technology, which they are harnessing for growth of the company.

Products/ Services
JVS has been able to win more customers around the world as people like to deal with one vendor for all the services instead of dealing with multiple IT vendors for different needs.

Healthcare offering: For Healthcare domain, JVS provides multi-lingual solutions, which includes all the basic functionalities of hospital system along with mobile apps, patient portals and patient health management apps.

  • SoftClinic: EHR & HMS Solution
  • MyHealthData: Personal Health Records App & Patient Portal
  • SoftCath- Interventional Cardiology Clinical Suite
  • JVS-DiComPlus- Worlds 1st Plug and Play dicom case storage device

MyHealthData- Multilingual Patient Health Records App: With the increased smartphone uses, the need for healthcare apps is growing fast. With the recent launch of EHR connected Personal Health Records App “MyHealthData” by JVS, carrying physical health records to physicians will soon become history as patients will be able to carry all their medical records in their smart phone and share with physicians at a click.

E-Commerce offerings: In eCommerce segment, they are offering a single platform for B2C & B2B ecommerce mobile app & web stores. Majority of offline businesses are struggling to survive or grow today because of changing buying habits of consumers. Today customer wants to explore products and place order from the comfort of their bedroom. E-Commerce web-store and mobile apps are still beyond reach for businesses due to high cost of development and maintenance. Quick eSelling offers free native ecommerce mobile apps to get started with the mobile ecommerce journey for all type of retailers and wholesalers. With Quick eSelling, shops can launch their personalized ecommerce mobile apps within few days without any capital expenditure and technology knowledge.

Client territory and big clients
Their target area of clientele is Mobile Healthcare and Mobile eCommerce Industry. Both these industry has worldwide market. Global mHealth market is expected to grow at 32% CAGR and is expected to touch US $35.7 Billion by 2020. Similar way, Mobile commerce Sales is increasing at 12% CAGR and in US alone; mCommerce is expected to grow to $31 Billion in 2016. The current spending on eCommerce/mCommerce platform in US is $1.4 Billion and by 2019 it is expected to reach to $2.1 Billion.

With eyes on these key matrix, JVS is prepared to play a big role in Mobile Health and Mobile eCommerce Segment in coming years. Siemens, Fortis Group & Apollo Hospitals, are some of big name in their clientele in Healthcare Segment.

Some, among many futuristic goals
The company’s current focus area is to capture 20% market shares of EHR integrated Personal Health Records App market with the newly launched “MyHealthData” app in healthcare domain. For ecommerce segment, they look forward to bring all type of businesses online with “Quick eSelling” Mobile ecommerce platform. This will surely disrupt the current ecommerce growth of large players like Amazon and Flipkart in the segment. To fund growth plans, JVS is planning to raise capital from venture capital funds & private equities. The company reveals that with their extensive marketing and educational efforts; today large numbers of physicians maintain patient’s records in electronic format. It was a tough task few years back, but finally they succeeded.

Some of JVS’s delighted clients

“We have employed, SoftClinic for our patient’s registration, appointment scheduling, inpatient management, pharmacy, laboratory, accounting, admin and other management. All these have been fully integrated seamlessly by this unparalleled excellent hospital management software-SoftClinic. To us, SoftClinic is the solution that moves the healthcare business!” – Dr. Hassan Adelakun, Nigeria.

“I have experienced best quality product and services offered by JVS and I would not hesitate to recommend SoftClinic EHR to physicians.” – Dr. Olivier Meyer, Dr. Olivier Clinic, Thailand.

“Quick eSelling is an excellent mobile eCommerce platform. Our customers enjoy doing business with us through mobile app and web store offered by Quick eSelling.” – Hemant Sanghvi, Nova Distributors, USA.

Meet the Masters

Saket Singhi, Founder & Managing Director: Saket is an Entrepreneur with a broad base of experience in IT product development and marketing functions. His primary areas of expertise are in Healthcare IT. In addition to his extensive experience running a product based IT Company, he has also repeatedly demonstrated a strong ability to incubate and build new teams and functions, resolve business issues quickly with innovative processes, technologies and leverage existing investments to develop new business solutions with big results and minimal investment. His love of technology coupled with his understanding of- and empathy for- the business give him a unique ability to develop futuristic technical solutions today.

Shrenik Gandhi, QuickeSelling Co-Founder: When Shrenik joined JVS Group team as co-founder for Quick eSelling eCommerce Venture, he brought 15-years of sales experience with him. As he began to navigate the landscape of eCommerce business, he identified opportunities to streamline processes, integrate data & create a customer-centric platform. In his current role at Quick eSelling, Shrenik has brought his expertise to redefine B2B & B2C approach and develop a digital strategy for the organization focused on integration, automation, revenue generation and increased user adoption. Over the past 15 years of experience working with IBM & SAP in various roles, Shrenik has played an integral part in collaborating with Business Development, Sales & developing channel partners, to drive the creation of product extensions that contribute directly to achieving sales objectives.