10 Fastest Growing IOT Solution Providers 2018

“Our goal is to profoundly change how people interact with the world around them.” - Treeline


And we’ll not only design your product - we’ll build it too. We build software and hardware solutions.

Are you ready to take your business or product to the next level? Do you want to disrupt or change your industry? Do you want to build something that really matters? Then Treeline Interactive can help you do it. The company has been helping everyone from startups to enterprise companies develop game-changing products for more than 10 years now.

Its dedicated team of award-winning developers, designers, engineers, and strategists build mobile apps and wearables, solutions for the Internet of Things (IoT), including hardware, and complex web applications.

Companies come to Treeline for creative breakthroughs and technical leaps forward. Whether you want to supplement your team’s expertise on new ventures or scope a project from start to finish, Treeline can help. The company works with industry-leading companies in fields like medical devices, beauty, action sports, logistics, and entertainment. It enjoys being the agile team that helps corporations radically reinvent themselves and the supportive structure that helps startups iterate and gets to market.

As a company, Treeline is also raising environmental awareness with tree planting, green ride services, and our fleet of skateboards. The true measure of success is with qualitative metrics but once in a while it sure is nice to get a pat on the back from your peers. Over the years Treeline has been fortunate to win a number of awards for a diverse set of our creations.

Founded in the mountains of Lake Tahoe in 2004, The company has since moved to the shores of San Diego.

Service Portfolio

Web Development: Treeline delivers a range of website design and development solutions, including Site Design, Framework Design, Planning Standards-Based Markup, Strategic Development, CMS Implementation, SEO and Much more.

  • Content Management Systems: From enterprise sites to product launch promotions, clean, clear and simple content administration is key. Treeline evaluates each project’s needs and decides on the best tools for the job. Whether it’s using an open source solution like Drupal or a custom Kung Fu framework, Treeline has got your back.
  • Custom Web Applications: Treeline works with companies to reinvent how they do business. Current web and cloud technologies have opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Its team of experienced developers leverages trusted languages, powerful frameworks and innovative technologies to deliver powerful, data-driven tools.
  • Responsive Websites and Web App: Your web presence needs to look as good as your technology or product. With a team of designers and developers who work at the cutting edge of web technologies and design styles, Treeline can deliver a fast, fresh website that is responsive across platforms.

Mobile Apps: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Apple TV Development

Mobile applications have quickly become one of the most effective ways to present your brand, deliver information, and provide feature-rich tools that increase the effectiveness of employees. The addition of the Apple Watch and Apple TV provide even more opportunities for engagement with your branded apps.

Treeline’s award-winning designers and developers craft stunning apps for iOS devices that always meet business requirements, wow users, and exceed client expectations. Once you’ve worked with our team you’ll understand why so many of its clients credit our development process with their success.

The Internet of Things (IoT): Every business is now a technology business and with this new era comes opportunities and challenges. Treeline is uniquely positioned with the hardware and software experience to help your business capitalize on the Internet of Things revolution. Whether you are modernizing an established business or changing the world with your startup, Treeline is here to get you from concept to product in the least amount of time.

  • Custom Hardware from Prototype to Fabrication Ready: A key driver in the IoT space is the “new hardware movement” where hardware development is becoming an agile process and looking much more like the software development process. New tools now allow for hardware to be developed and shipped with much greater flexibility and with shorter timelines
  • Software Design: Smart devices are only as smart as the code enabling them. Our team can guide you through the discovery phase to help you design the best software for your project. Some of our clients work with us to build their full stack and others utilize our expertise to solve a specific challenge. The Internet of Things opens so many possibilities, especially with data, that our depth of software expertise can create your business advantage.
  • Sensors and IoT Devices: Sensors can provide the data you need to automate processes and gain visibility into your business operations. Treeline has extensive expertise in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Machine to Machine (M2M) technology that can be what your company needs to increase efficiencies or disrupt business models.
  • Performance Monitoring: Personal performance tracking is an area the firm initially applied to the ski industry. Treeline has since expanded development to include medical innovation, fitness, and physical therapy applications. GPS and accelerometers are only the beginning of wearable technologies. Especially when you pair them with the range of peripheral devices now readily available.

The Founder’s Desk

Jake Fields, Founder:

Jake Fields is a leader in tech product development and IoT infrastructure. He co-founded his first tech company at age 22 and three additional companies over the past decade. Jake has also leveraged his personality and entrepreneurship to build a distinctive company brand that embraces the Southern California lifestyle of creativity, recreation, and flexibility. His leadership has spawned innovation movements in manufacturing, transportation, aerospace, entertainment and the medical industry; partnering with public and private sectors leaders including ESPN, Viacom, Loreal, PWC, Schneider, Lilly, Carlos Slim Institute, FDA, and NASA.

Beyond his other accomplishments, Jake also taught at both SDSU and UCSD, along with other colleges across the west coast, lecturing about digital innovation. Jake is also an accomplished adventurer and athlete, enjoying snowboarding, hiking, big wave surfing, and other action sports.

“For over ten years we’ve helped companies ranging from medical device innovators to destination resorts to sports conglomerates modernize their businesses and bring new products to market.”