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20 Fastest Growing Cloud Computing Companies 2015

Painless Cloud Infrastructure solution provider: ProfitBricks


ProfitBricks, named one of the coolest Cloud Providers of 2015 by CRN, has been highlighted by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service report for three years in a row. It is also the recipient of two CODiE awards and a Frost & Sullivan Cloud innovation award for 2014.

leading IaaS provider that offers painless cloud infrastructure for all IT users, ProfitBricks offers cloud servers, storage and networks that behave like physical servers, complete with BIOS access and an integrated cloud management tool, called the Data Center Designer.  With the support of a REST API and the popular multi-cloud libraries of jclouds, LibCloud and Fog as well as programming languages with SDKs: Ruby SDK, Node.js SDK, Python SDK and .NET SDK.

With primary locations in San Antonio, TX and Berlin, Germany and data centers in Las Vegas, NV, Karlsruhe Germany and Frankfurt am Main Germany, team ProfitBricks demonstrates experience which bears testimony to the fact that the company provides the best value in IaaS, with a price/performance guarantee.

Time Line Overview:

ProfitBricks was founded by Andreas Gauger and Achim Weiss who started a web hosting business in 1985 and built to a $8 billion dollar company known as 1&1. In 2009 they retired and they realized that with cloud computing coming of age, there was really no true cloud computing IaaS offering that allows IT teams to fully take advantage of what the cloud promises.

April 2010- Company was founded in Berlin Germany.

Small team began designing the architecture and testing hardware platforms.

2010 – Specialists were hired and the foundation of the platform was built: virtualization layer, provisioning, management, storage networking. Contracts were signed for co-location data centers in the US and Germany.

2012 – Preparations for beta launches and production launches. Hiring of sales and marketing teams.

Early 2013 – ProfitBricks was quickly accepted as one of the leading IaaS platforms by analysts and the press.

Mar 2013 – ProfitBricks received a second round of funding of $19.5M from the same investors as the first round of $18.8M.

June 2013- ProfitBricks was recognized by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant report.

July 2013 – ProfitBricks dropped its pricing by 50% and became the price/performance leader in cloud computing.

Sept 2013 – ProfitBricks was identified as one of the fastest growing cloud computing providers.

May 2014 – ProfitBricks was selected as the winner of two CODiE awards: Infrastructure as a Service and Cloud Management Software.

Oct 2014 – ProfitBricks dropped its pricing by 33% to maintain its price/performance leadership.

Nov 2014 – ProfitBricks announced a new version of its award winning Data Center Designer tool, the DCD R2.

Mar 2015- ProfitBricks added multi-user and 2-factor authentication.

ProfitBricks became the first cloud computing provider to offer a price/performance guarantee

Fastest Cloud service providers with unbeatable Cloud Networks

“We guarantee that any workload deployed on ProfitBricks will cost less than the same workload running at the same performance level on the IaaS platforms of Amazon, Google or Microsoft” says Achim Weiss, the CEO and Co-Founder of ProfitBricks.

ProfitBricks Public Cloud Computing service makes transitioning and migrating to the cloud painless. The platform has proven to be the fastest public cloud available, with most benchmark tests showing the company to be 2X faster and least expensive than other public clouds, saving about 50% off the market leader.

With extensive software defined networking (SDN) flexibility enabling customers to design and implement almost any network architecture or replicate what they had in their data center, ProfitBricks offers its services to the IT channel – Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) – so they can help their clients migrate. ProfitBricks is powered by InfiniBand, with server to server and server to storage connected at 80Gbps, which provides the highest performance and lowest latency of any network connection.

Efficient Cloud Servers with innovative Cloud Storage

Most cloud providers include temporary storage with their cloud servers, and that forces buyers to pick server configurations from pre-set sizes (small medium or large) and buy additional block storage and pay extra fees for things like IOPS or faster connections. This results in IT teams over buying their cloud infrastructure.

ProfitBricks enables each cloud server to be configured to exact requirements, and all include double-redundant block storage and clients can select one of their popular images or bring their own.

Data Center Designer in the US and in Germany with APIs, SDKs, Libraries

Offering customers the benefit from having their cloud computing infrastructure in top-tier data centers like the Switch SUPERNAP in Las Vegas or Equinix in Frankfurt am Main, the ProfitBricks account includes a drag and drop tool for deigning, configuring and managing complete cloud data centers, including network IP management and firewalls. With the cloud management tool giving customers a visual way to build and manage their cloud computing infrastructure, ProfitBricks also offers extensive support for developers, operations and DevOps professionals to automate their cloud infrastructure.

Serving businesses in all industry segments

As a building block for IT infrastructure that can painlessly replace on-premise cloud infrastructure, ProfitBricks has customers in many sectors including: manufacturing, services, travel, big data analytics, software development, managed service providers, and more. The company that is gaining popularity among companies such as NRT, Always-On-Vacation, Ericsson, Germany’s largest tourism company, one of the EU’s largest file sharing companies and one of the EU’s largest food delivery services, is sure to lead the domain in upcoming days.