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Pioneering Business Optimization through IoT: N’osairis Technology Solutions


Internet of Things (IoT) has become an important technology for driving business transformation. Enterprises worldwide are capitalizing on the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver innovative connected services. IoT holds the potential to reform how businesses are currently operated across the utility sectors, financial services, and retail amongst others. The future will be driven by enterprises that embrace IoT as a strategy to streamline business growth. The IoT ecosystem is made of three key components: Sensors, Connectivity, and Business Intelligence. Any enterprise wanting to explore IoT as a strategy for business optimization will find it a major hindrance due to the nature of the key components being totally fragmented.

Born in 2008, N’osairis Technology Solutions foresees and understands that the IoT wave will hit the emerging Asian countries sooner than later and are in the forefront of enabling enterprises to embrace business optimization by providing turnkey IoT Services. The company has its offices in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Jakarta (Indonesia), and Pasig City (Philippines).

Laying the Foundation Stone

N’osairis was incepted from the desire and passion of the three founders to build their own company and to push the limits to see the possibilities of making into a sustainable multi-national business entity whilst offering the market alternative technologies to achieve business optimization in a managed services fashion without having to worry about the complexity of implementing the technology principles. Today, N’osairis is incorporated in three countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines) and also operational in three other countries (Singapore, Cambodia, and Vietnam). This was possible through the diligent selection of local channel partners and global technology providers.

N’osairis’ first pilot project was back in 2010 for an incumbent bank in Malaysia; it was to replace the connectivity for the Off-premise ATMs from wired fixed lines to then cutting edge wireless cellular connectivity. The pilot was irrefutably successful within a record-breaking three days and a potential game changer; however, it did not convert into a business deal due to N’osairis being a start-up and the Bank not being able to award such a big contract to a newly incorporated company. This paved way for the company to pivot quickly and changed its initial business model to offer its services through channel rather than directly for the initial years of incorporation.

A company is as good as its team

The initial years were instrumental in crafting the company’s viewpoint towards the market. Some key challenges in attaining success were gaining credibility and building a competent team. Despite its services offerings bringing utmost benefits to customers, N’osairis noticed that there was always a doubt lingering in its customers whether the company is a long-lasting service provider and will perform to what it has promised.

No matter how good the market proposition is, it all boils down to the team that is going to be supporting the services delivery that has been promised and this relies on how competent and dedicated the team is. Hiring the right team member is more of an intuitive action rather than a logical one. It is important to have the courage and the process that allows to let-go when a company understands that a candidate is not the right fit, rather than holding on to a disruptive relationship. Its approach in tackling this issue is hiring all candidates in a contractual position convertible to permanent only upon the first year of performance review.

It is also instrumental for the new joiners to have a clear understanding of what is expected of them in their roles. N’osairis follows a strict policy of having clear job descriptions and performance KPI’s before the requested position is approved for hiring. This has somewhat helped the company deal with challenges in hiring the right talents.

N’osairis’ Motto: ‘Zero Compromise on Service Excellence’

N’osairis stands proud of the excellent services it offers. Following are some of its services:

Managed M2M Connectivity: Providing connectivity for mission-critical devices across its fully-managed NeX platform is the core of N’osairis’ proposition. It gives its enterprise customers a choice to connect their assets across dozens of mobile/ISP networks in countries that it is operational in. N’osairis provides reliable and secure connectivity solutions for applications including ATM’s, Digital Signage, Kiosk, Point of Sale, Medical Appliances, WiFi Analytics, and Connected Vehicles, amongst other applications that need M2M connectivity.

IoT Business Consulting: N’osairis enables enterprises to explore how IoT can enhance businesses in terms of productivity, scalability, efficiency, and profitability. It engages with its potential customers to understand and capture their current business methodologies and come up with feasible, reliable, and secure enterprise-grade strategies that can take their businesses to the next level through the use of IoT.

Managed IoT Solutions: N’osairis understands that

its customers have their own core business to focus on. Hence, once it has captured the right requirement, it takes the liberty to design, deploy, and manage the entire IoT solution with a guaranteed services uptime.

Meet the Dynamic Leader

Stalin Vijaya Kamaraj, CEO: Stalin is primarily responsible to drive, govern, strategize, and ensure that N’osairis becomes a leader in the IoT marketspace with solid recurring revenue and co-founded N’osairis Technology Solutions together with Balasubramaniam Manikam, CTO and Navindra Sivaratnam, Executive Director in end of 2008 before they officially launched it in 2011. Prior to joining N’osairis Technology Solutions, Stalin was a Regional Network Delivery manager with HP Enterprise Services. He holds a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from the esteemed University of Technology Malaysia.

“Zero compromises on ensuring our commitments are met makes our clientele believe they are in good hands.”