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Pioneering Software Solutions with Experience and Expertise : ESurveying Softech India Private Limited

In today’s world, almost every individual uses software to enable their organizations to operate more efficiently. ESurveying Softech India Private Limited is a prestigious firm founded in the year 2008 in Bangalore, India, that aims at providing the best software solutions, Survey Engineers and Designers to develop more optimized designs, presentable drawings and accurate reports for such organizations.

The company provides Products and Solutions namely ESurvey CADD, Land Survey Engineering and Design Solution. The ESurvey CADD assist clientele in Designing Roads, Canals and Railway Lines, creating Cross Section, Longitudinal Section and Earthwork Volume Calculation, Contouring, Data Exchange between AutoCAD and Google Earth, Converting Total Station data to AutoCAD Drawing, Interpolating Survey Data and Collection of Macro Programs to save considerable time in Editing Survey Drawings.

A class apart from others
A self funded company, ESurveying relies upon the skills and expertise of its team members, who keep on innovating software solutions. Bringing about solutions that are an instant hit with the Clientele, the pioneer company, does not require to keep on battling to meet the market standards of its three other Competitors from India and around fifty-five different companies who are developing similar applications outside India. “What differentiates ESurvey Products are its Easy and Flexible Solutions, which can be used in any projects like Road, Canal, Railway lines and for all requirements, a single solution can be used”, says the Managing Director, Mr Kamath.

The products innovated by the ESurveying team are economically priced in such a manner that it is able to add many customers, although the company was one of the last solution providers in this segment. The innovation arises out of “ESurvey Products that are designed around AutoCAD and Excel enabling users to utilize their expertise in AutoCAD and Excel to get best results which most of them were already familiar with”, believes the company’s Technical Director- Mr Kulkarni.

Indeed, with a full-fledged Support team to facilitate the customers in training/understanding the software at various levels by Good Documentation in terms of Help & Videos and Good Marketing Practices such as Search Engine Optimization & Winning Awards in Competitions. ESurveying team feels that Small learning Curve for the users as the Product is Compact, makes it a class apart from its market competitors.

Being an asset and not of mere value to the customer environment With capabilities such as innovative and creative solutions, ESurveying has served more than 1000 customers across more than six segments being Government organizations such as Water Resources Department-Orissa, Indian Railways, PWD in various States; Defense Establishments; Engineering College–BVB Engineering College, Hubli, East west Engineering College-Bangalore; Survey Engineering Firms ; Infrastructure Companies such as L & T, NCC, Shobha Developers and Consulting Engineering Firms.

“If designers and engineers use only AutoCAD and Excel for their infrastructure design projects, then it will take lots of time while designing roads, creating cross sections, longitudinal sections, generating contour drawings and calculating earthwork volumes. By using software solutions developed by ESurveying designers, engineers and draftsman save a lot of time and optimize their designs quickly and accurately. Where else would you find software solutions that addresses various practical requirements, in spite of being user friendly and offering limited features, but at ESurveying!” adds Mr Kamath.

Looking forward to Global Solutions
Founded in the year 2008, ESurveying is at present, India’s Number “One” Solution provider for Survey Engineering and Design requirements. “We are working towards becoming words most popular solution providers in the same domain”, says the company’s Domain Expert- Mr Murali.

Adding around twenty plus customers to its list every month, the company has been succefully generating revenue by selling its products and also through its Annual Maintenance Contract which covers Support and Product upgradation. With robust and updated technology, ESurveying Softech India Private Limited is undoubtedly a Pioneering Software Solutions Provider today, that cuts an edge over its competitors with experienced and promised deliveries on time.

Year Activity/Achievement
2008 Company Formation
2009 First Module ESurvey Section Rolled out
2010 Contouring and Earthwork Modules released
2011 Interpolation, ESurvey Lisp and Topo draw modules released
2012 KML module released – Products had Presence in 5 different Countries. Received “Best Civil Engineering Software” award from Association of Consulting Civil Engineers.
2013 Algorithms were incorporated to address most of the rare and complex requirements – Currently Stable Version 10 is released. The company sold products in 5 more countries.
2014 Much robust Version of these products with great enhancement in road design is scheduled to be released in December 2014. Company now has 1000+ customers in India and Products are exported to 20+ countries.

Knowing the Key Founders

Kotaa Krishna Kamath – Managing Director
Mr Kotaa Krishna Kamath is the Managing Director of ESurveying Softech (India) Pvt. Ltd. With more than eighteen years of experience in software product development for domestic and international markets, Mr Kamath has guided and architected many products in the areas of Office Automation, Taxation and Survey engineering domain, including Indias Highest selling Payroll product Saral PayPack and TDS Package Saral TDS.

Sunil Kulkarni – Technical Director
Mr Sunil Kulkarni has more than nineteen years of product development experience in the domestic and international market. Having worked with clients of various countries, managing and leading the product(s) in Bio-informatics, Fashion Retail, Production and Survey engineering domains, he has experience in different technologies with specialization in Microsoft Technologies. He is the guiding force behind the development and implementation of complex algorithms for Bio-informatics, Fashion Retail and Survey Engineering Products.

Murali Babu – Domain Expert
Mr Murali Babu is the Road Design Domain Expert at ESurveying and has automated many processes related to Road Designing by using his extraordinary skills in Microsoft excel that comes from his rich experience of fifteen years in Designing National Highway, Rail and Road designs. With vast experience in preparing detailed project reports, feasibility reports and other reports pertaining to various types of roads, the Expert has also been involved in several execution projects in the capacity of Project manager, Highway engineer, Chief Surveyor, etc. In his early years, he has also rendered services to many esteemed companies varying from consultants, Contractors and Concessionaire.