2016 50 Best Companies to Watch

Positioned to lead the industry into the future of field service management: ServicePower, Inc.

ServicePower provides a patented, connected, mobile field service management software platform used by field organizations to improve productivity and efficiency, intelligently schedule appointments, SLA and complex jobs, as well as parts.

Worried about increasing competition, changing customer dynamics and shrinking margins that make achievement of your corporate objectives difficult? Then look no further than ServicePower, that uses emerging technologies like social, mobile, analytics and cloud, to drive field service organizations toward technology that will improve their competitive edge and increase productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
An industry leader in Optimization Technology since 1996, ServicePower uniquely provides an integrated, cohesive mobile workforce management software solution that brings together the customer and the dispatch center, technician, claims and warranty processes, parts, the third party service contractors, assets, mobility, business intelligence, and social collaboration.

Today, ServicePower’s platform focuses on solving fundamental field problems, with patented routing optimization, third party dispatch and warranty claim payments, cutting edge mobile technology, and robust business intelligence and asset tracking software.

The founding steps
ServicePower was formed from a management buyout from ICL in 1996 and was originally a software company focused on optimized field scheduling. Its original software product, ServiceScheduling, includes 250 plus years of development in optimization technology and was primarily sold as a license to companies with large, employed field service organizations. Working with those same companies, Service Power identified a need to provide a solution for scheduling third party contracted resources also utilized by its customer base, which provided the same sort of control and line of sight into the process as the Scheduling product.

In 2004, the company created the ServiceOperations product set to address that requirement. It included the acquisition of Keyprestige, enabling electronic dispatch and claims processing, as well as service network management and recruitment. In 2008, ServiceStats, a complete business intelligence product enveloping Scheduling and Operations was added to its offerings portfolio. It provides field service organizations the ability to control costs and detect fraud, as well as measure productivity, coverage gaps, cycle time and parts usage. In the same year, the company completed development of separate mobile dispatch and GPS asset tracking applications to build out the platform to include real time status updates and geo-location information.

In early 2012, ServicePower released Smart Scheduling Broker. Smart Scheduling Broker is a proprietary and unique middleware application which enables field service organizations to deliver a consistent experience at the local level by dispatching and managing jobs sent to multiple resource pools, including employees, contractors, and on demand technicians, to achieve key metrics.

In January 2013, ServicePower acquired a HTML5, SaaS based mobile application which allowed it to update ServiceMobility, offering an OS and device agnostic, fully configurable mobile dispatch application to employed and contracted field resources.

ServicePower also enhanced its M2M capabilities in 2014, as well as continued investment in Smart Scheduling Broker, better enabling field service organizations to plan, execute and analyze the entire field service operation; seamlessly mixing multiple labor resource pools and parts procurement, yielding enhanced cost and margin control and cycle time reduction, all while meeting consumer requirements.

In 2015, ServicePower launched NEXUS FSTM and filed patents or the latest scheduling algorithm in decades, Quantum Annealing.

Feathers in the Cap
ServicePower was named a Visionary in the Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management, published on December 22, 2014 by William McNeill, Michael Maoz and Jason Wong. The company has also been awarded numerous other accolades for its leadership in the field management industry with product innovation, such as patenting Quantum Annealing, NEXUS FSTM Field Service Management Software and Optimization on DemandTM – the latest in M2M connected services and conditional scheduling, as noted by Frost and Sullivan, Smart Scheduling Broker which intelligently mixes labor resource pools to achieve corporate metrics, and complete field mobilization, providing customers a future competitive advantage.

Today, ServicePower is listed on the London Stock Exchange, and is backed by strong technology investors.

Plans for the days ahead
Talking about ServicePower’s future roadmap, CEO, Marne Martin said, “With a keen focus on people, product and shareholder value, our growth comes from product innovation, incorporating new technologies like IoT and social collaboration, and driving improvements within the industry, such as with Quantum Annealing, Optimization on Demand and NEXUS FS. And our management priorities are to drive sales execution and brand awareness. We are focused on improving our talent, both in terms of subject matter experts in field service as well as product development, so that we can support our clients in the deployment of our software, as well as its ongoing best use”.


Automated Scheduling and M2M:

  • ServiceSchedulingTM provides field organizations with highly configurable, real time route optimization technology that continuously optimizes appointments, SLA and complex jobs and intelligently schedules parts. The patented artificial intelligence based algorithm drives real time efficiencies, continually looking at the schedule and re-optimizing it, moving existing jobs around, within allowable parameters enabling field organizations to dynamically create schedules, to ensure reduced job duration and “windshield” time, reduced overall all schedule cost, and improved efficiency, productivity, and utilization.
  • Optimization on DemandTM provides improved productivity and reduced costs without a full workforce management software deployment. It provides a more intelligent tool set, without the expenditure of an entire workforce management or field service optimization software solution.
  • M2M Connected Services enables connected devices or machine components to communicate with other machines throughout the business process to initiate intelligent field events, while also enabling true field optimization and mobilization through ServiceScheduling and ServiceMobility.

Mobile Dispatch and Workforce Tracking:

  • ServiceMobilityTM a cutting edge cross-platform technology, is a cross platform, fully responsive, product that can be deployed like a traditional ‘app’ including a screen icon for easy access. It is device-agnostic and supports single device or BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) deployment strategies for employee dispatching or job dispatch to third party contractor networks.

Advanced Business Intelligence and Predictive Simulations:
The thin client, in-memory, web-based business intelligence and analytics tool provides reporting and analysis to field organization.

Service Contractor Dispatch and Claims Management:
ServiceOperations Dispatch and Claims products are true multi-tenant SaaS solutions used to manage 3rd party contracted networks. The products facilitate the management of contractors including their profiles, dispatched jobs, claims, payments and analysis.

Field ServiceManagement

  • NEXUS FSTM provides service businesses of any size, including third party service contractors, an enterprise quality cloud-based field service management solution with a comprehensive mobile application, which supports full mobilization of on-site process, that enables them to focus on providing the highest quality service to their residential and commercial customers. It also offers full integration to ServiceOperations.

“Our mission is to provide field service organizations with innovative, effective mobile workforce management solutions to help them lower costs while providing the best customer service possible and influencing the changing technological landscape.”

The guiding force behind the organization

Marne Martin, CEO
An experienced leader in transformations and business growth, Marne exemplifies operational leadership as well as demonstrated skills in international expansion and global capital markets. Previously, while CFO at an Isle of Man based telecom company, she conducted an IPO and was responsible for all public market and shareholder activities while also leading the expansion into new international markets and opening the US branch. In various roles, including that of President, she led efforts to launch GSM licenses in the Americas, worked on early telematics, social media, and other technology opportunities both from a general management and an M&A perspective. Marne has a BSFS from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., as well as an MBA/MIM from ESCP Europe and Krannert School of Management. She is an active equestrian and past President of the Potomac Valley Dressage Association. Marne joined ServicePower in