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PractiTest: A technology and methodology leader in the field of Application Lifecycle Management



“Testing is an infinite process of comparing the invisible to the ambiguous in order to avoid the unthinkable happening to the anonymous.” – James Bach

Testing is integral to a software development company. It helps in identifying the correctness, completeness, and quality of a developed software. Bug-free software ensures the success of a company and helps in building its brand value. Test management tools are used in software testing to store information on how testing is to be done, plan testing activities and report the status of quality assurance activities. PractiTest is a company headquartered in Technology Park Rehovot, Israel that provides an easy to use cloud-based Innovative test management tool.

A technology and methodology leader in the field of Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), PractiTest provides its customers with the best in class End-to-End system to meet their Testing and QA needs. It is easy and affordable, but very flexible and methodological. As a leading Test Case Management tool, PractiTest enables organizations to ensure visibility and communication at all levels as well as helping project development teams streamline and manage their testing processes, while providing management with a clear and simple view of their project status at all times.

The company was founded by a team of testing experts in order to allow small and medium organizations to better manage their testing process without the need to install On-prem solution that lack support for their need for flexibility. Its unique data management approach combined with its state of the art support not only during implementation phase, but throughout the entire usage time differentiates itself from other competitors in the industry.

Among the SaaS players, PractiTest is the solution for those who need a tool to support their complex testing environment by integrating with any other systems they work with and allowing them to scale. As systems are becoming more and more complex in today’s world, the challenge that the company faces is the continuous advancement of its systems so that it can continue to support its customer needs. The company’s strongest point is its technical capabilities combined with the best human support that it provides to its customers.

Product & Service Offerings
PractiTest offers easy to use end-to-end test management platforms that allow developments and Testing teams to have full visibility of their testing status: The system includes requirements, tests sets and runs and issues modules at its core with granular reporting capabilities to ensure that the customer is in control of the testing status. Integrations exist with leading bug tracking tools such as JIRA, Pivotal Tracker and Bugzilla as well as automation and CI tools such as Selenium, Jenkins, Team City and many more. Another service that the company provides is testing methodology support which allows customers to enhance their testing processes.

PractiTest’s customers come from various R&D industries as well as IT consulting services located in various countries such as Japan, Netherlands, France and Germany. The majority of them are from
Nordic, UK and North America. Some of its clientele are Spotify, Abbott, Canonical, NCR, CSC, etc.

Client Testimonials
“We were looking for a solution to organize our testing process and keep control of our quality. PractiTest supplied what we needed, with its organized and structured test case management solution.” – Gilad Breslawer, QA Team Leader, Plimus

“When you post an issue they get back to you promptly and their turnaround is second to none. They’ve even included some features we requested in their releases. You can’t get better than that.” – Kfir Hemed, Head of the Verification Unit at Radwin

Focus Areas
PractiTest is currently focusing on advancing its system to support customer needs: support for automation, various working methods such as Agile, Devops, Microservices and many others.

Knowing the Key Executives

Yaniv Iny, CEO
Yaniv has experience building startups & companies from the ‘neighbor’s garage’ to solid companies with dozens of employees. He founded PractiTest in 2008 and serves as its CEO. Prior to PractiTest, he held various positions such as Consultant at POC Management Company, VP R&D at Hikkup LTD and CTO at He also co-founded Informative, Inc. in 1999. Yaniv has a BA (Hons) degree in Computer Science & Economics from Tel Aviv University and a MBA in Strategy and Finance from Recanati Business School.

Stas Krichevsky, Chief Technology Officer
Stas is the technological arm of PractiTest. In addition to architecting the leading-edge technology foundations of the company, Stas also provides fresh insights into the latest trends of the Web-Based and Open Source development Communities, making sure that PractiTest is in line with all the latest requirements from this demanding sector. Prior to PractiTest, he served as System Architect in Kontera, VP Engineering in TVdoTV, Chief Architect at Entopia Inc and Chief Architect in Cahoots.

Joel Montvelisky, Chief Solutions Architect
Joel is a testing professional with over 20 years of experience. He brings his vast experience in managing testing; both in small and large organizations that will help testers to better perform their job. Before founding PractiTest, Joel managed the QA department in Mercury that was purchased by HP and in Cahoots and NewChannel. Joel is also a lecturer in international testing conferences, a writer for testing magazines and a well known blogger. His blog “QA intelligence” was recently recognized as one of the top 10 testing blogs. Joel holds a Bsc in Industrial Engineering and a MBA from Tel Aviv University.

“We provide the best solutions to manage your QA and Testing process, controlling your testing tasks while getting complete visibility of your results, and most importantly releasing your products in a professional way.”