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10 Fastest Growing Startup Companies 2016

Affine: Providing actionable solutions to empower organizations to make better decisions

thesiliconreview manas agrawal affine

“We believe that an organization gains clear competitive edge when the four levels of analytical maturity function in harmony.”

A provider of high-end analytics services to solve complex business problems with offices in NJ, USA & Bangalore, India, Affine is combine data driven algorithmic analysis with heuristic domain expertise to provide actionable solutions that empower organizations make better and informed decisions. Affine's value proposition is enabling clients to implement and realize ROI of the recommendations.

The company has a group of people with significant experience in Analytics industry along with solid pedigree, deep business understanding and strong problem solving acumen. Their group primarily consists of Statisticians, Operations Researchers, Econometricians, MBAs and Engineers. Also their employees have experience of working for many Fortune 500 companies.

Affine’s analytical maturity spans across various levels of problem solving. They have expertise in informative, exploratory, causal and predictive analytical techniques. The team at Affine totally believes that an organization gains clear competitive edge when the four levels of analytical maturity function in harmony. Some of high end and sophisticated techniques they use for problem solving are Regression Modeling, Time Series Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Decision Trees, Monte Carlo Simulations, and Optimization. They use analytical tools like SAS, SQL, R, MS Excel/Access.

Affine has expertise in the areas of Marketing, CRM, CEM, Financial Planning & Analysis, Risk, Merchandizing, Operations and Supply Chain Management.

The quintessence of the Affine’s journey

THE AFFINE WAY is the summary of company’s evolution, via the rewarding route of solving business problems. Evolving from the freshmen approach of 'a random walk in the park' to a nuanced 'well-defined journey' working alongside some the brightest minds at their client organizations has led to solving issues, succeeding and having some of their own misses amongst all the attempts too. Each project has made their own understanding of analytics richer and more extensive. The Affine Way captures the quintessence of their deliberations with clients, mentors and analysts – who are the true practitioners of what we have discovered.

The Soul of Affine Way highlights the core components that all analytical frameworks should have. Each necessary ingredient essentially has its genesis in certain realities – bound by business, data and technology constraints.


  • Business first, always.

  • Consistent focus on end business use.


  • Implementable solutions, not just insights.

  • Partners from the start to the go-live.


  • Teamwork with clients or their business to build right solutions.

  • Transparency with stakeholders avoids surprises.


  • Deep technical expertise to use the right approach.

  • No shortcuts or guesstimation, comprehensive insights from data.


  • One size does not fit all; each problem has its own unique solution.

  • Analytics insights cannot be planned, but are discovered by the agile.

….This is how they deliver

Execution- The company helps their client to understand what needs to be discerned and also help them reach that point, again and again, more effectively and efficiently each time.

Development- With their commitment firmly being long term ROI, the company helps their clients become analytically self-sufficient not only from a data and systems point of view, but more importantly from an analytics thinking point of view.

Enablement- The company help the client improve on their analytics readiness from data, infrastructure to consumption. Learnings from each project leave their client partners richer in their understanding of their data and its interplay with their business outcomes.

Affine Offerings

Analytics today is a complex interplay of statistical techniques of varying degrees of complexity and technology ranging from spreadsheets to Big Data, with immeasurable business acumen. Their solutions are designed to address core business problems their clients face, pertaining to multiple solution categories.

·        Enterprise Data Management

·        Business Intelligence & Reporting

·        Data Science

·        Big Data

Meet the Executive

Manas Agrawal, CEO, Co-Founder-

A good mix of talent, a cool head on rock stable shoulders - even with limited opportunity to lead him directly, Manas’s specialties include pricing and assortment planning. An alumnus of Indian School of Business, Manas has previously worked in companies such as Mu Sigma and Dell.

Satisfied Clients Speak

 “We're very pleased that the Scoring Engine was successfully received into our live data production environment. We are very thankful for the talents and contributions of the entire Affine team who worked tirelessly to see this project through to fruition.”- Vice President, Marketing Analytics, One of the Top 5 US Insurance Companies

The dashboards that Affine produced have gained high praise lately. You guys really make some bad-ass visualizations.”- Senior Director, Game Analytics, Leading Video Game Publisher

“It was great working with the Affine Team. Having worked with many service providers, I would like to say, Affine team was highly professional and quality driven in the approach and always met the deadlines. If we have any analytics related project in future, we know whom to approach now.”- Deputy General Manager, Strategy, Leading Pharmaceutical Company

“I appreciate all the contributions the affine members have made to our team. The work that has been done has been of a very good quality and we will continue to look for opportunities to leverage your expertise in new areas.”- Director, Data Management, U.S based Automotive Retailer.