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50 Best Companies to Work For 2016

Providing Best in Class Solution Consulting and Technology Services To Organizations across the Globe: Harbinger Group Companies

“Follow the Thought Leader in the eLearning industry.”

Harbinger Group is a highly applauded and awarded Group of Companies which prides itself for having tremendous amount of talent and a dedicated work force. It is a global provider of software products and services since 1990. The Harbinger Group companies include Harbinger Systems, Harbinger Knowledge Products and Harbinger Interactive Learning. Harbinger Group serves customers in over 60 countries through its offices in Pune (India), Redmond (WA, USA), Pleasanton (CA, USA) and through its partner network worldwide. Harbinger’s patented technology and sound thought leadership have resulted in revolutionary products, including the market ‐ leading Raptivity, the innovative YawnBuster, and the cutting ‐ edge SiteJazzer and TeemingPod.

The Harbinger Group companies
Harbinger systems
Harbinger Systems, a software engineering services provider to some of the world’s best product companies, leverages cutting‐edge technologies and partners with its customers in technology innovation.

Harbinger interactive learning
Harbinger Interactive Learning is a trusted outsourcing partner for providing custom interactive eLearning, mobile, social and blended learning solutions using innovative instructional approaches.

Harbinger Techventure It is the support arm of Harbinger Group. All support functions like Administration, Talent Management, Information System and Finance fall under this company.

Harbinger Knowledge Products

  • Raptivity – It is the finest interactivity builder that enables clients to create engaging e-learning interactions quickly and easily without any programming. It is as easy as simply picking up an interaction template and customizing it as per the requirements. Raptivity offers a rich collection of 190+ interactions from different categories like games, simulations, brainteasers, interactive diagrams, virtual worlds and many more.
  • YawnBuster – Used to incorporate exciting, engaging and effective group activities. Whether it’s an ice‐breaker, an energizer game or a closure activity for students, it can all be done with YawnBuster. It is the perfect solution for creative and innovative ways to hold the students attention and get them excited about the learning process.
  • TeemingPod – It is a SaaS component that quickly and easily adds social interactions in web pages. TeemingPod enables users to interact on-the-spot within the web page. It is a platform that helps to add powerful social interactions right inside their Web applications or Websites.
  • SiteJazzer – It facilitates in visually enhancing the content on website. It’s as simple as picking up a Jazzer, customizing it and adding it the website. The webmasters and web designers can show customer testimonials as animated cards with picture, video, audio – not just text, design page-peel banners and leader boards to add surprise element in advertisements and much more.

Hear it from a Client
Harbinger’s customers are software product companies (ISVs), hi-tech startups in Silicon Valley, healthcare startups, Fortune 100 product companies in the US and companies in Europe, Africa and Asia.

“We’ve been very pleased with the outstanding project management and exceptional technical talent at Harbinger. They’ve done great work maintaining and extending our primary application, and have built from scratch a companion product that will take our company to the next level. The Harbinger development teams are absolutely committed to excellence. They don’t simply follow instructions, they make necessary suggestions that solve our problems and made our products great. Harbinger is a wonderful partner in our company’s success.”
– President of Engineering at a Human Resources Services Provider in USA

Being a part of Harbinger
Considering the ample opportunities given to self-driven, innovative and motivated individuals who wish to make a difference in the technology space, Harbinger is a great place to work in. The Company believes in transparency, honesty, integrity and continuous learning and development of its team members. The friendly working environment helps employees to achieve personal as well as organizational goals effectively and seamlessly.

But it is not all work and no play. Yes, they create an environment of learning, professional growth, engagement but not without involving fun for all Harbingers. “Keep everyone energized and enthused” is the mantra followed. All activities are fun, frolic and involve learning. Harbingers have access to 1700+ high quality video based learning courses; employees can collaborate on 100+ online groups. Industry experts are invited regularly to speak on a variety of topics. The unique one-on-one (O3) program ensures a healthy connect between managers and the staff. All the teams have their periodic dose of unwinding and fun through “Happy Hours.””

“Our customers perceive us as a trusted partner in technology innovation.”

Know the talented Man behind Harbinger

Vikas Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director – He is an entrepreneur who believes in building innovative products that make a difference. As founder, chairman, and managing director at the Harbinger Group, he leads a growing organization serving global customers with its cutting-edge software products and services. Vikas is passionate about interactive e-learning, and is also a recognized leader in this domain. He holds two US patents based on his inventions in education technology. His best-known product innovation is Raptivity, the world’s first rapid interactivity builder, which makes learning engaging and fun.

Leveraging Harbinger’s core capabilities, Vikas and his team have developed a service model that helps other companies build their own products. Today, Harbinger is a well-established provider of software product development services to some of the world’s best known technology companies. Large global firms use Harbinger’s content development services to build custom e-learning. Vikas earned his undergrad engineering degree at IIT Bombay and masters in computer science at Syracuse University.