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Providing Complete Solutions Exclusively to the Logistics Industry: Ramp Systems

“The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…” – Sun Tzu

Ramp Systems is an Enterprise Software and Services company dedicated to providing complete 3rd party logistics Integration Software and Warehouse Management System Solutions to focused industries with highly targeted technical and process capabilities specifically designed for the industries we serve.

With support for commonly used business documents such as EDI X12 and all subsets, configurable XML documents, virtually any flat file or custom text document as well as a variety of configurable, pre-loaded application adapters, Ramp Systems unique solutions are designed specifically to seamlessly enable business that must integrate with their customers and partners to be able to do so quickly, easily and cost effectively.

Taking Logistics to the Next Level
Ramp Systems was started by Brian Mozhdehi in 2006, with the objective being to create and provide software solutions that reduce the overall, costs and timelines to meet the various business challenges faced by companies in the 3rd party logistics space. The first product offered was Ramp Systems Interchange, which provides end to end integration capabilities, easily configurable and rapidly deployable with capabilities designed to meet any commonly used set of requirements and/or technologies. Subsequently, Ramp Systems Enterprise has been developed and released, which offers an extensively configurable, fully capable and powerful set of WMS capabilities designed to meet virtually any customer requirement out of the box spanning various industry specialties.

The company’s software provides significantly more complete capabilities out of the box and does so in a configurable manner, allowing customers to tailor the solution to meet their own needs exactly. The extensive, configurable capabilities save customers money and time and allow them to do more with less resources, which creates better efficiencies and allows them to better serve their clients.

Complete Integration Software and Solutions
Ramp Systems currently offers two products:

Its enterprise integration solutions is Ramp Systems Interchange, which provides EDI, XML, Flat Files, database mapping with data transferable using virtually any form of transport including AS2, FTP, SFTP, HTTP, Web Services, etc in a highly configurable software solution designed to meet virtually any need.

Ramp Systems Enterprise is the WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) product which offers fully configurable solutions to meet any commonly encountered customer requirement. Both products’ extensive capabilities and configurability enable customers to deploy solutions faster and more accurately for their customers and do so in a manner that is cost effective.

Territory of Clientele
The company is 100% focused on the warehousing, transportation and logistics industry, specifically within the realm of 3rd party logistics.

Here’s what Ramp Systems’ clients have to say…
“The Windows base has taken our CSR training time from months on our prior system to a couple weeks now. The adaptability has met our needs and our customers’ needs.” – Gene, Le Mars Public Storage

“All my staff, including people who are not tech-savvy, was able to learn how to use Ramp very quickly. Ramp does everything we need it to do from Receipts to Inventory to Orders to Invoicing.” – Faye Armstrong, Armstrong Warehousing

“Ramp allowed Bold 3PL to get up and running in 45 days. Bold 3PL has clients in Switzerland, Estonia, Canada, and the U.S. Ramp’s functionality has allowed us to meet each of their needs.” – Bart Kooimen, Bold 3PL

“Approximately 350 customers in 10 countries use our technology and services every day.”

Global Coverage
Ramp Systems offers products and services worldwide and is currently serving customers in over 11 counties worldwide. It has international service partners that provide support during local business hours for users of its products in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. The primary customer base resides in North America and all full time employees are based in the US.

Future Outlook
The company is continuing to focus on enhancing and improving both its WMS and Interchange offerings. Ramp Systems is exploring the possibility of adding complementary products such as TMS and extended web services in the near terms as a means of providing additional capabilities and services to existing and future customers.

Meet the CEO – Brian Mozhdehi
Brian offers extensive technical experience and expertise in warehouse management, electronic data interchange, and integration software and solutions. Before founding Ramp Systems in 2006, he was a senior software developer at Neptune Software, a warehouse management software company. He founded Boomi, an EDI and integration software company, in 1999 and Dell acquired the company in 2010. Brian, who earned a degree in electrical engineering from Pennsylvania State University, also consulted for several large supply chain execution organizations, including UPS and DB Schenker.

“Our unique solutions are designed specifically to seamlessly enable business that must integrate with their customers and partners to be able to do so quickly, easily and cost effectively.”