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Providing customers integrated and secure data-sharing solutions with its unique expertise and technology: DSA

thesiliconreview-frances-r-pierce-ceo-dsa-17In this era of rapid technological change, United States government agencies are seeking to capitalize on great opportunities while grappling concurrently with profound challenges in the area of secure information management. In the course of determining technological requirements and implementing solutions that will support the rapid exchange of data and information, government agencies must struggle against state and non-state actors who are continually adapting new ways to attack networks and disrupt secure information flow. To combat these threats, government agencies must implement cybersecurity systems that can address immediate threats while providing agencies the capability to rapidly evolve to contend with future cyber assaults. And they must do these things in the context of constrained budgets.

Data Systems Analysts, Inc. (DSA) is one of the leading firms that stands ready to provide its extensive experience and expertise to support government customers in achieving their secure information sharing needs. From its founding in 1963,DSA has been developing and fielding advanced technical solutions to assist its Department of Defense(DoD) and federal civil agency customers in achieving their sensitive, mission-critical business goals and objectives. 

Knocking on the company’s door

In 1963, a team of engineers working for the RCA Corporation developed the software for one of the largest wide area data communications networks in the U.S.. These pioneering engineers decided to build on their expertise and become “masters of their own destiny”. They established DSA and teamed with Ford Aerospace to win a major contract to develop a similar network for Western Europe and Asia. From this humble beginning, the DSA team progressed to developing turnkey custom software systems for data communications applications for the federal government and for large corporations. The company also developed a suite of communications applications for the civil aviation industry that enhanced flight safety. Over the next five decades the company evolved and adapted to new technological advances and changing customer needs to become the company that today offers innovative collaborative technology solutions that help U.S. fighting forces command, control and communicate effectively throughout the world, regardless of their location. 

Since its inception, DSA has played a key role in lending its support to the U.S. War fighter. One of its first major projects in the early 1960s involved partnering with DoD to provide a secure and reliable messaging system for America’s fighting forces and the nation’s allies. It was DSA engineers who developed the world’s first packet switch in the 1960s, and helped pioneer the use of electronic messages within the DoD. 

A conversation with the CEO, Frances R. Pierce

“Information Technology and consulting solutions and services,” is a vast sector. How do you differentiate your services from those of your competitors?

At DSA, we are continuously assessing the emerging threats and challenges that our customers must address and strive to remain current on cutting edge technologies and best practices associated with our offerings. We are aggressive in collaborating with industry partners to complement our organic competencies and expand our capacity to deliver to each of our customers a unique value proposition. And we do this while ensuring the delivery of the highest quality services. 

Along with brand position and market grip comes rivalry. How do you maintain your brand position in the market?

We believe in the coming years that the Government IT market sector will be highly competitive, with many small, niche-oriented companies vying for a share of the market based on their ability to offer customers a unique value proposition of technologies and services at a very competitive price. This, in turn, will pose challenges for large IT providers to maintain market dominance.

The DSA team strives to provide superior service that fully supports our customers’ mission at the best possible price. We are able to accomplish this by remaining abreast of emerging customer challenges, new technologies and evolving threats. We remain in the forefront of our industry by developing new offerings for our current customers and expanding our current offerings to new customers.

How do you and your company contribute to the global IT platform and society at large?

In today’s world, new technological advances are emerging at a rapid rate and are redefining customer expectations with respect to secure information management. DSA’s professionals excel in helping customers achieve sensitive, mission-critical business goals and objectives. We offer deep expertise in the fields of operation, security, and collaboration challenges that our customers must address. DSA provides secure information management solutions that encompass program and knowledge management, business process re-engineering, cyber-security, SharePoint services, data analytics, and systems engineering and integration. 

The Roadmap Ahead

Over the past 54 years, DSA has supported its Government customers in identifying and applying advanced technology and innovative approaches to meet their needs. It has crafted business strategies and redefined its offerings to address current and evolving threats, new technological advances, and business process re-engineering requirements of current and prospective customers. The company has achieved remarkable growth during the past five years by capitalizing on strong leadership, exceptional business development skills and advanced technical capabilities. “Our focus remains to continue to master cutting edge technologies, enhance and refine our service offerings, expand our customer base, and sustain our strong growth,” adds Frances R. Pierce. 

Roll out the Red carpet for the CEO 

Frances R. Pierce is President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Data Systems Analysts, headquartered in Trevose, PA. She joined DSA in 1971. She has served on the DSA Board of Directors since 1980 and became Chairman of the Board in 1991. Fran is serving on the Board of Directors of Chestnut Hill College. She is a four term Board member of The International Eye Foundation, an organization dedicated to the promotion of peace through the prevention of blindness.

SmartCEO Magazine honored Fran with a Brava! Women in Business Achievement Award, thus, recognizing her as one of Greater Philadelphia’s most influential female leaders. Philadelphia SmartCEO100 selected Fran as a leader in the Best-Run Companies program in 2012, and she was a 2013 winner in the Philadelphia SmartCEO Circle of Excellence category of Minority-Run Companies.

“We build on our past achievements, continually seeking new ways to improve performance, provide our customers the most innovative and effective solutions to their requirements, and deliver excellence in all of our endeavors.”