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Providing Identity and Access Management solutions for enterprises: ILANTUS Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

binod-singh-founder-ilantusOrganizations in today’s world are grappling with issues from managing employee access to data and applications to managing adoption of cloud applications for cost reduction without marginalizing security. The magnitude of the problem increases manifold as the size of organization increases. At the other end of the spectrum, end users have too many user ids and passwords to remember and are looking to have this issue solved with a superior user experience. Meanwhile, CISOs and IT Administrators are on the lookout for solutions to ensure that the organization meets statutory norms and compliance requirements. ILANTUS addresses these concerns of the CIOs, CISOs, IT administrators and end users by delivering comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions for enterprises through its unique Identity Lifecycle Management Solution (ILMS) framework.Founded in the year 2000, ILANTUS’s product portfolio in the identity and security governance domain are acknowledged as path breaking, outclassing the traditional technologies completely.

Value addition to the Customer Environment

ILANTUS’s unique Identity Lifecycle Management Solution (ILMS) framework incorporates all the major IAM components within it, namely Identity & Access Governance (IAG), User Administration & Provisioning (UAP), Single Sign-On (SSO) and Identity & Access Intelligence (IAI), providing for quick connectivity between multiple vendor technologies giving the choice to combine best-of-breed solutions with the overall experience of an integrated suite.

Satisfied Clients

ILANTUS, with its 14+ year experience in IAM software integration experience, ventured into development of IAM products from late 2012 and has created pioneering products to cater to an organization’s need for Identity Lifecycle Management through any mix of cloud, hosted or enterprise deployment modes. With an ability to deliver products and services of the highest quality at controlled risk and acceptable costs, innovations from ILANTUS cloud-based identity have led Gartner to recognize ILANTUS as a ‘Cool Vendor’. ILANTUS has a rich product portfolio that spans the entire Identity Lifecycle Management cycle. The portfolio consists of the following products:
• Password Express: Password Management delivers self-service password reset and OS account unlock for both MAC and Windows, BYOD access, strong security with multi-factor authentication and automated password synchronization across the organization. It provides users with improved sign on experience across all applications and password self-service from any device, anytime and anywhere. With Password Express, users only need to remember one complex password and not many.
• Sign-on Express: Sign-On Express is a next generation Web Single Sign On solution that provides users with seamless and secured access to any web based application from any device, anytime and anywhere. With Sign-On Express, users have to sign-in once and they don’t have to type their user-id/password again and again.
• Identity Express: ILANTUS Identity Express gives the enterprise control over user identities with provisioning, de-provisioning, and out-of-the–box automation workflows.
• Compliance Express: Access governance and compliance ensure the right people have the correct access to banking and IT applications and nothing more, through access certification workflows and more via ILANTUS Compliance Express.

Addressing Identity and Access Management Needs of organizations It is an undoubted fact that ILANTUS is a class apart from its competitors and is an obvious choice that organizations make while choosing a product company that protects the existing investments in IAM components, fill in gaps that may exist in the deployed IAM components and also give a choice to customers to add new components. With quick and guaranteed ROI for continued management buy-in, the ILANTUS experience provides for easy integration between different components while providing easy customization to address customer specific use-cases.

The clientele at ILANTUS includes iGate, SREI, Aditya Birla, Allied Building Products Corporation (USA), Mahindra, Jet Airways, Motorola, Airtel, to name a few.

Speaking on the quality of products from ILANTUS, iGATE says, “By synchronizing ILANTUS Password Express and PeopleSoft, the existing HR software, all 28,500 users were auto registered into Password Express to ensure that everyone was seamlessly using the new password management tool.”

With a revenue model based on B2B sales through direct sales and through channel sales, ILANTUS products are deployed via hosted, on-premise and hybrid models and the company has a diverse competitive landscape consisting of traditional IAM players such as IBM and Oracle, and cloud-based SaaS players such as Okta and Centrify.

Known for its low support and maintenance cost advantages due to model of competitive yet fair pricing strategies in almost every technology in the IAM space since 2000, the company has lightweight and minimal infrastructure requirements and has a strong presence and brand name already in the US while the APAC and middle-east remains an uncontested space.

Aiming for future targets

ILANTUS is backed by Intel Capital, Karnataka Information Technology Venture Capital (KITVEN) and TCG Ivega Corporation. With a large foot print in US, the company is now working to bring global best practices into the APAC region. ILANTUS has been a pioneer of providing IDaaS (Identity as a service) on the cloud. “The company is now focused on expanding the footprint of the IDaaS offerings worldwide”, says the CEO, Mr. Singh. With such a planned approach and several success stories to its credit, ILANTUS is sure to increase its presence across verticals and geographies in large scales in the near future ahead.

Time Line of the company

ILANTUS has been in business since 2000, ever since the inception of Identity and Access Management domain. ILANTUS has been the first vendor that provided onsite-offshore model for IAM deployments. Between 2000 and 2005, ILANTUS became pioneers in the IAM space and took the leadership position in the industry. Industry goliaths took notice of the company and it became preferred partners of IBM, Oracle, CA and NetIQ since 2005-2006. ILANTUS got Intel Capital funding in 2006 to fuel rapid expansion. ILANTUS started 24×7 Managed Services business in 2007 – first of its kind in the industry. Over time, ILANTUS gained deep visibility of industry analysts such as Gartner.

From 2010, ILANTUS’s transformation from services to a product company began. With rapid changes to IT landscape and emergence of gaps in incumbent products, ILANTUS started developing IP to bridge those gaps. ILANTUS IP got Gartner’s attention and it received ‘Cool Vendor – 2012’ accreditation. ILANTUS has continued to further invest on IP and has rapidly developed a product portfolio to address a company’s identity lifecycle management needs.

Knowing the Key Executive Binod Singh: (Founder/CEO)

An alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and currently an identity & access governance evangelist, Mr. Binod Singh has been associated with the domain of identity and access management and governance since ILANTUS’ inception. With over 30 years of IT industry experience from working in India, US and Europe, he has rich and diverse experience in international technology spanning across business consulting, global alliance, identity and access management, intellectual properties and application security evangelism has earned the CEO. Presently associated with the recent emerging IDAAS (Identity as a service) technology that brings cloud based enablement, Mr. Binod actively leads & participates in major international seminars & conferences in this domain. With a 14 year experience in the identity and security governance domain, Binod is responsible for India featuring in the international map in the IAM domain in 2000. Binod is passionate about giving back to society and has been keenly involved in multiple social ventures such as the restructuring of one of the largest charity eye hospitals and taking yoga sciences to the world by supporting Vyasa, a global research institute.