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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2015

Providing superior Cyber Security and Big Data/ Analytics Solutions to Fortune 500 clients worldwide: Inovea Inc.

Inovea aims at empowering IT through creative innovations and out-of-the-box solutions. Inovea has already served a host of clients from various verticals ranging from public sector to manufacturing to healthcare.

Founded in 2003, Inovea helps clients with their IT needs by being a trusted service provider and constantly developing new and innovative products in the Cyber Security space to help secure its customers. With offices in USA, India and Australia, Inovea is also working on various concepts in the big data space to help its customers leverage their data to gain valuable insights. Uniquely positioned to work closely with clients and respond very quickly to their needs, Inovea offers end-to-end Cyber Security Services and Big Data/Analytics Solutions with its set of developed products and solutions on mobile computing platforms. Having served large clients on multiple projects, the company has gained valuable experience in successfully executing projects of varying sizes.

Providing a trusted and best in class service to clients
“Being client focused is our obsession and this alone is a major differentiating factor for Inovea. However, we also differentiate ourselves with our competition by being nimble, being able to rapidly respond to our client needs and by being a trusted advisor to our clients”, says team Inovea. Inovea serves clients from various industry verticals and tries to focus on needs that are common across verticals. For example, Cyber Security and Big Data Analytics is something that almost all of the industry verticals need and Inovea is focused on providing the best in class solutions. However Inovea has also realized that each industry has its own set of issues to resolve and that many of these challenges are common:-
• IT outsourcing is not always hassle free: Most of the large companies have realized that IT outsourcing is not always easy and many struggle to derive the maximum value out of their services providers. This is where Inovea shines with strict organization and the ability to respond rapidly to the needs of various customers and measures its success based on the mutually agreed KPIs.
• Increasing costs: Increasing costs have adversely affected IT outsourcing. There is a lot of pressure in deriving exceedingly more ROIs. Inovea works hard to keep the project costs for our clients under control and goes a step further and delivers great value for its customers by hiring top talent and picking the right personnel for the task and this optimization helps increase the ROI.
• Cyber Security Threats: A steady increase in cyber security threats is one of the major concerns for the industry that Inovea addresses quite nicely with a slew of services intended to manage and automate these concerns. We provide Advanced Threat Protection, Incident Response, Security Engineering, Penetration Testing, Compliance Consulting, Identity Management, Threat Intelligence and Monitoring. We have integrated security capabilities across the technology stack of infrastructure, applications and services.
• Big Data/Analytics: Almost all businesses – big, medium or small are struggling with data explosion. Understating all the internal and external data available to a company is key to make the right business decisions. Inovea’s Analytics solutions helps clients across verticals with their big data issues. The experienced analysts help clients study data and derive valuable insights, which helps in making the right business decisions.

Inovea’s range of Services
Inovea provides Advanced Threat Protection, Incident Response, Security Engineering, Penetration Testing, Compliance Consulting, Identity Management, Threat Intelligence and Monitoring and has integrated security capabilities across the technology stack of infrastructure, applications and services, for the same. Some of the clients across various verticals whom Inovea has served include:-

Inovea’s USPs
•Inovea provides product engineering lifecycle services for software product companies – from product conceptualization, specifications, architecture, and design to the entire product development, testing, implementation, maintenance and support. Its proven processes and methodologies ensure project success by reducing time to market and providing predictable cost, time and resources. • Inovea identifies market needs and generates ideas to develop new products. Its engineers who are capable of understanding these ideas and translating them into world class products, Inovea continuously endeavours to exceed customer expectations with consistent innovations in technologies, methodologies and processes, in order to stay ahead of intense competition. Thus, as a part of the corporate culture, Inovea is highly customer centric and believes in delivering the best quality products all the time. •Inovea approaches team management as a physical and logical extension of a customer’s engineering team. Hence it’s no surprise that the company has long term relationships with a majority of its key customers who trust its capability to deliver cost effective product engineering solutions on time and within a reasonable budget.

Executive Thoughts “We believe that success is a journey and not a destination and this belief constantly pushes our exuberance to unreachable heights. We, at Inovea believe that clients fetch you more clients and that philosophy drives us to work harder to exceed the expectations of the client.” Sasidhar Reddy, Founder