50 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2016

Providing the most appealing B2C Lead Exchange Platform: Astoria Company


The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”  – Peter Drucker

Digital transformation is in full swing, and companies have two options to follow: one is to stay a step ahead of the competitors and the other is to keep up with the crowd, whereas falling behind isn’t an option. So keeping option one in mind, to support companies to operate marketing activities digitally, Astoria Company was formed in 2011 by industry experts who build and develop genuine customers for trusted brands. Its veteran team comes from the heart of the advertising industry. The company understands quality lead generation and campaigns that scale. It’s Astoria’s responsibility to know the nature of consumers and advertisers that result in verified, high quality new customers. Not only has it proven success in a variety of markets, but continuously tests new ways to bring in high quality customers for the brands it promotes.

It helps companies accelerate new customer acquisition and grow their brands by leveraging powerful, efficient, proprietary systems and technology platforms that scale.

Digital Marketing  Services Offered

Lead Exchange Marketplace: Astoria Company has developed a proprietary technology platform for delivering new customer leads to companies via real time Host/Post, Ping/Post and Pay Per Call.

Being a technology marketing company, Astoria generates leads through company owned websites like, as well as many publisher partners and agencies that leverage their proprietary, real-time lead exchange platform that connects buyers and sellers. The technology supports real-time, dynamic bidding for exclusive, shared (“bid on legs”) and even undersold leads.

Call filtering: Built for the media manager, Astoria’s pay per call/pay-for-performance platform makes it easy to customize how callers are handled when they call in response to the media efforts. While this may seem like something a media manager is not typically empowered to manage, who better to look after what is working and what is not than the person responsible for spending and measuring the effectiveness of media dollars? Astoria’s easy to use IVR system gives media managers the power to make adjustments to call flow in real-time, without any assistance or involvement from the IT department or call center.

 Call Quality Pricing: We understand that advertisers don’t want to pay publisher commissions for every call-just the good calls. With Astoria’s performance marketing platform, you only pay commissions on calls that meet quality criteria. You set the price, and you decide which calls you want to take. Simply define the appropriate call filters within the RingRevenue platform. Publishers will see the target criteria when applying to promote campaigns. Then, only the calls that meet the requirements are connected to the client’s call center. Clients also have the power to make the campaigns available only to publishers you want to work with, freeing you from worry about unfamiliar publishers driving calls to the call center.

Fraud prevention: Advertisers looking to get started in performance marketing often have concerns about affiliate fraud. While most online publishers keep to high standards and will do their best to work well with you, which may not always be the case. RingRevenue call performance marketing provides a number of built-in capabilities to help you avoid affiliate fraud and maintain a high-quality program with high-quality partners.

Creative library: Astoria’s call performance marketing works with all media types and creative, so it only makes sense to allow you to host all of the creative resources in one place. We make it easy for you to upload banners, print ads, audio ads, TV ads, email creative and more. Just leave some room for us to include custom phone numbers in the creative and we’ll do the work to ensure the publishers have access to the approved creative and that they can easily add their unique tracking phone numbers to it.

Online integration: Don’t think of it as calls or clicks, instead it is calls AND clicks. Astoria’s call based campaigns work in conjunction with your online campaigns to ensure you get credit for all the traffic you’re driving. Clicks on any online creative are tracked via your network’s standard online process and calls are tracked through Astoria’s platform.

Many advertisers are also using the web integration code which means that when you do send them clicks, they will automatically display the issued phone number on their landing page instead of their main toll free number. That a great start to a successfully integrated pay per call online campaign.

Pay per call: Astoria Company utilizes the latest pay per call technology that has finally matured into an undeniable platform to gain high quality new customers like never before in history. Today, more Advertisers and nearly all of the leading online performance agencies are seeking to leverage pay per call performance marketing because their advertisers demand more than just call tracking. They need an instant, direct connection to their new customers.

The Road Ahead
The company is aggressively expanding its business of buying and selling B2C leads in all Insurance verticals: Auto, Home, Health, Life, Renters, Senior Medicare Supplement and Final Expense. The lead exchange platform also supports Education, Legal, Mortgage, Auto Financing, Personal Loans, Home Improvement and Solar verticals.

Meet the Key Executive

  Scott Thompson, Founder & CEO: Having worked in the online digital media space for 15 Years, Scott has Internet Advertising in his DNA. His key skills being lead generation, customer acquisition, affiliate marketing and many others. Under Scott’s supervision, Astoria was ranked #119 on Inc 5000 in 2015. He is a proud alumnus of St.Mary’s college batch of 1986.

“It’s our business to know the nature of consumers and advertisers that result in verified, high quality new customers.”