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Sharp Software Development India: Excellent Software Product Engineering Company Delivering Cost-Effective Services


“We believe in “Never stop learning” with the emphasis on Creativity and Innovation.”

Established in 1999, Sharp Software Development India Pvt. Ltd (SSDI) is a renowned product engineering company having a long term association with Japanese organization. A global member company in Sharp Corporation’s global R&D network, SSDI in no time has carved a niche for itself by becoming product knowledge to sustain and contain the Sharp specific critical knowledge on MFP and Display domain. Today, SSDI’s applications are spread across Desktop, Web, Cloud, Mobile, Touch etc.

SSDI clientele is a cost center for Sharp Japan and is focused for B2B model. The company takes pride in having renowned clients such as Business solution group at Sharp Japan and Sharp labs of America, and also Middle East and India Sharp sales subsidiaries. Amalgamating latest technology with business objectives to keeping their employees updated with the latest technologies and trends, the highly proficient team at SSDI always encourage all members to keep-up their knowledge, attend many seminars and public workshops. The company today is position as:

  • Digital document and Imaging systems
  • Digital Display systems
  • Smart TV
  • Market oriented solutions (Education, Healthcare, Finance, Retail, and Hospitality)
  • Broad software spectrum - Embedded software, Device drivers, Desktop application, Web Application, Touch and gesture based applications, Mobile and Cloud.

Headquartered is in Sakai, Japan, Sharp has 5 research labs situated across globe (China, USA, Europe, India and Japan).

Story of their Inception

Brain child of Praveen Kanipakam, Sharp software development India was incorporated to provide cost effective development for Sharp MFP printer drivers. Responding to the various changes and challenges related to delivery and quality in the past fourteen years, SSDI has grown significantly in size, scope, and breadth, which includes the development centre for MFP Firmware, Printer drivers and Application ranging from web, desktop, cloud, mobile and interactive displays. Today, SSDI continues to provide the cost effective services to Sharp Japan that originally motivated its establishment along with customer focused software solutions and services to Sharp sales subsidiaries. SSDI is a 100% consolidated subsidiary of Sharp labs of America which in turn is R&D lab of Sharp Japan.

Over the years, SSDI has developed competencies that are critical for creating successful businesses for its customers. Their competencies include software product engineering with specializations in Systems software, Firmware, Web, Mobile and cloud systems. Demonstrated competencies to create market oriented solutions for document and display systems as applied to multiple verticals like Retail, Banking, Education, Hospitality etc. Located at International Technology Park, state of art technology hub of Bangalore, SSDI is a strategic partner for Business Solutions Group of SHARP, delivering innovative products to global markets including India.

Being Different in the Domain

The company today, takes pride in achieving their target and witnessing continuous improvement. An ISO and CMMI Level3 Company, Sharp is prepared for CMMI L5 improvement to holistically improve the quality at all levels of development. Gradually they are progressing towards predictive, quantitative model of project and quality management.

Abiding by their motto “Quality in our Heart and Mind ..Same is our strength.” the company truly dedicates their success to the group of engineers who are focused on product quality and innovation.


The Offerings

For Sharp Japan and Sharp America:

The domain of expertise is Printing /scanning application (like Document management system, Business workflow systems, Accounting applications), Smart TV (Widgets, portals) Cloud applications (Cloud based Mobile office), Enterprise level applications, Displays applications (Digital signage, Touch and gesture based applications) and Imaging. Above systems include Firmware, Drivers and Multiple Application layers.  The company also supports 11 global markets and numerous families of MFP and IDP/IWB devices. Quality for above all is achieved by conducting Functional, Performance, Load, Security, Usability and Localization/OEM testing. 

For sales subsidiaries:

SSDI is development partners with Indian and Middle-East Sharp sales subsidiaries to provide customized software solutions in the MFP and Display domain.

Future Roadmap

For days ahead in business, the team at Sharp software strives to transform from being a development company to concept and idea generation factory and support Sharp Japan planning in defining the new product line and roadmaps. Alongside, they look forward to add value adding features to existing products.

Meet the Noble Head

Praveen Kanipakam, Founder & President- A visionary and a true entrepreneur at heart, Praveen combines 20+ years year of experience of market, customer, technology, people, and business management expertise in multi-cultural environment. Praveen brought up a giant organization in Indian Scenario.

“With a blend of passion for technology, market know-how, and a productive development process our team practices continuous improvements in all the tasks they undertake with utmost importance to quality and schedule. Our teams are engaged in different stages of development starting from concept generation to specification to design and construction. Testing and verification forms an integral part of all of our deliverables.”- Praveen Kanipakam, Founder & President

"Our vision is to be knowledgeable and reliable partner in India, for Sharp Corporation’s business groups Product Engineering."

“Each one of us play a significant role not only in making things faster, thinner and simpler every day, but also we make our work more rewarding, entertaining and exciting.”

“Being part of Japanese major, Quality is an integral part of SSDI functioning in all our accomplishments.”