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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2016

Significant Information in Real Time is Just a Click Away with: Click Prompt Technologies LLC


"Founded in the year 2015, Click Prompt is young, vibrant and one of a kind in the market.”

Click Prompt is the revolution that a company needs and its innovative idea is shaking the market technology. Data gathering already is well known, however the differential of this new tool is to work in favor of operations in real time, providing the perception of operational performance through alerts sent to managers, allowing the correction of hidden errors and increasing the quality of services. It brings relevant information from your customer, product and campaign in real time. It is a completely self-service product; its contracting is immediate, and the client determines its rules and parameters, adequate to their exact need for understanding.

The advent of Click Prompt technologies
Bearing passion for technology, Junior Belardo, Founder of Click Prompt, is a customer who appreciates quality service. He believes that this is not a difference in companies but an obligation of the provided service. He also believes that the Global market in general is very concerned about the quality of the offered service and endlessly searches differentials against competition; which is why he started to observe negative data of the results of some American companies that have huge networks across the country. The lack of additional information to fix hidden errors and obtaining data in real time was evident to him. Junior’s thought process made way to Click Prompt, an American company that offers a simple tool to use and bring excellent results. “Despite being simple, it brings numbers to managers that are often unknown and only a profound auditing could identify them, this usually occurs when the graph of the operation is falling and a problem alert is apparent”, says the young entrepreneur.

Product offerings
Click Prompt targets many segments, here are few verticals which are drastically changing due to its presence.

  1. Property management- Managing hundreds of properties with excellence is a constant challenge and Click Prompt’s tool can lead this process to success. Simply put, the host can interact with managers sending alerts to various departments avoiding phone calls and delay in feedbacks. Besides creating reports, the company has a modern dashboard that allows you to view large operations and make decisions in just a few seconds.
  2. Schools- The click prompt helps directors to perceive problems that might occur such as bulling, drugs, weaponry and other aspects that influence children and the staff and thus improving school quality as a whole.
  3. Supermarket- Keeping products always available to the customers is a constant concern, but with Click Prompt, the consumer can report in real time alerting the manager about the missing product. It also allows the manager to know what other products the clients wish it were available raising the quality of service and customer satisfaction.
  4. Customer service- Click Prompt allows your company to collect data in real time in just a few seconds. It allows your business to know its operation and can change the destination of your company. The tool is one of its kinds in the market, by using it you will be able to understand and help your clients by perfecting the delivery of goods and services avoiding overlooked mistakes.

The Click Prompt is a very broad tool and reaches different markets, but it is focused on services, hotel chains, restaurants, schools, hospitals, Universities, car rental companies, airlines, supermarkets and real estate market in direct selling. Apart from these verticals, the company offers its service 100% free for American Public School.Its low cost reflects an amount of mass users, and its mechanism even being easy has a sophisticated high-performance platform. Their objective is to reach the hotel market and large restaurant chains.

Gratified customers
Click Prompt technologies claims that it does not have direct competitors. Excellent work is what keeps the customers happy and passionate about the company’s tool. The city of Maringa / Brazil has witnessed the company’s presence in 110 public schools, serving 36,000 students. The city managers are avid about the tool and recognize the importance of getting the data in real time to fix hidden errors and improve the quality of services.

Present and future venture
The company is well informed about its customers and has a deep understanding of their requirements. At present, it is focused on increasing productivity which includes reducing time, increasing gain, and enhancing quality. Minimizing errors is also a part of their present undertaking. It is Currently located in Orlando (Central Office) , São Paulo (Latin America) and Australia (Reseller). The young Click Prompt technologies is ambitious and aims to become globally recognized in the near future in order to change the fortune of the largest possible number of companies around the world.

“Understanding the behavior can change the fate of a company and we do it very well.”

Meet the Key Executive Duo

Junior Belardo, Founder Belardo is an Italianbrazilian. He was born in Brazil and spent some time living in Milan, Italy. He graduated in law, but was very passionate about technology. He lives in United States, where he founded the Click Prompt one year ago.