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10 Fastest Software Companies 2015

Software Services companies: Accolite Software India Pvt Ltd


Founded in 2009, Accolite Software India Pvt Ltd, is focused on serving Fortune 500 Customers in Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications and Automotive Verticals. The company is laser focused on producing the best technical talent in these Verticals and solving most complex technical and business problems.

Accolite is a cutting edge information technology services and product development company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with four development centers in Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and Coimbatore, India. With a proven track record of 100% customer success, Accolite has delivered outstanding results to each and every one of their customers in the Healthcare, Banking and Financial Services, Telecommunications and Automotive verticals. Some of Accolite’s prestigious customers include Morgan Stanley, British Telecom, Alcatel-Lucent, Fedex, Trilogy.

“Accolite has renowned reputation with its install base for bringing the best technical talent to solve most complex problems. Customers such as FedEx, Alcatel-Lucent and Morgan Stanley look to Accolite to solve some of their complex technical problems and continue to look to do more with Accolite as a result of the success we deliver” said Leela Kaza, CEO of Accolite.

Providing niche technology solutions, Accolite delivers the best in class technology resources for complete end-to-end software product development and staff augmentation. Technology expertise includes Java/J2EE, .Net, iOS, Android, Cloud Computing, Data Warehousing, BPM and SAP. Accolite is also diversifying into Travel, Mobility, Healthcare and HR software product space with key investments in niche start-ups in those verticals as well as in-house product R&D.

Crediting its success to its smart, result-oriented and dedicated employees and Leadership, Leela Kaza says, “Over the years, we have heard a consistent message from hiring managers and project sponsors across the globe: ‘I don’t want a body or a brand name. I want super smart technical talent that can understand my business and solve complex problems’ Because we have been attentive to our client’s desire for smarter people and better solutions, Accolite is now one of the nation’s leading providers of technology solutions and services. “Our reputation and brand have grown exponentially because we set a higher standard for exceptional service, while maintaining a commitment to our employee growth. A thorough screening and testing process ensures our team members can complete the projects efficiently and cost effectively. On the other hand, we recognize that job skills and experience are only part of the picture. Communication Skills and Leadership are two distinct factors that set Accolite resources apart from the competition. We expect every one of our employees to be tomorrow’s Leaders and if you have the flair to lead a team, grow technically and professionally, Accolite is the place to be” says Leela Kaza. Accolite also provides unique on-site opportunities both short term and long term in Europe and North America and employees are able to work in diverse client environments and foster their business, technical and leadership skills.

Accolite Innovation Group
Innovation group at Accolite was setup to fulfil strategic goal of supporting accelerated growth of the company and bolster it to the next level. Key areas of focus include Building products for the consumer market. We are pursuing ideas around understanding consumer behaviour by analysing their spend and social data collected from their bills, credit card statements, social network posts etc. Two major products will be launched in this domain the second half of the year – says Asuhutosh Upadhyay, Head of Accolite’s Innovation Practice.

Accolite has built Products aimed at modeling end to end hiring process for Lateral and Campus hiring. HRMS+ , a Next generation Human Resource Management System is built for supporting a wealth of processes internal to an organization. All of these products are being written keeping scalability in mind with a long term goal of offering these as SaaS based solutions to rest of the world.

Accolite University
Another key differentiator of Accolite is its college hiring program Accolite University!

Accolite University (AU) is a 90-day rigorous boot-camp and induction program for Accolite’s fresh college grads. Accolite hires from the country’s top schools – IITs, NITs, IIITs, NSIT, PESIT , Anna University, Delhi University and Pune University to name a few. Accolite has an extremely high bar for recruiting – interview process focuses on graduates’ aptitude at problem solving and computer science fundamentals with a special focus on his/her ability to understand, analyse and apply their knowledge on data-structures and algorithms. Communication skills and Leadership potential are the other two key parameters in the selection process. AU, through its tightly overseen lots-of-work-lots-of-play model, helps orient fresh hires to the rigors and professionalism that is required in the Industry. Apart from exposing fresh hires to technology areas that are core competencies of Accolite and helping them understand and appreciate software engineering best practices, AU also serves to inculcate Accolite core values and AU’s own cult-like- culture in our fresh hires.

“The camaraderie that we see within each AU class and their brimming enthusiasm to be part of the trainer- teams for the following year classes is a key success factor for AU and is what has now made AU an inseparable part of Accolite’s identity in the industry” says Prasanna Srinivasan, who heads Accolite University Program.

Solution Footprint
Accolite focuses on four key market segments – Banking & Insurance, Healthcare, Automotive and Telecom verticals. The core services provided in these vertiacals are Management Consulting, Technology Consulting, SaaS, Application Development, Testing Services, Network Management & Support and Corporate Training. Cloud based development services and Mobile application development are two of the fastest growing segments of Accolite.

Banking & Insurance
With deep expertise in insurance as well as banking domain, Accolite aims at simplifying challenges arising due to diversified channels, wide distribution networks, and constantly changing regulations. Accolite has deep domain expertise in the Banking and Brokerage businesses serving customers such as MorganStanley in the areas of Portfolio Management, Trading, Wealth Management and Risk. Accolite also helps deploy Enterprise Incentive Management Systems and Policy Admin Systems for Fortune 500 Clients

Accolite also plays a key role as a technical delivery partner for various customers such as Trilogy, Versata, Aurea and its portfolio of companies across North America and Europe, to serve their BFSI customers. We serve the entire gamut starting from ERP products for retail and CRM space to mission critical platforms like Sonic, Savvion, Actional and DXSI. These technologies make up the back bone of several leading businesses like Bank of America etc. “Accolite consultants are playing key roles as Technical delivery managers and technical consultants delivering professional services to support complex and critical business solutions” says Anuradha Balasubramanian who heads multiple business units under the Aurea umbrella

Accolite’s Software integration solutions help streamline business processes and preserve IT investments while solving many complex challenges being faced by the Healthcare organizations worldwide. Accolite has built several applications in the Healthcare Sector including:
Patient Portals
Physician Portals
Bed Management Applications
HL7 Data Integration
Revenue Cycle Management Applications
Extended 24×7 Hospital Technical Support

Accolite provides development services both for Provider and Payor Market serving several Fortune 500 Customers. “Accolite is integral to the Product Development Plans of our Clients and we are their trusted partner to design, build and maintain mission-critical healthcare applications” says Hemant Shah, VP of Technology Delivery for the Healthcare Practice.

Conventional dealer management systems in the market today, focus on information flow in general, from dealer to OEM, with emphasis on control rather than customer focus. Accolite addresses these issues by helping OEMs and dealers change the way they do business and enhance business performance through unique, differentiated solutions that are packaged as flexible options under one Dealer Management System (DMS) umbrella.

“Be it highly interactive, intuitive and responsive applications with web/mobile/desktop clients, or be it web services platforms capable of serving millions of requests per day, our teams have been successfully building and delivering those for years. All this is made possible due to our teams’ razor sharp focus on acquiring deep business domain expertise as well as widely embraced zeal around continuous learning. Our teams’ ability to deliver on-time and within-cost has enabled us to offer excellent ROI to our clients and partners, thereby making us one of the top chosen product development partners even in highly competitive multi-vendor environments”, cites Amit Arora, Delivery Head for the Automotive Business Team.

Accolite’s Telecom Business Unit (TBU) provides high end consulting services to some of the fortune 500 companies. The highly competent teams work on multi layered architecture systems that interact with many new and legacy systems providing end to end order processing, billing solutions to both their business customers as well as retail consumers.

“The industry per say is very dynamic and competitive. To be a winner in this industry our clients constantly come up with various plans for customers which inturn translates into a lot of challenges at a technology level for us. Our team helps its customers in re-imagining their offerings to Customers digitally”, says Prem Kalyan, who heads the Telecom Business Unit

Accolite recently participated in Techgig, a nationwide initiative by the The Times Group, where 3 Top Coders from Accolite made it to the Grand Finale. In a pan India coding contest, with more than 80,000 participants from over 1000 companies, Accolite team members competed with tens of thousands of technical geniuses in their quest for the coveted title. The company takes immense pride in their achievement; which is a commendable feat, considering they had to compete with some of the best technical minds across the Nation.

“Accolite fosters Ownership & Empowerment. Our employees across all levels boast a sense of Achievement which talks very highly of the Environment & Work Culture we propagate. We believe in participative management and involve employees in key management decisions.

In these times, when change is more rampant than before, we are also a Training & Development focused organization and have a clear road map for training the employees to sustain and enhance the productivity of the organization as a whole” cites Shipra Choudhury, HR Head.

Knowing the Key Executive
Leela Kaza- Chief Executive Officer
A Senior Executive with over 20 years of experience in Enterprise Software Sales & Consulting, Leela Kaza has previously served as the General Manager and Sr. Vice President of Insurance Division, Versata Inc (a large privately held Enterprise Software Company) and has been responsible for over $80MM of annual revenue. He has immense Expertise in building and managing large global teams catering to Fortune 500 Clients and spends his leisure time in pursuing hobbies such as listening to music, reading and travel.