10 Fastest Growing Cyber Security Companies 2016

Solving Cybersecurity Challenges in Healthcare, Retail & Other Industries: GreyCastle Security

  “There’s no silver bullet solution with cyber security, a layered defense is the only viable defense.” – James Scott

Founded half a decade ago on the principle that cybersecurity and effective defense is entirely possible if you use common sense, apply a system of measurement, and know what you’re trying to protect, GreyCastle Security is a leading services provider dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity and the practical management of its risks.

The team at GreyCastle Security admits that the traditional security has taught them many lessons, none more important than a sense of urgency. Few others like Target, Home Depot and Sony all had racks full of technology, and they were still compromised, A breach can be a career-ending event for company executives and people are the biggest risk you face, inside and outside the company walls.

Array of Services Offered
Risk Assessments- This comes in different shapes and sizes but they all do the same thing – identify, prioritize and measure cybersecurity risk. Industry, business strategy, and regulatory requirements will determine which type of Risk Assessment you need.

Incident Response- GreyCastle Security’s Computer Incident Response Teams (CIRTs) have responded to hundreds of breaches, intrusions, malware infections, thefts, employee investigations, fraud cases and other incidents. Their highly-certified experts have extensive experience in command, coordination and correction of incidents in nearly every industry throughout North America, from local businesses to Fortune 500 international conglomerates.

Awareness- GreyCastle Security’s program is different as it delivers education, training and testing that is: Continuous, Relevant, Engaging and Measurable. Most importantly, it changes people’s behaviors. All of GreyCastle Security’s Awareness Clients receive a complete suite of education, training, testing and measurement services, all designed to change behaviors and reduce people risk.

Penetration Testing- A Penetration Test often called “red teaming” or a “red team exercise” is the practice of simulating as closely as possible the effect that cyber threats could have on your business. It is a simulation of a real-world attack on targeted assets using the same tools and techniques that modern criminals use. This is done by understanding who your threats are, their capabilities, motivations and targets and “hacking” your systems the way they are.

ISO-as-a-Service – The company’s ISO-as-a-Service solves all of these problems. Engaging as much, or as little as you want, the ISO-as-a-Service is designed to scale to your needs; all without the usual headaches. Their ISO-as-a-Service you get all of the same expertise, services and benefits of a seasoned, highly-certified cybersecurity team and ISO.

Solutions Offered
Healthcare- Solutions for teaching hospitals, regional medical centers, health systems, HIEs, health providers, Covered Entities (CEs) and Business Associates (BAs)

Higher Education- Solutions Community colleges, 2- and 4-year colleges, universities, statewide university systems and higher education consortiums.

Retail- Solutions for Big box department stores, online retailers, ecommerce providers, point-of-sale providers and brick-and-mortar storefronts.

Utilities- Solutions for generators, bulk energy providers, exchanges, Independent System Operators, nuclear facilities and other critical infrastructure.

Services- Solutions for community and national banks, credit unions, hedge funds, brokerage firms and other financial services firms.

Being Different in the Domain
The company and its people are different from others in the domain. Factors that contribute them to being different are:

  • They don’t sell hardware or software and it doesn’t matter what they already have – they are going to make it all more secure.
  • Their cybersecurity experts are former CIOs, CTOs, ISOs, business owners and technicians.
  • They have all answered to audit committees, board members and CEOs; they very well understand the politics, economics and headaches of cybersecurity.
  • They are former consumers of inadequate or inappropriate cybersecurity services.

Client Testimonials
“They [GreyCastle Security] offered and provided a very robust variety of services that catered to our every need from both a cybersecurity and business perspective.”– Mark C., CEO, Public Utility, Albany, NY

“GreyCastle Security has a great reputation in the area and it was the logical place to turn when we realized we needed to buckle down on our security.”– Joseph S., Partner, Law Firm, Albany, NY

“The instructor was able to keep our attention and bring across the points very clearly. I would recommend him for instruction anytime you need to keep the attention of the audience for ‘dry’ material.”– Awareness Training Student, Private College, Schenectady, NY