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10 Fastest Growing Healthcare Companies 2015

Sutherland Healthcare Solutions: Delivering Innovative Services and Technology Solutions to a Global Healthcare Clientele

“We focus on helping health organizations on their journey from fee-for-service to a value based model  through the delivery of measurable financial and clinical outcomes, as well as improved patient experiences.” – Thomas Laur, CEO Sutherland Healthcare Solutions

Sutherland Healthcare Solutions, headquartered in Clifton, New Jersey, is the result of the 2012 acquisition of Apollo Health Street by Sutherland Global Services (SGS). As a wholly-owned subsidiary of SGS, Sutherland Healthcare Solutions has quickly become a prominent player in the healthcare space by helping payer, provider, and accountable care organizations transform their business operations and increase their competitive advantage through analytics-driven, technology-enabled solutions.

Sutherland Healthcare Solution applies its expertise in healthcare and analytics to serve a diverse and rapidly growing client base of health insurance companies, hospital systems, physician practices, government entities (state and federal programs), accountable care organizations, medical device and software companies. The company’s solution suite, consisting of an array of proprietary software products and analytics tools, supports automation while helping organizations align with healthcare’s results-oriented, consumer-driven and increasingly competitive landscape.

In keeping with Sutherland Healthcare Solutions’ core competencies, it offers its public and private sector clients a broad set of front and backoffice technology-driven functions including revenue cycle management, ICD-10 coding, patient experience consulting, contact center services to handle patient, member, and providercalls, credentialing and provider data management services as well as IT services and Digital Health solutions. In order to further strengthen the alignment of their solution suite’s clinical capabilities and embedded analytics, Sutherland Healthcare Solutions has recently hired a new Chief Medical Information Officer (CMIO) and Head of Analytics.

Products Offered by the Company

The company’s solution suite helps clients streamline and refine front and back office functions including:

  • Claims administration and adjudication
  • Coding
  • Contact center operations
  • Healthcare IT integration services
  • Digital Health technology solutions
  • Patient and member experience consulting
  • Population management and payment solutions
  • Provider data management (PDM)
  • Revenue cycle management (RCM)
  • Clinical and financial Analytics

Innovation and Experience Labs: Sutherland Healthcare Solutions also offers Sutherland Innovation Labs, which help enhance the patient/member experience while reducing costs and consolidating client’s resources. Additionally, Sutherland Healthcare Solutions can provide clients with an Experience Research Team to analyze the touch points of employees, members, and patients to design customized solutions in order to provide a more comprehensive and beneficial experience for each individual within a client’s care continuum.

Analytics: Analytics is one of the engines that is fueling the rapid growth of the Sutherland Healthcare Solutions. The company’s dedicated team of experts is moving quickly to leverage and strategically position analytics business intelligence in two primary dimensions:

  • Embedded Analytics: Powerful analytic tools are embedded in Sutherland Healthcare Solutions offerings, minimizing the costs and inefficiencies associated with the integration of multiple systems.
  • Analytics-as-a-Service: Sutherland delivers a cloud-based solution that harnesses the power of big data and robust analytics to streamline the analysis of vast amounts of health information and maximize actionable, data-driven intelligence.

Clientele and Measure of Customer Satisfaction
Sutherland Healthcare Solutions has a large and growing client base not only in the United States but also in Australia, India, Malaysia, and Europe. One key to the company’s continued success is the quality and scalability of its value proposition as evidenced in the high level of loyalty of its existing clients. To measure the satisfaction and loyalty of its clients, Sutherland Healthcare Solutions engages the Net Promoter Score (NPS), developed by Bain and Company. Using a scale of -100 to +100, NPS measures the percentage of an organization’s customers who would recommend the company to a friend. While the average score is usually lower than 50, Sutherland’s most recent NPS was an almost unheard of 79, highlighting both the high levels of satisfaction among existing clients as well as the unparalleled commitment to the customer experience that Sutherland Healthcare Solutions carries out.

Future Road map
Sutherland Healthcare Solutions is committed to delivering its clients impactful innovation that will help them achieve the next level of clinical and financial performance while transforming to a value base care model. To accomplish this, the senior management of the company is focusing on three core dimensions of development; 1.talent and culture, 2.data analytics assets and data access and 3.innovation as an agile discipline embracing the foundations of the Lean Start-up Model from Eric Ries. These three fundamentals priorities are fueling all innovation initiatives spanning from consumerism offerings, to population management solutions, clinical big data and robotics in clinical process execution.

Meet the Mastermind

Thomas Laur, CEO

Laur has over 20 years of international experience at the intersection of corporate strategy, operations management, and technology innovation. At Sutherland, Laur provides global leadership for all aspects of operations, sales, management, And strategy. He is responsible for developing and managing the company’s vision and growth plan. Prior to joining Sutherland Healthcare Solutions, Laur spent five years at cognizant, where he served as the Managing Director of Healthcare Digital Ventures and the Global Director of  Strategy. He also served for the years as an Associate Partner in the strategy practice of Deloitte Consulting. Laur has a Bachelor of Science in Economics and  a Masters in Business Management, both from the ICHEC Brussels Management School.

Get in touch
Twitter: @Sutherland_HC

“To be the premier and preferred partner for providing technology-enabled services and solutions across the healthcare continuum.”