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Tanla Solutions: Building Carrier-Grade Scalable Technologies


“Tanla is listed on the Bombay and National Stock Exchange in India and is currently witnessing tremendous growth.”

Tanla Solutions Ltd is a telecom products & solutions company that specializes in pioneering communication roadmaps and integrating various systems of communication for mobile technology. As a modest upstart in the late 90s, Tanla has come a long way by successfully capitalizing on the communications industry that was fast moving towards mobile and wireless technology. The result being that they are now one of the most renowned technology partners for clients ranging from Fortune 500 giants to enterprising local businesses.

By integrating various IT systems, technologies, communication methods and applications to benefit from the convergence, the company bridge the gap for clients by providing them fully managed services, including end-to-end mobile content management, billing, messaging and delivery of mobile services in a seamless display of skill and mobile wizardry.. Tanla is a global proider of mobile commerce, mobile entertainment, mobile marketing and advertising solutions to the Telecommunications, Media and Digital Content industries

Employing three key drivers - dynamism, innovation and vision, along with a sharp focus on quality, the company has evolved into a rapidly growing, profitable company with over 300 employees worldwide. Furthermore, Tanla is listed on India's leading stock markets, the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE).

With offices in Hyderabad, London, Singapore, Helsinki and Dubai, the company has begun furthering their expansion plans on a global scale. Besides acquiring a UK-based telecom services company, an Indian software development company, and most recently a Finnish mobile payments company, Openbit, they are actively bolstering core Mobile technology portfolio by extending focus to include mobile payments, rights management, social gaming and application development services.

Solutions Offered

Fusing technology with enterprise solutions


MCA- A smart alternative to capture revenue on uncompleted calls

Games club-Unified solution for integrated licensing, billing, distribution & promotion of mobile games

SMSC-Scalable messaging solution with high performance and enhanced management tools

IVR solutions-Turnkey Interactive Voice Response solution to roll out branded voice portals

Video club-Unified solution for integrated licensing, billing, distribution & promotion of mobile Videos


Game box -Dynamic portal, pre-installed on Mobile devices


Managed services-Enhancing customer experience with end-to-end service assurance

 India bulk SMS services- Enterprise messaging


Game on-Social enablement of any game for enhanced user engagement & monetization

Wrapper- Games are the most downloaded applications on the mobile phone. No...

Game box-Dynamic portal, pre-installed on Android devices

Singing audition-A scientific singer evaluation solution that analyzes the performance of a singer

Video club-License Manager is an advanced solution for software license management.

Being Different in the Domain

Tanla has the distinction of being one of the first Indian companies to focus on integrated solutions and products for the wireless world. The company has already made a name for itself in mobile communications and enjoys the rare distinction of rolling out a sophisticated software product for the wireless communications industry, within 3 months of its inception, the Tanla SMSC. Tanla was the first Indian company to make SMSC and VMS indigenously and compete against global giants. The Tanla SMSC has been deployed by prestigious names such as Reliance, BPL, Hexacom, Airtel and Essar.

Product Offerings

Mobility products for targeted results

A2P Messaging - Largest A2P SMS provider in India, processing 42BN messages per year

Fastrack - Messaging hub platform Built to meet the growing needs of Telco's and enterprises

India Premium SMS Billing (PSMS)-High availability global billing solution for instantaneous content monetization

Wrapper-Fully automated enabling solution of monetization for mobile Games and Apps

CMS- Capable of storing and delivering content and services to mobile devices

Intune -Innovative platform that can effectively measure the singing output on multiple dimensions. 

Knowing the Leaders

D. Uday Kumar Reddy, Chairman& Managing Director- He is the chief architect of the company, besides being responsible for its meteoric rise from a mere products-based solution provider to one of the largest publicly traded Mobile VAS software company, specializing in wireless data services for mobile messaging and billing.

Uday's keen business acumen and a sharp focus on innovation combined with an urge to set new milestones in business and technology have been the key drivers of the company's success.

An active member in the M&A community, he has been leading discussions across the globe regarding potential alliances and M&A opportunities. It is little wonder that within a decade of its inception, he has led Tanla to dizzying heights as one of the most successful young IT companies in India with a global presence.

Gautam Sabharwal, Director-Global Business Development-

Leading Tanla's business development across the borders is their most dynamic entrepreneur and technocrat. Founder of Techserv, now a subsidiary of Tanla Solutions, he is at the helm of global strategic alliances and partnerships.


With a career spanning well over a decade, he has had phenomenal success in worldwide marketing, sales, business development and customer operations working for companies like Infonetics Research and Virtual Plus among others.

His strong market insights and understanding of the global mobile services industry, besides managing successful businesses in the emerging telecom services markets of Europe has made him an integral part of Tanla's strategy planning and leadership team. Besides lending the company a much needed advisory support, he has been instrumental in defining competitive strategies as well as sales and marketing initiatives.

 “15 patented Products & Solutions 400 million handsets embedded with our patented license management solution.”