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The Global Leaders in Quality Management: ASI DATAMYTE Aligns Manufacturing Assembly Process With Its Quality Management Solutions


Originally founded in 1967 as Electro/General Corporation, ASI DATAMYTE has long held strong ties to Factory Automation Equipment manufacturing and helping organizations overcome challenges around quality. By the year 1983, the company changed its name to DataMyte, taking the name of its major product offering, DataMyte data collectors. A few years later, DataMyte became a wholly-owned subsidiary and internal business unit within Allen Bradley, a division of Rockwell International.

DataMyte developed the quality industry’s first handheld data acquisition systems. Due to its longevity in the marketplace, the company holds deep-seated brand recognition on the factory floors for its “Datamyte” hand-held devices.

In parallel, a Minneapolis-based company called Applied Statistics, Inc. was developing the first Windows-based SPC (statistical process control) software. The two companies, DataMyte, and Applied Statistics, Inc., joined forces as ASI DATAMYTE, Inc. in 2002 to form a powerful hardware/software/services solution for quality management in various manufacturing industries including Automotive, Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Medical Device and Pharmaceutical.

After seven acquisitions, two divestitures, and along with its own organic product innovations, ASI DATAMYTE has continued to grow and is today considered to be a global standard for innovative quality management solutions.

Road to Success

ASI DATAMYTE started its journey with the DataMyte Data Collector. The product was launched in the 1960s and over the years, it has continued to penetrate and revolutionize the market. Now called the 600 Data Collector, the DataMyte remains the company’s flagship product. It is a device that interfaces directly with hundreds of gage types and brands, providing graphically aided data collection that ensures traceability and high data integrity during the auditing process in manufacturing.

But behind the immense success of the company, there were some challenges during the early years. Forty years ago mobile data collection did not exist at all. Data collection in manufacturing was done manually (pen and paper) in many operations and it was the quest of ASI DATAMYTE to gain the trust of companies, get them to invest in the new technology, and implement the solution in their data collection process. However, the company stayed true to its goal of improving modernizing the data collection process and leaped over every hurdle that came in the way.

“We learned the importance of building strong relationships with our global clients. We always need to keep their goals at the forefront and listen to them as we shape new product offerings,” comments Rick Bump, President.

ASI DATAMYTE improves quality management in companies. Therefore, it is equally vital for ASI to keep quality as a core part of its mission. This not only applies to its Client Services, but also directly to into its Products, Solutions and Internal processes.

The company’s closed loop quality management solution aligns with 5 key areas: Plan, Collect, Control, Deploy and Feedback. ASI DATAMYTE specializes in software and hardware solutions around Quality Planning (APQP), SPC (Statistical Process Control), Data Collection, and GTM (Gage and Tool Management).

When put to work this action-oriented loop of solutions allows clients to improve their data integrity, control risk and improve quality overall. It helps some of the world’s largest brands establish a scalable, consistent level of quality across their multi-plant facilities, and ensure that they are doing all that they can to preserve brand image and data integrity.

The Trustworthy Leader for More Than 40 Years

ASI DATAMYTE is a pioneer in this industry with 40+ years of experience implementing integrated quality management solutions on a global scale. The company’s closed loop, cross-platform software and hardware devices provide agnostic data collection and real-time alerts and notifications. Its quality management solutions work seamlessly between machines, devices, and software to deliver timely and hierarchically appropriate reporting and analytics. It is this accessibility to real-time actionable data that allows managers to identify areas of improvement, minimize risk, optimize processes, and drive critical quality initiatives.

With a vision to improve quality initiatives around increasing customer satisfaction, reducing costs, mitigating risks, and meeting compliance, ASI DATAMYTE provides software, hardware, and services for driving best-in-class quality across multiple industry verticals. No other competitor comes close to having the breadth of industry experience and ability to implement globally. This extensive experience allows ASI to leverage its collective knowledge and apply it to specific client solutions and implementations.

At present, ASI DATAMYTE is a trusted leader in the quality management space. It is embedded with its clients at the foundational level, creating long-term partnerships and trust. The company has a strong, satisfied base of loyal customers including Ford, Daimler, Boeing, Embraer, PepsiCo, Gillette, Nestle, Purina, Honeywell, among many others.

The Future Roadmap

Being a “Global Standard for Innovative Quality Solutions”, ASI DATAMYTE maintains a continuous product development program as a key component of its sustainability and relevancy. The company proactively consults with leading-edge agencies and with internal teams to build out its product development pipeline around innovative products that drive incremental sales, build out the next product evolution or revolutionize the marketplace.

As a leader in the industry, ASI DATAMYTE is currently developing new product enhancements that will not only strengthen our current software and hardware products offerings to our clients, but also drive change within the manufacturing quality management space through the use of IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technologies.

Knowing the Key Executives

Rick Bump, President: Mr. Bump is a pragmatic visionary and results-oriented leader with over 20 years of experience and a proven record for successfully driving change, productivity and improving performance in multinational organizations.

Joel Ronning, Chairman: Mr. Ronning’s achievements have earned him a reputation as an innovator, entrepreneur, and visionary. He founded Digital River in1994 and held the position of CEO until 2013. Mr. Ronning has also founded four other companies prior to Digital River and has been on the Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list four times. In 2009, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the State of Minnesota. He was also named technologist of the year by the State. Mr. Ronning holds an impressive 13 patents in technology.

“Make decisions with confidence. We have solutions to fit your entire organization’s needs from the factory floor operator to the quality executive.”