50 Best Workplaces of the Year 2017

The leading developer of open, Linux-based HPC, enterprise data center and cloud solutions: Penguin Computing

thesiliconreview-tom-coull-ceo-penguin-computing-17This is an era where most of the people want things to be less expensive or free and the same goes with Technology. In the industry of computing, open source is making a huge difference. Businesses and individuals need to start thinking about switching away from proprietary software and look at open source and free software instead. 

Linux is one the best available in the market right now. Linux is crowd-sourced and as a result it has benefits—cost, flexibility, freedom, security, and accountability—that are unsurpassed by propriety solutions. Not only softwares, but even servers and workstations are geared with Linux nowadays.

With a mission to bring Linux based servers and workstation to the market, in 1998, Penguin Computing was set up. Penguin Computing entered the industry as a new player to offer customers highly configurable, Linux based systems at a competitive cost. 

About the leader of HPC

Penguin Computing is a leading U.S. developer of open, Linux-based HPC, enterprise data center and cloud solutions, offering a range of products from Linux servers to integrated, turn-key HPC clusters.

Penguin Computing provides customized build-to-order server solutions for enterprises and institutions with special hardware requirements. The company complements its hardware and software solutions with Penguin Computing On-Demand (PODTM)—a public HPC cloud that provides supercomputing capabilities on-demand on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

Over the years, Penguin has expanded from a Linux server builder to an end-to-end solutions company for the Enterprise Scale-out and HPC markets world-wide. Penguin Computing is now an OEM with its own rack-level server solution called Tundra, its High-speed storage solutions called FrostByte, an Ethernet product line for software defined networking, and its software brand called Scyld. The company nowoffers a full range of professional and managed services, plus offer data center hosting for its customers. It is a one-stop shop for HPC and enterprise customers. 

Overcoming every hurdle

Thinking about an idea is easy but the real deal comes in executing that idea and turn into a successful venture. Just like every other startup or new born company, Penguin also struggled to grow for a number of years. Penguin had been a very sales oriented company but realized that it needed a more balanced blend of sales, engineering and research to be able to compete more successfully and support its customers. 

The company realized that it must reinvent parts of its organization in order to grow. And Penguin did that and is now closer to $200M in sales. 

Today, Penguin has pioneered complete compute; storage and networking solutions that deliver the advantages of open technologies. 

Penguin Computing combines its 18 years of Linux experience in system innovation and software technology, services, support and operational excellence to provide the customers with industry leading and best value solutions. 

The employee centric workplace

Satisfied customers begin with satisfied employees. Penguin strives to provide a work place in which employees feel a sense of belonging and a connection to the big picture. The firm routinely shares its mission, purpose, and goals of its business with all employees. Penguin is an open book even with its financial information. 

Penguin is proud to provide Linux enthusiasts a platform to develop and showcase their work at its top level. “When employees get to do what they do best, customer loyalty follows...”

With a definitive reputation in the industry, the company invites the most passionate, innovative thinkers to become Penguins. Employees across the board enjoy a strong sense of pride in working for not only a major player in the market segments but participating in exciting innovations. 

Penguin Computing exemplifies a true work-life environment with policies including unlimited PTO, alternative schedules,results orientation and a good dose of autonomy and trust. The firm encourages employees to contribute alternative ideas and suggestions to optimize work and enjoy personal accomplishment on-the-job. And Penguin routinely showcases and applauds individual accomplishment. 

The future sight

Penguin Computing is a leading supplier of open technology based IT solutions. The company’s focus provides customers with a refreshing alternative to their previous legacy IT providers. 

Penguin provides its solutions to a broad customer base, including its commercial team in North America, its Federal Systems team, and its International team. The company views its product and service offerings as a broad portfolio, which can be used to develop a wide range of solutions for the customers. 

Penguin is continuously rolling out new hardware and software products. With the changing IT technology, Penguin continues to change, and its products are evolving to deliver the latest technological advances as fast as it can. 

Penguin Computing believes that in the near future, the company will grow twice the size it is today. 

Meet the master 

Tom Coull is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Penguin Computing. Tom joined Penguin Computing in December 2008 with 22 years of CEO and GM experience at startup and mid-stage public and private technology companies. At Penguin, Coull has been responsible for engineering, product development, services, support and the growth of Penguin’s HPC Cloud business. A seasoned general manager with broad high-performance computing expertise and a successful background in bringing innovative products to market, Coull will guide the company’s strategy as it continues to grow revenues and capture market share.

"It is better to have to pull the reigns back in and refocus occasionally than having a team that is afraid to try something new."