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30 Fastest Growing IoT Companies 2016

The Market Leader in IoT and Enterprise Digital Identity Security: Certified Security Solutions

“Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, with operations throughout North America, CSS solutions enable digital authentication, encryption, and signing technologies that protect your most valuable resources, helping to minimize risk, protect assets, and reduce operational expense by safeguarding access to information.”

As the market leader in IoT and enterprise digital identity security for data, devices, and applications, Certified Security Solutions (CSS) is a cyber security company that builds and supports platforms to enable secure commerce for global businesses connected to the Internet. The CSS CMS (Certificate Management System) enterprise certificate lifecycle management and Verdetto™ IoT identity security platforms simplify the design, deployment, monitoring, and management of trusted digital identities, making authentication scalable, flexible, and affordable.

CSS software and solutions simplify the design, deployment, monitoring, and management of trusted digital identities making authentication scalable, flexible, and affordable for the most demanding of enterprises. They enable digital authentication, encryption and signing technologies that safeguard access to identities, data, devices and applications. “By protecting our clients’ most valuable resources, we help companies minimize risk, protect assets, and reduce operational expense by safeguarding access to information,” said Kevin von Keyserling, President and CEO.
CSS is at the forefront of innovation delivering software products and SaaS solutions that are secure, scalable, economical, and easy to integrate into any business.

The CSS Process = Security Kaizen™
CSS helps clients mitigate risk and protect information assets through the practical application of security solutions. Each and every solution we deliver brings with it measurable and long-lasting business value and return on investment. The company helps organizations all over the world implement and maintain information security measures that not only limit risk, but heighten the quality of products, services, and solutions they provide their customers. CSS realizes the importance security has on brand perception, customer acquisition and retention – and takes every step to ensure your secure infrastructure is always a competitive advantage, and never a vulnerability. It employs best practice quality management tools and techniques – proven across many industries – to improve, strengthen, and bring efficiencies to global organizations security posture. CSS’ process and methodology has been trademarked and defined as Security Kaizen™.

Complete Certificate Life Cycle Management for the Enterprise
The CSS Certificate Management System™ (CMS) is the leading Certificate Lifecycle Management software for effectively issuing and managing certificates across your entire enterprise. Designed specifically for making the issuance, revocation, and lifecycle management of every certificate in your organization scalable and highly secure, CMS brings IT and security professionals an enterprise solution that is all-embracing and cost effective.

IoT Identity Platform
The Verdetto™ IoT Identity Platform is a secure and scalable cloud-based solution that manages digital identities used for device authentication, data encryption, and secure communication. The foundation of security is trust, and Verdetto establishes trust for every device, no matter how many thousands or millions you manage. With a trusted digital identity, the authenticity of each device can be used to secure transmission and validate your data.

CSS Solutions
Business Solutions – CSS helps companies address core strategies by enabling its clients to simply and efficiently operationalize the integration and management of digital certificate-based technologies. CSS software and managed services, seamlessly integrate cryptographically-sound, high-security digital certificates to meet specific business needs. Relying on the enablement of high-assurance PKI, clients can significantly elevate the security posture of their users, applications, data, and devices.
Industry Solutions – Not only are the security risks and threats often different across business sectors, but the regulatory environment varies across each industry and global economy. CSS understands what your organization is facing and has worked with peers in your industry to enable identity-based digital security technologies to authenticate, encrypt, and authorize information, devices and applications for employees, partners, and customers. CSS has specific tailored solutions for industries such as Healthcare, Energy, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Aerospace & Defence, Retail, Telecommunications and other Global Organizations.

CSS Services
Managed Services – Managed PKI Services from CSS allow you to keep the controls of your applications and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) in-house, but transfer the day-to-day management responsibilities to CSS; helping to drive down costs while maintaining a secure environment in a world where new threats pop up every day.

Professional Services – The CSS team of highly skilled, exceedingly knowledgeable professionals who are passionate about security and protecting IT environments will work hard to keep Enterprise PKI Projects on time and in scope.

Meet the Mastermind
Kevin von Keyserling, President and Chief Executive Officer – Kevin is responsible for company operations and oversees CSS’ organic and acquisition growth strategy. As a member of the CSS leadership team, Kevin is the chief steward of company culture. Building on the company’s culture of success, Kevin authored the Ten Principles of Leadership. These principles shape the people concepts and values that prevail and define what it’s like to work at CSS. Of the 10 principles, Kevin’s favorite is creating a learning environment. This principle helps individuals achieve their full potential. Kevin brings over 17 years’ experience in business development, operations, strategic planning, mergers & acquisitions, and international business. Prior to joining CSS, Kevin was vice president of sales at Relera Corporation, an Internet data center provider backed by venture capital. In addition, he served as vice president of sales and operations (Midwest) at Merrill Corporation. Kevin began his career at Kinko’s where he rose to director of sales for the Southwestern and Mid-Atlantic United States.

“We are committed to simplifying the proper application of digital security to protect our clients’ identities, data, and business processes.”