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50 Fastest Growing Tech Companies 2016

The Most Reliable Self Service Data Preparation computer platform: datonixOne


“When competing, often I win because I’m smart. My machine is a powerful jewel of high pure technology.”

datonix is an Italian start up established on Feb 2014 as a merge of 3 existing companies. The whole story began in 2002, when founders owned a consulting company focused on services in the DWH and BI arena. The team wanted to expand the business, so it had the opportunity to acquire the assets of QueryObject System Corporation, a NASDAQ company which developed a data mining product called QueryObject System. They created a company focused on selling licenses of the acquired asset, they’ve commercialized in various IT environments. Then, they created an R&D company focused in developing the new product leveraging on existing IPR: they had 6 years of pure research, followed by 6 years of code development. During this period they’ve invested 22 Million Euro to get 3.5 Millions of Lines of code, using 400 FTE.

In 2014, the product development was completed so it merged the 3 previous companies, this way benefiting of 20+ years of R&D, a fair set of references & use cases, and valuable intellectual properties. The company was ready to launch datonixOne and start selling Advanced Data Preparation products and services. Addressing the unique factor, datonixOnes’ most relevant differentiator is the data processing algorithm, DATA SCAN, which converts data into data structures made of a number of fractal fragments, called “datoni”.

Technology with style
datonixOne is designed to be used by data scientists, data journalists, and business analysts. It is based on a new technology that have called the data scanner. Product connects, reads and converts any type of input raw data into a smart, extremely compressed, fast and secure data image that results in the QueryObject data set. A wide set of additional features is available to enable cleansing, transformation, normalization, classification, reconciliation, blending, and unification. Data scanner can execute on very large data set at unprecedented speed. Once QueryObject has been built, end user can easily transform a QueryObject data set into:

  • REST data services
  • Analytic web-apps
  • High performances external ODBC links
  • Professional infographics
  • First class narrative reports

Customers report the following benefits got using datonixOne:

  • Great reduction of effort and elapsed required to collect, clean and prepare data
  • Extreme flexibility and speed in analyzing big amount of data without IT skill and infrastructure
  • Auditability of the Data preparation process / Easiness of Data governance
  • Speeding up Data Story Telling

The Client Spectrum
datonixOne, as a technology, is industry independent, so it does not target specific industries. On the other side datonixOne is available in different editions, each targeting a different type of client in the Organization. Its main selling strategy is through 3rd parties, it has actually a broad range of partner, and the most significant one is Ernst & Young. The main direct customers are:

  • CONSIP (Public Procurement Hub)
  • TIM (formerly Telecom Italia) (Telco)
  • SPARKLE (Telco)
  • 2iReteGas (Energy – Utility)
  • Mediaset (Media)
  • Mondadori (Publisher)
  • Rhea Vendors (Vending Machines)

Some among many happy customers: Ernst & Young
“Datonix is a valid attempt to ‘consumerize’ big data, by an innovative architecture and engine. Its ‘all-in-one’ web-oriented platform is natively ready for self-service data preparation and publishing directly by business users, interoperability with most of middleware and office productivity tools, and it can be installed on any cloud or physical server. As implication, with no coding efforts, it is possible to develop and run sophisticated projects, with business users able to configure and maintain over time their solutions.

Furthermore, datonixOne leverages a fractal-algorithmic engine that magnifies performances for big data acquisition speed, storage compression, analytics scalability and publishing responsiveness, slashing down the hardware requirements.

This user-oriented and mathematical approach optimized total cost of ownership and time to market of difficult projects, such as rapid prototyping of spending review scorecards, correlating hundreds of drivers on the fly just using Excel, as well as, end-to-end developments of real-time IoT professional applications, burdened by terabytes of event logs.” Says,
Pietro Candela, Partner, Ernst & Young Financial Business Advisors SpA.

“We had our IT team, we had our latest version legacy system, and we had everything a company should have to work with data. But for some reason every projects was in delay and was more expensive of what we expected.

The missing part was a technology who actually brings data from IT to the business side and viceversa, who makes my users free to build and prepare their data and to tell their stories, without asking continuous support to my IT department.

Datonix’s Data Scanner approach is innovative and fast to implement. It makes possible to reach any data source (internal and external) and to make a copy of it, then in few clicks you can build your own data structures starting from the original copy and performing your analysis.”– Claudio Valdetara, Marketing Director, Rhea Vendors Group

Meet the Executive Trio

Gianluigi Riccio, CEO, and Founder: Gianluigi is a noted speaker and author on Global 5000 enterprise IT issues and has been one of the most quoted industry analyst on the topics of data base technology. Prior to founding datonix, he was founder of a quick growing data base consulting firm in southern Italy. During the ‘90, he was research director of META Group’s largest research advisory practice for 8 years. Gianluigi received his electronic engineering degree from University of Naples.

Luciano Riccio, COO, Co-founder: Before datonix, Luciano started CrossZ Software Italia in 1998. Luciano has developed deep knowledge in managing complex projects in CRM, data warehouse, and data integration space. In addition, he specializes in architectural design, implementation, and evolution of client/server and Web-enabled applications. Luciano Riccio holds a bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering from the Politecnico of Naples University.

Pietro Riccio, CMO: Pietro is responsible for defining strategy to support the growth in the region by generating demand and driving awareness. Pietro is a passionate Business Analyst & Data Journalist, with a strong expertise of the BigData market. Is the one who tries to transform numbers in business stories. He’s focused on the Strategic Business Development side as well. He holds a degree in International Marketing from Polimoda University in Florence.

“We believe to have an interesting window of opportunity for becoming a top player in the Self Service Data Preparation Market.”