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The Next Generation Open-Cloud: Platform9

thesiliconreview-sirish-raghuram-cofounder-ceo-platform9-2017Platform9 delivers the next-generation open cloud for enterprises to deploy, monitor and maintain hybrid clouds across multiple platforms. Platform9 provides cloud infrastructure like OpenStack and Kubernetes as SaaS-managed solutions, along with the serverless project, Fission, to customers such as Cadence Design, Autodesk, Splunk, and EBSCO, enabling speed and scale without being locked into a single vendor ecosystem.

Platform9 is founded by early VMware engineers with decades of experience building virtualization and systems management products. The company is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and is backed by Redpoint Ventures, Menlo Ventures, Canvas Ventures, and HPE.

Platform9 Differentiating Factors

Platform9's open source-as-a-service model makes it easy to run hybrid clouds across any infrastructure, using leading open source cloud frameworks. Unlike DIY approaches or legacy distributions, Platform9 delivers OpenStack and Kubernetes as SaaS Managed solutions that offer instant time to value, require zero maintenance and easily integrate with your entire infrastructure.

  • Scale Across Clouds and Data Centers: Platform9’s SaaS managed fabric provides a single pane of glass to manage an on-premises private cloud, a hybrid cloud, or across multiple clouds.
  • Manage VMs and Containers: Seamlessly manage virtualized workloads (KVM or VMware vSphere) just as well as containerized micro-services using Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Reduce IT Costs, Increase Flexibility: Remove silos, increase use of open-source VM and container technologies, and choice of on-premises vs cloud resources; all with a SaaS-managed solution.

Platform9: Open Source Delivered as a Service

Built by a team of product designers and systems engineers, Platform9 provides an elegant, simple way to consume powerful open sources frameworks such as OpenStack and Kubernetes. These frameworks are delivered “as-a-service” that quickly consolidate your entire different server and cloud infrastructure deployments.

Leading Cloud-Native OSS Frameworks: Manage your cloud using the industry’s leading open-source cloud-native frameworks — OpenStack for VMs, or Kubernetes for containers, or both. Aggregate resource capacity, provide self-service consumption for developers, automate efficiently, manage using policy and multi-tenancy controls. Upstream OpenStack and Kubernetes releases are packaged as a “pure-play” solution, which means you are always compatible with upstream framework APIs, and never locked into a proprietary system.

Fully Integrated, SaaS-managed: Increase time-to-value and reduce total cost of ownership for these cloud-native frameworks by consuming a fully integrated, SaaS managed experience. The frameworks are fully integrated for common virtualization and container platforms, most popular compute, storage and network technologies, enterprise SSO infrastructure, and distributed environments. In addition, these frameworks are deployed, monitored, supported and upgraded as SaaS, meaning your IT and DevOps teams can focus on solving core business problems without babysitting the management stack.

Run Anywhere: Any Hardware, Any Platform, Any Cloud: Decouple your hybrid cloud from the choice of hardware, OS platforms, or public cloud providers. Platform9 integrates seamlessly with any compute, storage and network infrastructure, using leading virtualization technologies such as KVM (Linux), Docker (Linux) or VMware vSphere. In addition, you are free to use your choice of public cloud providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, or other. Optimize and manage your hybrid cloud across any of these choices, and retain the flexibility to reprioritize in the future.

Solutions Outlook

Hybrid Cloud Solutions: Platform9 Managed OpenStack is a SaaS solution based on OpenStack. You provide the systems, we provide hybrid cloud solutions as a service.

Similar to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Platform9 is as easy as signing up and getting right to work. The big difference is that AWS relies on hardware and infrastructure wholly owned and controlled by Amazon. By contrast, Platform9’s hybrid cloud architecture uses servers, storage, and virtualization environments that you own and control, wherever they may happen to be. Our OpenStack-based orchestration layer delivers full private cloud automation, enabling self-service and many other use cases within minutes at any scale.

DevOps Automation: The whole point of cloud DevOps infrastructure is to accelerate developer productivity. Platform9 hybrid-cloud-as-a-service gives your developers everything they love about the public cloud. 

With the development community becoming increasingly familiar with the self-service public cloud, your hybrid cloud has to be just as easy to use. Platform9 is designed to do just this while allowing IT to manage resource allocation policies:

Dedicated Roles: Platform9 ships with out-of-the-box roles that are optimized for a development audience. Your developers can be onboarded and given just the right role to get productive right away.

Quotas: Development teams can be allocated capacity with a quota, giving them the freedom to get work done within a reasonable bound on capacity. Quota and usage information is conveyed self-service users, so they are both aware and mindful of usage. If there’s ever a reason for a higher quota, it only takes a minute for an IT admin to make the change.

Clientele Testimonies

“We were able to reduce a data center footprint of 5 physical racks containing more than 100 systems into a single physical rack using only 35 systems.” - Eric Lakich, Director of Systems Engineering Amobee

“Going from public cloud to hybrid using Platform9 Managed OpenStack easily saved us $6-8 million on OpEx a year.” - Udy Gold, Vice President of Data Center and Cloud Operations for PubMatic

“With self-service provisioning, orchestration, access to open APIs, and ability to integrate with major automation frameworks, Platform9’s private cloud solution helps us drive more programmatic DevOps and accelerate our build, test, release cycles.” - Tom Skidmore, VP of Infrastructure Services and Support, Dominion Enterprises

Meet the CEO

Sirish Raghuram, Co-Founder, and CEO:

“Customers worldwide rely on Platform9 for cloud infrastructure that is fast, easy, and affordable.”

“Deploy, manage and maintain open source software as a service.”