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The Orlando Internet Marketing Expert - Trighton Interactive


‘Making It Happen’ is in its DNA

After 16+ years of diverse experience on both the “client-side” and “agency side” of the internet marketing business, its founder and CEO, Jody Resnick, decided to launch a new digital agency that would combine the strength of his marketing expertise with the power of emerging, advanced technologies. Trighton’s first 6 years went by quickly and our team has grown to include many leading Orlando Internet marketing experts.

Boom! The result of this alchemy is Trighton Interactive, a full-service digital agency recognized as a leader in creating award-winning websites, dominating the mobile ecosystem, getting clients’ websites to the top of Google with advanced Orlando SEO, and developing integrated marketing strategies that give clients the competitive edge in their industries.

Trighton Interactive offers a complete range of online marketing services, from search engine optimization to videography, branding and content creation and while the company is adept in these individual disciplines, what sets it apart as a digital agency is a holistic approach and vision of the unlimited possibilities of online marketing.

By blending advanced technologies with proven online marketing strategies, Trighton Interactive helps you gain a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing online marketplace. The company’s team of experts will transform integrated online marketing simple for you with intelligent, collaborative strategy development and execution, careful monitoring of impact, ongoing analysis and interpretation of data, data-based enhancements, and updating and managing of all integrated channels.

Areas of Internet Marketing Expertise

Trighton has been recognized for its outstanding achievement in website design and development, and the team members have individually been honored for their expertise in SEO, content development, videography, and website functionality and usability.

The company appreciates the accolades and awards and constantly strives for excellence in its disciplines; passion is in helping its clients achieve optimal results. By always staying on top of today’s best practices and trends in SEO and Responsive Web Design, the firm envisions how clients’ brands can achieve successful results for the foreseeable future and have the technical skills and marketing savvy to bring the vision to fruition.

Trighton leverages its internet marketing expertise, based on fifteen years of successful Orlando SEO experience and results from partnering with businesses, to improve your website’s visibility and thereby increase your leads, business, and revenue. Get started today with a free Orlando website SEO analysis and recommendations for improving your website’s performance.

Advanced Law Firm SEO

Your law firm’s search engine optimization and rankings can have a direct impact on your reputation, and on the number of new clients for your firm.  When it comes to SEO for attorneys, if you don’t control your reputation and image on the internet, someone else will.  The question is not can you afford SEO. The question is: can you afford not to control your online reputation.

Trighton’s advanced Attorney SEO services exclusively for lawyers are proven successful and will help you establish a powerful web presence for your firm. The company conducts comprehensive research and selects hyper-local targeted keywords and phrases that are specific not only to your law firm but to your neighborhood. High-quality content related to your practice areas, improved website architecture, attention to review sites, and updated directory submissions, among other advanced, strategic SEO updates, will increase your site’s organic search engine rankings and visibility, attract new high-value clients, and position your firm for success now and in the future.

The Man behind the Plan

Jody Resnick | Chief Executive Officer

Jody Resnick, founder, and CEO of Trighton Interactive has been helping companies build their business online since 1999. Jody’s experience on both the “client-side” and “agency side” of internet marketing brings a well-rounded, innovative perspective to Trighton’s strategic planning process. Jody’s firsthand understanding of overarching client goals and objectives provides our team with deep insight into the unique needs of every client while balancing the competing interests of internal stakeholders. At Trighton, Jody leads all facets of strategic development, product research, and execution to develop integrated campaigns for our clients as a true Orlando marketing expert.

"We are an advanced SEO & digital marketing experts and a full-service Orlando web design agency.”