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The Trusted Home Energy Advisor for Southern California: Zero Energy

“Founded in 2008, Zero Energy is revolutionizing the way energy is conserved and produced by enabling customers to take back their futures and become energy independent in about the time it takes to pay off a vehicle.”

As Energy Efficiency is continuing to become a demand for all states and local utility companies, many home owners are also becoming aware of the need to become more efficient. Zero Energy (ZE) was started with the intent to ensure that Americans are living in their homes safely, comfortably and efficiently. The company makes buying Clean Solar Energy affordable to homeowners and businesses alike by attacking the core problems in the home or building first. Using the “Reduce to Produce” model, Zero Energy is able to help customers take advantage of the latest energy conservation products and services, while installing the correct sized Solar PV system to offset their newly reduced energy loads.

In the last 5 years Zero Energy has grown to become the largest energy retro-fitting contractor in Southern CA and is continuing to grow at a 100% rate year over year. In 2015, ZE was awarded the 193rd fastest Growing Business on Inc 500. The company plans to continue its growth organically at a quick rate year over to ensure that Americans are living right.

Zero Energy is positioned in a way to continually expand nationwide by using its unique systems. “Our number one goal is to have “every customer GLAD they met us”. This drives our teams to deliver a perfect experience for our consumers which separate us from our competitors,” says Paul Hanson, CEO.

The ZE Approach

  • Make the home or building as energy efficient as possible.
  • Install a correctly sized solar system for the new reduced load.
  • Offer no money down programs like a least, but with lower payments than the current energy bill and the ability for the loan to pay itself off in approximately 7 years.

The Proprietary Energy Modeling Program
Zero Energy has built a proprietary Energy modeling program that uses a series of algorithms to recommend upgrades for homeowners. So effectively, ZE studies a home and then provides a series of recommendations that focus first on reducing the energy consumption of the home then creating a production system. ZE is vertically integrated from lead generation to completion of construction. Homeowners benefit from the project in three primary areas, Safety, Efficiency, and Comfort.

Serving Everyone
“In the early stages of our business we had a few partners that were not focused on ensuring perfect customer experiences, which was not ok. So we bought their shares and created a new focus for all of “our customers to be glad they met us”. Our organization has grown tremendously and we can confidently say that every one of our customers is glad that they met us,” added Paul.

Success Stories
“I had Zero Energy do our insulation upgrade in our 1930’s rach home with stucco exterior walls. They added several inches of attic insulation to bring it to R 40, and added blown insulation through cavities that they drilled into each exterior stud bay – with they then patched and painted to match the house. So happy with the job, and Steven, the foreman, was so easy to work with and did an outstanding job. I would highly recommend them.” – Larry H. Los Angeles, CA

“I had some work done by Zero Energy the past couple days and things could not have been better. All of their employees and contractors were very professional and their work was just awesome. Thank you Zero Energy for being such an awesome company. You have an excellent staff that is one of the most courteous and pleasant to work with. Please keep up the great work!” – Jim S. San Diego, CA

“Great experience from the initial sales calls to the final process. The crews that came to do the work were very professional and always answered my questions without reservation. I was kept informed on every step of each process being done to my house. As a business owner myself I was very impressed by the professional staff and crew and the amount of follow-up that was included in the process. Great job!” – Harry M. Covina, CA

Knowing the Master Duo

Paul Hanson, CEO – Paul has helped the business in many ways since inception. Paul directly oversees the Acquisition, HR, Talent Acquisition, Auditing, Pre & Post Construction, IT and Processing, and recently added accounting. On a day-to-day basis his time is primarily spent working with middle managers to continue supporting the 100% growth that Zero Energy is experiencing year over year. He has led the charge in identifying new executive team members. Paul has also brought in a round of private investors to assist in the buyout of an existing partner. The rest of his time is spent developing the future for Zero Energy.

Joe Power, COO – Joe has been a partner of the business since 2013. Joe directly oversees Project Managment, Construction Scheduling, Construction & Engineering. His time is primarily spent developing middle management and accountability with the intent to create a flawless customer experience. Joe has had the experience of running a large division of the largest privately held telecommunications business in North America “Eastlink” and has been able to incorporate some of those valuable experiences and a vast array of knowledge at Zero Energy.

“We want to turn your home into a safe, lean, mean, green machine that saves you money on energy costs.”