10 Fastest Growing BIGDATA Companies 2017

Timbergrove: Built for accelerating the possibilities for smarter business decisions

silicon-review-ian-uriarte-ceo-timbergroveRecognized for excellence in the Internet of Things (IoT), complex integrations and advanced analytics, one cannot miss Timbergrove, an  IT consultancy built with the aim of providing its clients with a business and technology savvy team to deliver their solutions.  

Knocking on the company’s door

Founded in Houston in 2006, Timbergrove facilitates the dialogues between IT and business users, ensuring the success of their clients’ enterprise projects. An IBM Business Partner, they are experts in the IBM Watson family of products and technologies, as well as Maximo. Their complex integrations involve the IoT, advanced analytics, business process optimization and enterprise asset management. Timbergrove has led efforts in fortune 100 companies for more than a decade. 

Core values:

Timbergrove insists on four core pillars: continual communication with clients and internally, simple solutions, engaged stakeholders and constant iteration.

An enabler of business back-end systems to support a full range of applications, Timbergrove helps clients derive actionable insights from high volume data streams. Today, Timbergrove’s practice has become known for incorporating the benefits of IoT and advanced analytics with asset management.

Advanced Big Data Analytics Solution

Timbergrove has developed a proprietary real-time event engine called TREE™. TREE is capable of transmitting millions of transactions per second. A real time event driven processor for big data, TREE allows alerts to occur and immediately be followed-up by a set of business processes. Calculations from disparate data streams (both historic and real time) are performed through an ETL (extract, transform and load), and enable alerts and workflows for decision automation – all in real time. TREE can be integrated with any existing technology, including other big data solutions such as Hadoop or Cassandra, and even legacy systems.

Cloud-based Solutions:

Timbergrove’s team strives to leverage cloud-based applications for smart business reasons: reducing costs, accelerating deployments and responding quickly to market opportunities and fluctuations. Offering easy integration and a smooth, positive experience for customers, hosting in the cloud makes so much sense for day-to-day online sales environments. This is where Timbergrove’s expertise works hard to deliver the highest level of performance and value to the e-commerce  cloud computing customers.  

Business Process Optimization Solutions:

A business that can adapt faster to the changes in the marketplace, that innovates and executes faster, that manages processes and cuts through complexity is known as an agile business, and Timbergrove can assist any organization interested in making this transition. 

An agile business can utilize tools to empower employees to drive process improvement, and allows for collaboration to be the springboard of innovation. 

Maximo Day2 Support Solution:

Timbergrove’s Maximo Day2 Support is an efficient, fully managed IT support service for businesses that have installed and operate on the IBM Maximo Asset Manager platform. Comprised of knowledgeable staff who understand the Maximo technical environment, Timbergrove’s team is supported by an infrastructure that allows them to monitor and escalate priority issues, and others as well. 

Brewing conversation with CEO, Ian Uriarte:

What is Timbergrove according to you and what purpose does it serve?

Timbergrove is a forward-looking company that stays focused on the benefits of new technologies. Its core differentiator is that it is not only a technology company, but also a consulting firm, meaning that it has a very senior team of industry experts among its staff members. Its consultants, engineers and architects possess decades of experience in industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing and telecom, for example.  

We stay current with the trends and needs of the industry and strive to be agnostic when listening to the customer’s problems, because we only want to work where we can truly add value; we’re not just a hammer looking for nails. We understand that technology alone cannot solve every need. This is why our experience within an industry, its adoption rates and governance and their impacts to the business is so important to our success.

What were the grounds on which you have expanded your company and its offerings over the years? 

We stay apprised of new developments and rapidly test the latest platforms and technologies to determine whether they should be integrated into our suite of offerings. Recent examples of this include machine learning and our proprietary TREE™ technology, a real-time event engine.

What kind of mixed responses have you received from your consumers over the years? How have they motivated you to shape your offerings/grow the company? 

We highly value on-going dialogue with our clients. Their ideas and goals for their businesses and products challenge us to accomplish more, and drive us to be the best that we can be. As they say, the best ideas often come from customers, and we totally believe this.

How big is your organization today? Briefly explain the organizational structure? 

Timbergrove’s team includes experienced enterprise architects, engineers, project managers, designers and marketers who possess deep understanding of business operations, which is an advantage to our clients.

Roll out the red carpet for the Founder/ CEO

Ian Uriarte is a serial business and social entrepreneur who has successfully lead business and non-profit organizations. His focus over the last twenty years has been in the Software Services, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Transportation, Telecom and e-Commerce industries. During his time working for IBM, Ian consulted for companies like Shell, Nissan, Michelin, and the U.S. Federal Government. At Timbergrove, Ian has led his team in the last few years into the space of Advanced Big Data Analytics and IoT for Enterprise Asset Management solutions, helping clients maximize investments on physical assets by increasing asset longevity, increasing work order visibility while reducing risk in safety, health and increased compliance in environmental.

“Timbergrove helps its clients transition into the realm of IoT, advanced data analytics and predictive maintenance to elongate the life of their enterprise assets and increase ROI.”