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50 Most Valuable Brands Of The Year 2018

Transforming Information into Knowledge: Yewno


Machine Learning is changing the shape and size of the computational space. Used across a wide range of platforms and services including tech-giants like Google and Facebook, machine learning is playing a critical role in scholarly communications. While there is understandable concern about the use of systems that rely entirely on algorithms, there’s no doubt that it can also deliver real benefits to many organizations alike.

Founded in 2015, by Ruggero Gramatica and Ruth Pickering, Yewno is one of the leading companies seeking to transform information into knowledge that is accessible and actionable. Mimicking certain aspects of how human brain connects the dots, Yewno’s inference engine incorporates machine learning, cognitive science, neural networks, and computational linguistics into an intelligent framework to enhance human understanding by correlating concepts across vast volumes sources.

Headquartered in Redwood City, CA, and with offices in London and New York, Yewno is backed by leading investors including Pacific Capital. Currently, the company has numerous partnerships across top research universities, publishers, the finance sector and content aggregators worldwide. Furthermore, Yewno was recently named Outsell’s 2017 Emerging Company of the Year and was chosen among 250 major disruptors in the global information industry.

An Expanding Suite of Products

Over the last couple of years, Yewno has been successful in transforming information into knowledge across a variety of verticals including Education,Finance, Publishing and Life Sciences.

Starting with its knowledge discovery platform, Yewno has built top-notch services by leveraging AI technology, specifically leveraging computational linguistics technology and a vast reservoir of information from the most respected content providers in the world.

Yewno’s first research platform, Discover, aids researchers looking to make connections across hundreds of millions of concepts drawing information from over 150million scholarly articles – numbers which are growing every day. Before Discover, there was no other humanly possible way that anyone could wade through all this information to find what they were looking for. The same is true for the company’s biomedical product, which aids medical and pharmaceutical researchers by employing semantic analysis of literature which is able to find causal relationships between drugs, molecular targets, pathways and diseases, and can also be used in testing hypotheses based on biological and biochemical reasoning.

Recently, Yewno has launched its newest product called Yewno Create which gives secondary school students the ability to research, write, collaborate and publish their own research articles. Whether it is about school subjects or personal interests, by using Yewno Create, students can conduct research on any topic.

In the financial vertical, Yewno is able to create market indexes, data feeds, and APIs that access its proprietary knowledge graph,delivering critical information about market movements and their underlying, interrelated causes. The company has launched new families of indices and data packages that are extracted from its dynamic knowledge graph where information pertaining the financial, economic, political, and other sectors is processed and dynamically correlated.

Going Social in Social Media

With active LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook accounts, Yewno has a strong and growing social media presence. In the last six months, Yewno’s Twitter following has risen by over 100% and the company is included in multiple lists - created by other Twitter users - on artificial intelligence, machine-learning, and deep learning. The company receives the most attention in tweets that explain its unique technology. Recently, Yewno received a substantial amount of attention about a tweet that discussed how its unique technology maps over 600M+ semantic connections from concepts taken from full-text books and articles.

Yewno’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts also have a significant following, which shows that its target audiences enjoy learning about Yewno's products. From students to professionals including librarians, financial services executives and biomedical researchers, Yewno’s followers reflect the diversity of the brand and its products.

Happy Customers

From being adopted in seven countries, to offering multi-lingual services, and the launch of a high school product, Yewno has many great success stories.

In the publishing world, one of Yewno’s major value-added services is to help publishers make their content discoverable, and in turn help researchers find appropriate content. Yewno's technology ingests full text and can surface parts of books that might be undiscovered in other environments, which rely on summaries or keywords only.

Yewno did this recently for scholarly publisher DeGruyter, who offers 40,000 different scholarly books for customers to purchase. By ingesting their content, Yewno made it more easily discoverable to potential readers, meanwhile enriching users’ experiences by adding high quality content to the Discover platform: a win-win scenario.

What Makes Yewno One of the Most Valuable?

Today, the world is facing the challenge of too much information and no way to digest it. There are millions of books, articles, news, patents, corporate and government announcements, political and economic data points available for anyone to read and use. But to actually go through it all – to even find some sources in the first place - is a near impossibility.

Yewno offers the ultimate solution to these pain-points. It can surface, ingest, read, conceptualize, and draw inferences – so that humans can have knowledge at their fingertips.

Greet the Chief

Ruggero Gramatica is the Founder and CEO of Yewno. Ruggero has over 20 years of experience in startups and company turnarounds. He has contributed to the growth and expansion of 5 start-ups both in the United States and across Europe and has operated successfully in both blue chip and early stage environments.

Ruggero holds a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from King’s College London, an MBA from the University of Chicago, and a BS in Electrical Engineering from University Politecnico of Milan.

“Information is NOT the same as Knowledge. Today, we find ourselves overwhelmed with data. We’re so overrun with data that it’s even one of the top news topics – data, big data, utilizing data. We’ve seen the end of the Information Economy - information is at the tip of everyone’s fingers. What’s important now is what we do with that information. How we apply it, make it useful, make it work for us. That’s what Yewno does – it transforms information into knowledge.”